Because of a running event I did the day before, my body needed extra nourishment. It craved thus a superblend to recuperate with. For the record, here is the megablend I came up with. I served it to friends who loved it as well.


1/2 cup             Shredded Coconut
2                           Asparagus Spears (straight from our garden)
1/2                      Cucumber
1/4 cup              Hemp Powder (for re-building amino acids and fatty acids)
1 medium          Tomato
1 teaspoon        Seaweed (I used Wild Atlantic Nori for trace minerals)
frozen cube      Wheat grass (concentrate with over a hundred nutrients)
small chunk      Ginger
Fill 2/3rds full  Filtered water

Blend at a slow speed and sip also slowly. It takes time to absorb. I could feel the difference a few hours later.  My body was healing and restrengthening by means of adequate nutrition. My mind was clear.

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