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Which is best for our health, a luscious juice or smoothie….a fresh ” green liquid soup” or a sweet ambrosia drink? There are a few major issues here we might consider in deciding how best to take sides.   So let’s consider the following:

Effect on Weight Loss,  Cleansing and Fasting
A strictly juice diet may offer 500 calories a day or less. Thus taking in just juices may, in the short-term, help us lose weight. However, if this  puts too much stress on our bodies, after the juice fast there may be greater cravings or binging – canceling the benefits of the prior dieting. A smoothies cleanse is likely to offer 2-3000 calories a day and thus become richer nourishment that is gentler on the body. This means you can keep up either a regular work or athletic schedule. You can lose weight more slowly but more likely permanently. On the other hand if you are suffering from a quite serious illness, you may really want to first juice fast in order to more powerfully draw out toxins.

Effect on the Quality of Nutrients

The theory is that a high speed blender, as the name implies, will more thoroughly oxidize your liquids than say a twin-gear slow-grinding juicer.  However Victoria Boutenko did a thought-provoking study in which she used a batch of potatoes placed in a blender and another processed in a juicer with the result were that the blended potatoes oxidized more slowly than the juiced one.  The apparent reason was that the fiber in a blend protects the smoothie from oxidizing more rapidly. Juices are more exposed to oxygenation without the fiber. Thus  you should drink your fresh juices  immediately, if you want the best healing results. This was something very important I learned while working with the Gerson Institute some years ago. They recommended drinking their therapeutic green and carrot juices within minutes of making! However, if you are not so critically in life-and-death battle against cancer or another such serious disease, you can alternatively add a little lemon, lime, or vitamin C and pour the juice into a mason jar with a tight lid. This will keep the juices fresh enough to store for a whole day.

Sugar and Overall Absorption

How urgently do we need fiber? On a raw food vegan diet we get plenty of fiber and hardly need more. On a juice diet, there is a  super-powerful and lightening fast absorption of nutrients. Can this be a drawback at times?  Yes, if the foods are high on the glycemic scale and thus tend to rapidly raise one’s blood sugar levels. If we have a lot of sweet fruit on hand to liquefy, we might better consider making a tangy smoothie rather than a sweet juice. Or if you are creating a juice feast, consider adding non-sweet fruit elements, like lemon and lime (or vegetable fruits like tomatoes and peppers) to brew the mix.

What this means is that if someone is critically ill and fighting for their life (e.g. has metastatic cancer) you might opt in favor of juicing (especially green and non-sweet juices) in order to best conduct this battle. Also you might better feed on whole sweet fruit where the sugars are absorbed more slowly.

If you have a candida or a fungus condition, you might consider no sweet fruit at all, at least until your blood sugar levels have dropped or normalized.

Ease and Versatility of Making

Here blending wins the prize. This is because, as to their utility, they have usually far less machine parts and thus are easier to both use and clean. You also can make your juice using a blender by simply straining the blended pulp through a nut milk bag. You can add more variety of ingredients to a blend, like seaweeds, which don’t lend themselves to juicing but instead offer high mineral rather than  high liquid content.


Which should you ultimately choose? Steve Meyerowitz advocates using both. He juices in the morning and blends later in the day.  You can add a green juice to a very high-fiber blend at the same time. You can also add a green juice to an absorbing grain dish. If you are not a 100% raw fooder, you can try drinking a fresh glass of green juice while eating a bowl of brown rice. Call it green macro-biotics! Here the theory is that you might get longer and more thorough absorption – with presumably added health and energy-generating benefits.

At the Gerson Institute they only used juices for their most serious and chronically-ill patients. However, they allowed a more regular diet after 24 months or once the patient fully reversed his or her condition.  Victoria Boutenko considers blending to be the superior choice for the average person. The best thing to do, with such conflicting recommendations, is to consider all of the above alternatives  for yourself. Then ultimately you have to see what’s both easier for YOU and makes YOU feel the absolute fbest.

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