Published On: Wed, Jan 2nd, 2013

Food N Sport-How Much Fruit is Too Much?

 DurianRider, Dr. Doug Graham, Chris Kendall

Can You Eat Too Much Fruit? / HealingTalks


(HealingTalks) A trifecta of raw-someness: Harley Johnstone (DurianRider), Chris Kendall (The Raw Advantage), and Dr. Douglas Graham discuss 80/10/10 in this video from!

Dr. Graham is the originator of the 80/10/10 diet, a low fat plant based plan that has changed the lives of many, including Chris Kendall and Harley Johnstone. Athletically, they are all at the top of their game. Harley  is a champion cyclist, and Chris is a top notch skateboarder. You can learn more about Doug, Harley, and Chris at their respective online homes:

Dr. Doug Graham:, FoodNSport YouTube Channel

Harley Johnstone:, DurianRiders YouTube Channel

Chris Kendall:, The Raw Advantage YouTube Channel

You can also find interviews from all three of these gentlemen here on HealingTalks, just check out the links below.

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