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Cystic Fibrosis-Can It Be Reversed?

Cystic Fibrosis -

Can It Be Reversed?


(Healingtalks) Cystic fibrosis is said to be an hereditary disease that mostly affects the clogging of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. It is often thought to be progressive, resulting in increasing disability and early death. The term refers to scarring and cyst formation (such as in the pancreas) and which was first recognized as a distinct ailment in 1930. The most pronounced symptom are the obstruction of  body channels. The results include difficulty in breathing and frequent lung and sinus infections – along with poor growth, diarrhea, and infertility.  The overall cause is presumably a mutation of the gene CFTR or cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator. The gene is linked to the regulation of sweat, digestive juices, and mucus. It is known as an autosomal recessive disease as it develops when two paired genes from both parents are not working normally.


About 1 in 3,000 white births, 1 in 15,000 black births, and 1 in 32,000 Asian births exhibit this disease. Approximately 30,000 Americans have cystic fibrosis. This makes it one of the most common, life-shortening diseases. CF patients progressively worsen and die at a young age. Sometimes they receive lung transplants to try to lengthen their life span. As with  most chronic and systemic ailments, allopathic medicine states that it sees no cure for cystic fibrosis. The only conventional prognosis then is for life-long treatment.


A simple saliva test can determine the presence of cystic fibrosis, as can genetic testing.  Newborns can be screened via  a blood test (looking for concentrations of immunoreactive trypsinogen) though it can provide a false positive so that this has to be confirmed via a sweat test. Parents can also undergo prenatal testing.


Cystic Fibrosis symptoms include salty tasting skin (high levels of sweat electrolytes), sticky mucous, poor ability to gain height or weight, despite a normal diet.  Bowel obstructions may occur as well as chronic coughing, gagging, vomiting and/or shortness of breath due to clogging of the airways.  Clogging of the pancreas results in poor digestion or malabsorption. Damage of the pancreas can also lead to diabetes.  At least 97% of men with cystic fibrosis are infertile but not sterile – or can have children via assisted means.


Needless to say, cystic fibrosis is a ruthless disease, and we can find more details about its conventional writeups such as that of Wikepedia. Here we move on to the main question.


First it is important to know that what in allopathic medical lore is called a disease symptom is often the result of our bodies trying to rid themselves of toxins. This includes the formation of mucous which, as David Wolfe points out in the SunfoodDiet, both buffers sensitive organs and transports acids and chemical poisons out of the body. This is why we cough and sneeze.  Fevers which are triggered by infections do the same. They try to help the body rid itself of what is harmful.  If we treat such “diseased conditions” via suppressive means,  as is common in conventional modern medicine, we may be thwarting the core of a healing process – and thus causing a progressive degeneration that ultimately must lead to death. And so we may give the patient powerful antibiotics to suppress fevers and abnormally high protein diets, which are generally acid-forming and thus mucus generating!  Indeed then cystic fibrosis becomes an incurable disease that is life-threatening.


The original gene theory was the result of Gregory Mendel’s attempt to understand any  transfer of features from parent to offspring via some atomic-like, thus mechanical, statistical or math-bound view. Life’s generational adventures were forced to fit the overall mechanical model of Newton’s universe. What this ignores is that life and consciousness do not fit that model. Life and consciousness are at the core of our being and not the principles of a machine.


Because consciousness is the relationship of connection itself in nature and healing also is a form of reconnection, the enhancement of consciousness results in depth and integral healing. This is something largely unknown in modern medicine. Thus to say that genes maintain a life-long fixed and predetermined disease path is essentially expressive of the same mechanistic/machine-like view of our bodies. This fits the needs of a commercial, price-tagging culture.  The problem is when one is stuck in a mechanical view, there is no deep understanding of how to elicit again life’s consciousness/healing forces. Then the mechanical view (including the  chemical, math-designed) becomes dominant and prophetically self-determinative.  The illness follows its mechanical course – as expected – downhill.  To change that downward course we need to break out of the whole and entire mechanical mindset.


Let me illustrate this with an example highlighted in an essay by my friend Arnold, of Arnold’s Way.  It is the story of a little boy by the name of Thomas Paul Parson, Jr. He was born in 1997 and diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of 4 months. He soon had weight loss which brought his weight down to 7 lbs. As his mucous thickened and would not drain, he was treated with nine chemical medications for nearly half a year.  He was given extra protein and calories as that is the normal. The overload creates yet more mucous – especially when dairy products are involved. The body starts to cough more, being further abused. Fevers and more skin sweat excretions occur as the body struggles nobly to offset the treatment.  Thomas Paul was bombarded by the best of conventional know-how for a year and a half  and with no signs of improvement. He constantly had pneumonia bouts. He was fed intravenously with a tube surgically installed, and  to the point of his small veins collapsing.


Then at 22 months of age his parents decided to switch gears. They took their child off the medications and replaced them with a diet of raw and living fruits and vegetables. The transformation and reversal was immediate.  As the diet changed, so did the symptoms. The pneumonia bouts stopped, the shortness of breath, the coughs, the thick mucous excretions.  The X-rays showed the lung tissue scars, a gross manifestation of cystic fibrosis, were gone.  Thomas Paul is now growing up normally.


We have written over and over again that modern medicine has its epistemological and ontological roots – its knowledge gaining and physical foundations – in the essential illusion process of human consciousness. What is illusion? It is the breakdown in the integrity of consciousness. What is consciousness? The principle of connection itself in nature. How does modern medicine organize its consciousness overall? Via the study of chemistry, physics, and genetics or the math-based view of nature – the mechanical. What is mathematics? The highest organizing abstractions for the separation of all elements of consciousness. This designs what is mechanical – creating machines made of separate parts. In living  and healing domains, however, those symbols  work to disintegrate the connective essence of consciousness. Why? Because again consciousness’ essential essence is universally connectivity, and what math symbols point to is universally separative – disintegrating phenomenon. This helps build machines made of separate parts that are neither conscious nor alive. It is thus a mistake to view the physical body as a machine. This extends to the gene theory which is also a mechanical view of our inherent essence.


Most physicians are not really callous, malicious or deceitful. They, themselves, tend to believe in what they practice as being the best. They have little clue about alternatives and how they might work differently. With a large percentage of medical educational being funded by pharmaceutical giants, modern physcians turn out to be mis-educated in the natural healing arts.


The so-called miracle of Thomas Paul’s reversal is actually routine among the rare patients who turn to natural healing arts that involve the re-establishing of a higher level of life force in the body.  It occurred in this case because his parents stopped listening to, as Arnold writes, phrases like  “closely monitored in taking of drugs,” “getting the best of individualized care” or “following the lastest pharmaceutical studies that have shown clearly that…” and so on and so forth – the typical authority-generating, mumbo-jumbo fooling jargon. Thomas Paul’s parents had the strength and courage to spiritually break out of this modern madness.


It was 24years ago that Denley Fowlke had two beautiful twin daughers who were fed the Standard American Diet  (SAD). When they appeared ill, he allowed doctors to give them antibiotics but this failed to help them with their frequent infections. His daughters started to also lose weight. After being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis they were given more drugs.  Screening and diagnosis is modern medicine’s gateway to pharmaceutical sales. Since the drugs weren’t working, the doctors suggested sending his daughters to the University of Utah for still more intense drug therapy. Denley, after some deep thought and prayers, gathered the intense inner strength needed to resist such culturally dominant advise. A friend suggested he should speak to a lay and alternative healer. He went to her, and her words which ringed in his mind for years were “you do what I say and you will never have these babies back in the hospital.”


So Denley returned home to clear his kitchen cupboards of all SAD processed foods and began to buy just fresh fruits and vegetables. The girls took two mineral baths each day for two hours. The result was a deep detoxification from precisely the drug therapies meant for  “disease maintenance.” This then allowed a true healing to begin. If an intense healing crisis or fever started to manifest, fresh potato juices rather than antibiotics was used. The symptoms were not treated as a disease to suppress. They were rather seen as a sign of immense hope and encouragement . The body was trying and  now able to reverse the condition.  Over time the two girls developed rashes, again a great healing sign as the body was ready to release poisons. Over more time the traditional symptoms of cystic fibrosis subsided and disappeared.


We live in an age of immense spiritual and health practice darkness but with growing signs of light and hope. Some cannot see through the thick brambles of modern illusions. As the breakdown of consciousness integrity occurs, so also the consequences include a parallel breakdown of our body’s health. But this is a learning adventure for those willing to learn what nature teaches us. Thus the  reverse is also true. As the clouds within begin to clear, we start to see more light and travel ever more steadily on a path to integral wholeness and healing.

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