Published On: Sat, Jan 19th, 2013

Johanna Sophia’s Raw Food Dinner

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(HealingTalks) On January 12, 2013, Professor Johanna Sophia hosted a Raw Food Dinner at The Green Earth in Oneonta, NY. While all the “raw foodies” from the area turned out, there were a number of raw food newbies at the meal as. Johanna served the following delicious menu:

Appetizer: Carrot Crackers, Cashew Cream Cheese, Kale & Parsley Pesto, Olive-Blackberry Dip.

Main Course: Nutty Burrito, Pea Noodles, Avocado Salad, Hot Salsa.

Dessert: Coconut-Chocolate Mousse

All diners were quite satisfied by the end of the evening!

Here, you can see Johanna introducing the meal and talking about why raw foods are so important.

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