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Gerson Green Healing Juices

Faye Chipperfield came to the Gerson Therapy hospital at the age of 14 suffering from CF or cystic fibrosis. CF is a genetically-triggered disorder that causes, among other things, excess mucus to clog the lungs and other vital passageways. Such congestion creates a feeding ground for infections. The usual response is a constant treatment with antibiotics. Cystic Fibrosis is said to be incurable. That label is typically proposed when conventional medicine fails to heal and/or assume responsibility for such failures.

Several readers of this blog have been up in arms about such statements about CF being potentially curable. Thus I have added a more detail to clarify this. I also pointed out in a prior posted blog that CF definitely involves a set of defective genes from both parents. See Cystic Fibrosis – Can It Be Reversed?Some readers tried to say that I had poorly research this issue in saying  “CF is only “supposedly genetic” and was therefore posting misinformation. Rather the question remains is the essence of what we are dealing with a fixed and permanent genetic defect. In other words, is this permanently indelible or something that the healing powers of the body can or cannot overcome and repair once genetically triggered. So I am here adding a reference to an important discussion of the gene theory http://bit.ly/Mendel- and therein what is deterministic (cannot be reversed or cured) and what is not so. Certainly genes can help determine whether something in a seed grows to become a potato or a carrot or an apple tree. But other factors, lifetime care and surroundings, also come into play whether such living forms are whole and healthy or subject to disease and rot. The same can be true for our lives.

When a person has an illness as deep-seated,  frightening and mysterious as CF , and triggered by hidden genes that we can’t see, feel or touch, we naturally rely immensely on the wisdom, science and knowledge of professionals to help us overcome or at least deal as best with the condition. The advise of MD doctors is thus far more than a deepest emotional security. It is a patient’s most important lifeline to life. Any serious critique of the doctor’s approach will appear threatening. But we have to come to grips with a larger  fact. The modern view of healing our bodies is substantially failing on a societal level – with many chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, arteriosclerosis on the rise and not being healed. Wouldn’t a successful healthcare system be decreasing our health costs and a failing system be near bankrupting our economy? Knowledge is not the same as wisdom Wisdom. is knowing what knowledge to know, namely the knowledge that is vital rather than irrelevant or misguiding.

When stepping outside the allopathic medical paradigms (rooted in the 17th century’s vision) we do see real and dramatic reversals of many major chronic ailments. This is because the life forces in the body are fed, nurtured and elicited or brought out – and not the principles of machines or what is mechanical. Doctors rarely understand how a life-force eliciting therapy works because it violates their root paradigms about pharmacology and genetics. They may call it a fluke or impossible and try to debunk any apparent turnaround as a spontaneous remission. Bringing out living forces is really an entirely different kind of medical science. I outline this in this blog and in other writings – using living foods, periodic detoxifcations, meditation and exercise in lieu of drugs, surgery, radiation and genetic engineering.  The rare scourge of cystic fibrosis is no exception. This is because the deeper laws of nature may be considered the more universal and deeper digging.  Thus imagine that genes or gentic expression can potentially be repaired, in part or full, by such an approach. Here I have just dug up Faye’s single case as an example of many.

In the case of Faye, the child appeared normal at birth but at age six months was given a series of vaccinations for mumps, measles and rubella. After this treatment, she developed an infection that she could not overcome. The diagnosis then was cystic fibrosis. Kept on an extended regime of antibiotics, she also began to have pain and breathing difficulties and was not growing normally as is typical for cystic fibrosis sufferers.

For the record, life expectancy of a CF patient has risen over the past four decades. It has shown considerable progress. Currently it is somewhere between 35-38 years of age, according to different sources. Before digging into several statistical sources, I  posted 20 years (copying an older article).  On further research I discovered the average life-expectancy was even lower in the 1980’s.  Fortunately now we see the median life expectancy is about 32 years for newborns. For those children who survive infancy, average life expectancy is higher, closer to 40 years. Lastly, with adequate pancreatic function it can exceed 50 years.  So there is significant cause for hope in terms of life-extension. But another question remains. Can we do still much better by repairing the genetic defect more deeply? Can we actually cure this ailment as such,  extending not only the number of years but the ultimate quality of life?

Getting back to our story, with the Gerson Therapy and using intense living food vegetable and fruit juices, Faye’s infections came under control. Her breathing normalized, and her chest pains went away. When the child returned home she went off the Gerson Therapy and some symptoms came back. Ignoring the dire warnings of her Australian physicians, the young girl and her mother braved a long flight and returned to the Gerson Mexico clinic where again her condition improved. Also her mother’s chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) cleared up as well.  As is common with CF patients, Faye was advised she probably could never have children. On the contrary she had a a beautiful, normal and healthy baby.

Some years ago I helped fund the establishment of a Gerson therapy center in Sedona Arizona. We had patients there who reversed many diverse chronic illnesses. Among them was a young chiropractor from Oneonta, NY. He had Stage VI Melanoma, generally incurable, which was reversed. For more information on how I became involved with the Gerson Therapy see www.raw-wisdom.com/bio. Also see the blog post Cystic Fibrosis – Can It Be Reversed?

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  1. chris says:

    It is irresponsible to claim something you obviously have done little research into, the current median age for CF (not CT) is almost 38, and to claim that it is “supposedly a genetic disease” is preposterous, there are over 1500 documented mutations in which can cause CF. Your product may help alleviate symptoms, as any diet that helps to alleviate the inflamitory process will, but to claim it as a cure is utter nonsense.

  2. Frances says:

    Utter bullshit

  3. Chris says:

    do you just delete all negative comments

  4. Christine Dunbar says:

    Seriously? Why would you post something like this? I have Cystic Fibrosis. It *IS* a genetic disease no “supposing” about it. If you want to help people, post accurate information. This is blantantly FALSE and this is what contributes to the millions of people walking around with NO CLUE about their health or a serious disease like cystic fibrosis. You should seriously consider researching things before you post them. CF is a progressive genetic disease. Some of us have kids (I do) and some of us can not. Some of us have more digestive involvement, some of us have more lung involvement. Get a grip on reality, and start fact checking.

  5. batalionn says:

    Thanks for all your blog comments and hopefully more will come. I greatly invite positive, negative, supporting and challenging comments, also any corrections of facts, research and other suggestions for improvements.

    In posting what I did, I know I stirred up a few deep emotions in some, especially among those who are themselves sufferers of CF or have children who go through life with this terrible, usually progressive and debilitating ailment. If the reader is then asked to accept even a little of what I propose – namely that cystic fibrosis is actually incurable and it is not even difficult ….this means a very, very consciousness-shocking predicament, needing to question in depth their doctors’ stance – and that of legions of supportive assistants, agencies, charities, media takes, etc. That’s not at all a simple counter-cultural transition. How can those most postured literally everywhere as authorities be collectively wrong? The question of what is deeply illusionary (a breakdown of the integrity of consciousness) and what is not comes up. When the cultural integrity of consciousness is majorly broken, it also needs to be majorly fixed. When mended, the body heals as a result, and quickly in tandem.

    Thus when allopathic treatments instead fail very, very abysmally, and leave us or our loved ones to the fate of an early death – there is nothing more painful, yet we are told it is the best science and medical research has to offer us and that the disease is what is really at fault because it is deterministically/fixed as incurable or genetically grounded.

    So the commonplace illusion sadly and very, very painfully goes on.

    To conclude, please continue your comments and feedback – even if such are directly and piercingly attacking my posts. I’ll try to address some of the more important and major points in later posts, but only after getting a little more and wider feedback – and with the aim of further raising our collective consciousness on this very deeply misunderstood and mistreated ailment.

    Nathan Batalion ND

  6. Christine Dunbar says:

    CF is not “usually progressive”, it *is* progressive. Some of us progress at different rates, but there is no mistake to be made it *is* progressive. I have tried everything from changing my diet to taking herbal supplements. The only things that have helped me are my nebulizer treatments, antibiotics, digestive enzymes…ect. Altering my diet does not change the root of CF, a defective gene (the CfTR). It is truely frightening to me that you would post this type of information (misleading and completely false).

  7. Ann says:

    I my self do not live with CF, however a good friend of mine does. I have seen what she has to do on a daily basis just to live. I have seen the heartache she goes through every time she loses another one of her friends to this terrible disease.

    A co-workers daughter also lives with this disease and I see what it does to my co-worker every time her daughter has a health problem and has to be hospitalized for what is called a tune up.

    To sit there and down play this disease like that is not only immoral but it is also irresponsible. There are so many people who do not understand the severity of this disease as it is. This is a genetic disease that at this time there is NO CURE FOR!

  8. Laura says:

    I am 45 years old an have CF. I don’t believe that I can cure CF myself, but I do believe that their are cures for many Diseases and Cancers out there that we are just not ever going to know about, but I won’t get in to politics here. What I do believe is that there are Herbs, Juices and Detoxifying treatments which may help with the symptoms of CF. I must admit that I haven’t tried any yet as recommended by my Doctor’s. I need to do more research, but I will try them when I find out which ones are the right ones. Making a long story short, I believe that Herbs were put here on this earth for more than to just cook with. You’ll never know until you try them. Everyone has an opinion and I don’t have a problem with that at all….God Bless all of us suffering with this terrible disease and our family and friends…

  9. Gene Tipton says:

    A dear friend of mine, and the wife of my very best friend suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. She is fortunate enough to have the ability to work with the National Institute of Health, for research and development in hopes to find a cure for this fatal illness.
    If the National Institue of Health makes no claim in agreement with any of your findings, how can you in good concience attempt to mislead people? It would truly be a wonderful world if we could all just drink the latest “mircale cure” and all of our ailments would just go away, but thats not the world we live in.
    Making claims such as these takes valuable time and focus away from those who are holding to hope for a real cure. It is greedy and insensitive and irresponsible.

  10. Transplantmommy says:

    I agree with the other posters. Your article makes no sense at all and it misleads people. I have CF, and 28 years old, and have a child. Saying that it’s not common for women with CF to have children is an incorrect statement. I know a LOT of women (even some men) with CF who have children.

    If treating/curing CF was as easy as you say, I wouldn’t have had to have a double lung AND liver transplant. Enough said!

  11. Scott says:

    Mr. Batalion, you have obviously not done any in-depth research about CF, or, if you have, you’ve completely ignored it. You discount the overwhelming scientific evidence that CF is a genetic disease and that it is currently incurable. To even intimate otherwise is irrefutably false and misleading. This appears to be a ploy to sell your version of snake oil to people who would otherwise get actual medical attention.

    I find this morally abhorrent and reprehensible that you propagate this sort of falsity. I pray that anyone who reads both Chrissy Dunbar’s comment and mine will immediately disregard anything that you have written and seek an actual MD.

    ND, or Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine for those reading this who don’t know, training amounts to a very small fraction of that of Medical Doctors, not even including residency. Treatments rely on unscientific approach and can even be dangerous to the patient.

    in closing, I will be checking back to ensure that this response is not deleted and will re-post it in the event that it is. If you have any scrap of conscience at all, please discontinue this misleading and possibly life-threatening propaganda.

  12. Piper says:

    I have worked with many NDs and entirely embrace the idea of a vegan/raw diet as being beneficial to many (please note that I would never go so far as to make a generalization for ALL), however I seriously question your research in writing this “article.” The CF gene was discovered in 1989 and since then it has been well documented that there are over 1500 disease-causing mutations to the CFTR gene, as Chris notes in his comment.

    I went to the Gerson Institute’s website and they specifically warn that they CANNOT cure genetic disease with their dietary treatment. Among the examples they give is muscular dystrophy, a disease so related to CF that some drugs work on both defects.

    Your individual example is no more an indication of the true nature of cystic fibrosis as a story I could tell you about a child I know who died of CF at less than 1 years old (pre-vaccines, by the way — your attempt to connect CF to vaccinations is no more than fear mongering, I assume to sell your product). Your testimony of a CFer finding relief of symptoms may or may not be true, but it is NOT a scientific basis to claim that CF is “curable.” Did your patient have a sweat chloride test? Can you tell me which mutations she had?

    Be honest, if you’re willing: CF is a recessive genetic disorder with clear genetic testing leading to a diagnosis. The parents must both be carriers of the mutated gene, and the child must inherent two copies — which in every case correspond directly to the two mutations found in the parents. Please STOP spreading false claims. It does nothing but destroy whatever credibility your more legitimate suggestions for healthcare might have.

  13. batalionn says:


    May I suggest that taking a peak at the Gerson Therapy website does not alone give enough depth of understanding and insight into what they are about. They may post a disclaimer but this is for self-protection as modern medical care is so highly politicized. Billions if not trillions of dollars are at stake as to who wins out on certain issues. Also there have been cases where this therapy, which is a powerful method (though I have major differences with it and am no longer associated with them) is effective in reversing the following: multiple sclerosis (Walter Wagg is an example, since you mentioned this issue) fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus as well as cancer. It has the best results with all types of melanoma as I indicated with the example of a local chiropractor from my home town. It is, however, really less effective with Parkinson’s disease and other central nervous system diseases and ALS although it does create improvement. Apparently once the body’s nerve cells have been destroyed it truly hard to regenerate them over time. Since FC is progressive, logically earlier stages of treatment lend themselves more to reversals. In the Gerson method, the degree of damage to the liver is critical to whether a reversal process is possible for a given individual. There are both video and audio tapes with the title “The Gerson Therapy for Healing Incurable Illnesses” which may be helpful to further and more in depth research this issue. I have also answered other critiques in a revision of the original blog. Thanks immensely for your input. It is really helpful to know the most stirring issues for others and to engage in dialogue.

    Nathan Batalion ND

  14. batalionn says:


    Thanks for your comment on Healing Talks. Indeed CF is 100% genetically-determine over its course, incurable and progressive under the paradigms of modern medicine. Step outside of those paradigms (see my revised post on the Mendel’s gene theory) and one see a different picture open up It is very hard, on many levels, to look outside at alternative views. Still I know that deep inside every CF patient dreams and wants a cure. It takes a different mindset to look past the conventional approaches. I pray for all who suffer from this terrible ailment. Thank you for sharing and expressing your deeply-felt view on this issue.

    Nathan Batalion ND

  15. batalionn says:


    Your are right in your comment on having children. In fact I mention in the blog that over 90% of male CF sufferers are fertile, and many women also can have children. And what a huge blessing for you, that you could have children, despite it all! Also the disease is not easy to treat per se. Nor am I treating this or your suffering, at age 28, lightly. Thank you greatly for sharing your thoughts and trials with this terrible disease. Nathan Batalion ND

  16. batalionn says:

    Chris: I completely agree with part of what you wrote. I have been were you’re at trying everything. The usual diet changes and herbal remedies do not work. I went for two years to Oriental medical school and worked in their herb clinic. I was not impressed by the effects of the best of those herb on deeper systemic ailments like CF. Especially with Chinese medicine, literally all the herbs are boiled to kill the life force in them. It takes a life-centered approach to make a difference

    Nathan Batalion ND

  17. batalionn says:


    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear about your friend and co-worker. I wholeheartedly agree we must not downplay this issue, why currently I spend so much time in caringly writing about it. Likewise we must not, in the same spirit, discount the possibility of a cure.

    Nathan Batalion ND

  18. batalionn says:


    Thanks for your comment. I am sorry to hear about your friend.

    I have taken the time to explained in the updated post why conventional research is based on paradigms that do not optimally work. In my experience over nearly half a century, it takes a different approach and to make such shift in mindsets and beliefs is what is most difficult.
    Nathan Batalion ND

  19. Zarrstarr says:

    I think there are some facts in here that are not very accurate. However, I think most of the posters are missing a very important point. “Anything is possible!” Most Americans are so conditioned to Western medicine that they think Western Medicine is the final word. I believe in creation and I believe in spirit and the power of the Higher Power. The body is fully capable of healing itself, no matter what the doctors say. Our whole body and everything around us is made of energy, including our thoughts. If we constantly accept that we have something that will never go away, or something that will always continue to get worse…that’s whats going to happen! Have you ever noticed that symptoms get worse for many people after they find out they have a disorder or dis-ease? I was told by the docs that I have 2 mutated CFTR genes and my 10 year old daughter is supposed to have the same mutations. The Genetics Doc told me that science has only gone so far with how genes work and it is possible that some other gene formation will counter act to this mutation. I think many people feel more of a sense being a part of the world or life..something, when they hold onto being a victim of something. I think the guys point is if the docs are wrong, and that does happen on many occasion, why would you sentence your self to irreversible doom?

  20. Her says:

    Why did you delete your page ‘Cystic Fibrosis- Can it be reversed?’

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