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Raw Buckwheat Pizza | Healing Talks

Raw Buckwheat Pizza

raw buckwheat pizza

Raw Buckwheat Pizza

(Healingtalks) Last weekend the theme at our local farmers’ market in Oneonta New York  was food-for-health. Some might not have noticed with all those belly-dancers there. But those who came to our table had a memorable experience.

My friend Dana asked me to display some raw, living, local organic foods. Thus I brought my assortment of sprouts, micro-greens and something special - raw buckwheat pizza. The farmer’s market and the local Green Earth Health Food Store donated ingredients. The pizza was a big hit.

However, this was a new recipe for me and thus all the more fun to prepare at 2am the night before. Thank God I had help so that I could get to sleep at 4am. And all the effort was worth it!

In the past, I had been used to making the pizza crust with either sprouted wheat berries or rye. Buckwheat is actually easier to sprout and is not a grain technically. It just tastes like a grain, is highly nutritious and is a relative of the rhubarb seed…and so this avoids confronting gluten or grain allergies.

The recipe is fairly simple though there are several steps to it and it takes time, but its worth it!

Preparing a Sprouted Buckwheat Pizza Crust

First, we collect the following ingredients:

    • bunch of celery hearts
    • cup of tomatoes
    • half an onion and some spices (a little basil, parsley, 2 cloves of garlic and a sweetener)

For the latter and to keep things local, I used garlic, stevia, parsley and basil from our organic garden. All of these ingredients were put into a food processor.

Preparing Sprouted Buckwheat Groats

Then we slowly added 5 1/2 cups of sprouted buckwheat. To make sprouted buckwheat, soak the hulled groats for 8-10 hours. You can soak them in a bowl in the morning and take them out to sprout in the evening, or the reversse. Then let them sprout for at least a day or two until the buckwheat develops its tails. It is then most alive and nutritious. We also make buckwheat groats that are chewable for breakfast by putting them in a dehydrator for a day and then adding some fruit and nut milk. We did just that with the excess buckwheat that was left over after sorting out 5 1/2 cups for the pizza.

Flax Seed Meal

Lastly slowly add two cups of flax seed meal which you can make in a coffee grinder. This gives the pizza crust its firmness. If, in the food processor, this mix is too wet then add more flax seeds. I have even added some whole flaxseed to give the crust more texture as well as enhanced nutrition.

Putting All the Ingredients into the Dehydrator  

We use a 14 inch square dehydrator instead of an oven to bake the pizza crust at low temperatures.We0 bake it no more than at 105 degrees in order to preserve the aliveness and super the high level of nutrition of all the ingredients. You can use olive-oiled hands or plastic gloves to put down the batter. Then it does not stick to your hands but to the dehydrator trays instead. It takes 5-6 hours minimum time at 105 degrees for the crust to start hardening.

Preparing the Nut Cheez

You can make a “nut Parmesan cheez” using a half pound each of ground brazil  nuts and walnuts.

Add 4 cloves of crushed garlic and some salt and Italian seasoning. Paprika or cayenne pepper is optional to give it color and a hot flavor. You can also make a more soupy white nut  cheez by mixing 2 cups of cashew or macademia nuts with a little onion, lemon juice and salt. Blend the ingredients all together and put them into a plastic bag. Then cut the corner with a small opening so you can squeeze out the nut cheeze to form any pattern you like on the pizza.

Raw Pizza Tomato Sauce

A great tomato sauce will end up being sweat. Here is how it is done.

Slice up 3 cups of roma tomatoes. Add  1 1/2 cups of raisins or your favorite dried fruit (substitute stevia if you are sensitive to the sugar content).

Then spice it further with the juice of a whole lemon, a pinch of Himalayan salt, some Italian seasoning, including basil and a clove of garlic – and voila you have a dynamite sauce.


Last we prepare the toppings and here you can let your creativity go wild. We used sliced tomatoes, some garden parsley, a couple of mushrooms, sliced zucchini and peppers from a local farm, and garnished the whole pizza with edible flowers from our own garden.

Another idea I like is to use eggplant or olive and mushroom toppings. Remember to let loose your creativity , including with the use of wild, local herbs.

Putting It All Together

Here are the steps I recommend:

  • Put on your tomato sauce.
  • Add some thin slices of tomatoes.
  • Next put on your additional toppings
  • Then add  one or two kinds of nut cheezes
  • Lastly add your garnishing to the plate

There you have it. I promise you that you won’t believe the yummy, delicious taste…with the bonus of super-nutrition

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