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Raw vegan before and after photos | Healing Talks

Raw vegan before and after photos

Raw vegan before

and after photos

(Healingtalks) Here are some awesome before and after raw vegan photos. Seeing is believing. These people achieved amazing results and so can you with a raw vegan diet.


Shazzie suffered from lethargy, depression, brain-fog, bad skin, and aches and pains. She underwent a huge transformation and wrote an incredible book with David Wolfe entitled Naked Chocolate. Read more about Shazzie’s story …


Vinit is apart of the WLIR squad and has been eating 95% raw food for over a year. He transformed his fat into muscle and lost over 15 lbs in the process. He’s the WLIR weight lifting advisor. Read more about Vinit’s story …


During a routine examination Jenny found a lump on her breast… twice… during two separate occasions… over the course of two years. Jenny took a hard look at her life and knew she had to make a shift happen not only for herself, but for her son too.  Read more about Jenny’s story…


Britanie weighed 200 lbs and was a size 18 in her teens. She was also diagnosed with having GERD and a Hiatal Hernia at 9.  After a diet change, she weighs 125 lbs. and a size 7/8. Read more about Britanie’s story …


Neel Patel weighed over 200 pounds and was diagnosed by his family doctor of having a poor liver.  Neel set upon a regiment of eating a 90% vegan rawfood diet with a daily workout plan. Listen to Neel’s story …


I was a bad vegetarian – pastas, chocolates and thick, warm bread were part of my daily menu and Greek pastries were my doughy comfort. Read more about Erini”s Story


Michelle at the age of 29 went from 310 pounds to 231 pounds in just one year alone.  Her self esteem and confidence levels went up a million times greater than when she was eating cooked. Read more about Michelle’s story …


Chris was overweight (363 pounds), dealt with high blood pressure (184/50), and had a very high cholesterol level(324 US).  With the help of his love Zoe, Chris lost 167 pounds in just 2.5 years. Read more about Chris’s story …


She’s 20 years young and currently doing a Juice Feast for ultimate transformation. Read more about Courtney’s story …


Angela weighed over 260lbs, a UK dress size of 26-28, and was lost in miserable cycles of a non-existent love-life. Three and a half years later, Angela dropped down to a UK dress size 10. Read more about Angela’s story …


Todd suffered from deficiencies in mineral and vitamins.  After 17 months on the diet and at age 44, he has no protein issues, no b12 issues, no amino acid issues, and no heath issues period. Read more about Todd’s story …


Cecilia was a sufferer of multiple ailments ranging form asthma to depression to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Upon her diet change, Cecilia has significantly reduced her inhaler and medication usage. Read more about Cecilia’s story …


Joel is a raw food chef who has overcome extreme drug and food addiction to become a very well known figure in the raw food community. He’s been raw food for over 5 years now. Read more about Joel’s story …


Jayna weighed over 175 pounds and was a size 14-16 at the age of 22.  After trying out vegetarian and vegan diets, Jayna began eating a raw food diet.  She lost 60 pounds and is a size 2-4. Read more about Jayna’s story …


April went from pretty to prettier.  Her change may not be as drastic,  her skin, eyes, and facial structure all have the extra bit of glow that came from feeding the body what it needed. Read more about April’s story …


Jenna was pretty fit when she was younger.  Acknowledging her body was not getting fitter, Jenna setup upon a 30 day journey into raw foods detailing her story in Supercharge Me – 30 Days Raw. Read more about Jenna’s story …


Audrey Walker suffered a whole host of health issues ranging from IBS to depression to anxiety.  With the power of health, Audrey is 60 lbs lighter and more relaxed, positive, and hopeful. Read more about Audrey’s story …


Felicia stories depicts life after a gastric bypass.  Though losing 150 lbs is quick and easy with such a surgery, living life afterwards is not so similar.  Felicia turned to a raw food diet recently. Read more about Felicia’s story …


Dixie, a health care educator and midwife (delivered more than 500 babies over the last 27 years) has taken a much more practical and simpler approach to the raw food diet and its healing process. Read more about Dixie’s story …


Tonya put this lifestyle to a test when she used it against not only the common “after forty” downslide, but also against the grave consequences on the body that general anesthetics and pain can bring. Read more about Tonya’s story …


Abbey, age 24, set out on a mission to gain weight the healthy way. She went from 90lbs to 100lbs in four months eating a raw food diet. Read more about Abbey’s story …

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    […] Raw Diet: Before And After | Healing Talks […]

  2. I have not much time, but I’ve got many useful things here, love it!

  3. JayJay says:

    I have heard of the “Vegan” diet, but never seriously considered taking it on.  However, reading the above has made me think.  I am now going to research the diet and write an article on the subject and might even include it on my site.  Therefore I have bookmarked your site and will be taking in all of the news included.  Thanks for the mental “jog” and inspiration.  JayJay

  4. ibs diet says:

    Eat fibrous food which is soluble in water. The safest food which is easy to digest is rice, oatmeal, rice
    cereals, soy, pasta and noodles. It can be taken in every meal. Soluble fibers are found in most of the food products which are considered to have excess amount of starch. Soluble fibers dissolves in water and it helps in absorption of excess liquid in colon. It prevents diarrhea as it forms a kind of thick gel, which helps the muscles to easily make the peristaltic contraction. Soluble fibers are present in rice, pasta, barley, soy, corn meal, potatoes, carrots, turnips, mushrooms, avocadoes, mangoes, yams and papayas.

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