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Raw Summit Interview With Dr. Gabriel Cousens | Healing Talks
Published On: Wed, Aug 4th, 2010

Raw Summit Interview With Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Welcome you to a very special Raw Summit Teleseminar, which can be

found online at www.rawsummit.com. The purpose of this Raw Summit

is to pass along cutting edge information about raw and living food

technologies for you to reach optimal health wellness, and success.

Today, I have an incredible guest on the line. He is the founder of the

Tree of Life in Patagonia, Arizona, author of many books and articles

about and around optimal health, holistic nutrition, and diabetes. Dr.

Gabriel Cousens, it’s an honor to have you aboard.

Hi everyone, this is Kevin Gianni, Optimal Health Expert, and I’d like to


I’m very pleased to be with you.


in the life of raw…I’m sure it’s very few. Let’s just start by giving a brief

explanation of what the Tree of Life is and what you’ve done.

Good, so let’s start just for those people who might not know who you are


down out of the nothing, this most amazing thing happen. There’s a voice

rang out and said, “You should learn to eat and live in a way that supports

the unfolding of the Kundalini energy.” At that time, I was basically

vegetarian meaning having dairy and very quickly became a vegan. And

over the next, those five or six years began to explore what’s the best diet

for spiritual life and it got clear working with thousands of people here,

India, and so forth, here being in the US that the best diet, the most

activating diet for spiritual life was 100% live-food diet. We got into it.

Then, what we saw was and then became 100% live foods in 1983.

Then, I noticed that just telling people about it didn’t quite do the job and

so we created in 1993, the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia,

Arizona. We’re on 174 acres. We have the 260 degree view of the

horizon. We’re on the a mesa and it’s an integration of the spiritual life

with the live food as one of the six foundations for enhancing spiritual life

and feeding the Kundalini energy. What’s Kundalini energy? The

nondual, holographic experience of our oneness, of I am that. It’s

awakened by shaktipat, which is the descent of grace that awakens it and

what is interesting is when people…here we do spiritual fasting as well as

spiritual detox – as well as fasting detox programs. We have sacred

relationship courses. We have a conscious eating course. We have a

course which is a kind of form of Western Jnana Yoga called The Zero

Point. We do a lot of Essene Training; we have a Priesthood Training

Program which their foundation was live foods and many other programs.

Those are the main things that David Wolfe and myself do a very special

retreat on July 4th where we…just David and I, plus we have all kinds of

entertainment, but we do questions and answers primarily to help people

In 1976, I had an awakening Kundalini and a message and as I cameFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit

www.rawsummit.com!answer all the questions that you can’t get in books and together on this,

it’s really a lot of fun.

So, we do a lot of work that way. But the Tree of Life is designed to help

people transition from the culture of death into the culture of life. Now

what is that? That’s the essence of the whole thing. See the culture of

death is living in separation from our own soul, from the living planet and

from the people around us. It’s the belief of better looking chemistry,

pharmaceuticals, pesticide, and herbicide soil. It’s when where we are

really disconnected from our own self and the living planet.

The culture of life is about living organically, feeling your oneness with the

living planet with all beings, being really moved by love, live by liberation,

live by love, and it’s also obviously include living foods as part of it. And it

is about creating and living in that sense of unity and beauty and a real

deep connection on the so level with yourself and all people with very

different paradigms. The culture of life has to do with better living through

better living, culture of death has been living through chemistry and – it of

course doesn’t work. And symptoms of culture of death are chronic

disease, misery, depression, anxiety, and separation from life in general.

Diabetes which is we’re doing a lot of work right now is a beautiful

example of a symptom of the culture of death. Its pandemic, what’s the

result? What do you get from, you know the culture of death? You get a

meat-centered diet and you get a high sugar, high junk food diet, lots of

pesticides and herbicides, you get an economy that’s not about health

and well-being for the planet, but about the wealth for a few versus the ill

health for the many.

So, all these things are part of what’s going on. When you kind of get it

you see the whole picture, so what causes diabetes? Dr. Cleve out of

England, he was head of the British Navy, the medical aspect of it,

studied all different cultures and he found that 20 years after white sugar

was introduced, he had outbreak diabetes.

Other research, in addition, has shown that cooked animal flesh and fat

significantly contributes to diabetes and then we also have trans fatty

acids and we have pesticides and herbicides, and also heavy metal

toxicity are kind of the main issues that they result in your obesity, 90% of

diabetics – type 2 diabetics are obese for example.

So, that lifestyle that comes out of that, of the junk food, the white sugar,

the white flour which is filled with relaxin which is actually something that

actually destroys the beta cells in the pancreas, all contribute to diabetes

which is really a pandemic over 240 million people in the world have

diabetes and about 3 million people a year die from it, that way more than

the AIDS population. It’s an understanding and the projections are even

more amazing and that in some parts of the world, they expect 100%

increased in the next 10 years like in Central America.

And New York City, for example, actually has the highest rate of diabetes

in the country. In the last 10 years, its rate of diabetes increased to

140%. In the country in general, 80%, well that’s significant and what

we’re seeing in New York City is that it’s related to the junk food and poor

lifestyle, but also there is a class and a race part of it.

Generally speaking, Latinos have twice as much diabetes as Caucasians

and slightly though less than twice in the rate of Native Americans and

Afro Americans and slightly more than twice are Asians, you know in

terms of genetic tendencies.




anywhere in the world than, excuse me, India has more diabetics

anywhere in the world, China is second, US is third. Now, what’s the

point? The point is we are able to reverse diabetes. We’ve developed a

program here at the Tree of Life where we’re able to really released type

2 diabetes in a very short time. In one to four days, most people are off

their medications and even if their blood sugar was unmanaged like the

normal is about 85 and these people are running 300, 350 of blood

sugars on medications and just a very short time, they’re dropping to 150,

120 and off all medications insulin and so forth in one to four days. We’ve

seen people completely reversed in 2 weeks.

Now, let’s qualify what we need. We can drop it with our program, the 21

day program. We fast for a week on green juices. We do – we have

certain supplements but the real test is sustaining it over at least six

months before we consider somebody is healed. So, we reversed the

physiology, okay we can do that, but are you able to sustain it and that is

where we go really into the culture of life versus death because people go

back in the world and say, “Well, you know what’s wrong with little meat?

My friends are having meat like can I have some meat? Why not a little

sugar? And it’s hard.”

So, what we’ve done now in order to make the program successful is set

up monthly kind of gatherings all around the country and Alive with

Gabriel which is a way of tuning in where we do spiritual questions and

answers and nutritional questions as support because the shadow of the

culture of death is very, very powerful and so the struggle is can people

make the transition from the culture of death into the culture of life and

that’s really the essence. Live food is about the culture of life. That’s the

beauty of it. Now, what also makes our program work is that we…it’s a

100% live foods to get started and what that does is that stimulates the

anti-aging, anti-diabetes, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory genes

literally and when we do all live, we get a very powerful boost into the

reversing of diabetes because diabetes is a downgrading of our genetic

expression. Let me explain what that means. You have the genotype

and you have a phenotype. Genotype is what we call your hard drive in

the computer.

the phenotype is your actual expression. If you live a live-food lifestyle,

you will not express diabetes. You will keep a genotype – a phenotype

that’s really healthy. And so what we do with the live-food diet is the

foundation of basically turning on the healthy phenotype and turning off

the diabetes phenotype, genetic expression. Now that’s the key to the

program. That’s why it works.

phenotype is turned on and then you turn it off using live foods and then

someone goes back to the culture of death as you were talking about. Is

it more readily turned on again?

: And once it’s turned on so let’s say someone comes to you and theGabriel

: Yes because the body has some familiarity.Kevin

: Okay.Gabriel

switched around so much, but it still does it and thus – will do it.

: You can keep bringing it back. I mean, the body does not like to beKevin

them, correct?

: Right. You talked about Six Foundations. You know living foods is one ofGabriel

spiritual fast where we’re meditating twice a day, we’re doing a – where

we Kali Ray Tri yoga which is a very high prana, yoga that supports the

Kundalini. Okay…

: Living foods and spiritual fasting is one especially in a certain way is theKevin

: Um hum.Gabriel

foundation is building prana in general…

: Once we get past the spiritual fasting and the live food, the secondKevin:

Um hum.Gabriel:

includes pranayama, breathing exercises. It maybe T’ai Chi, Qi Gong,

sacred dance, all of them are great. They all build the prana. Third is

service and charity because when you’re in service, you feel a heart

connection to the world.

…and that includes like all yogas, but we like the Kali Ray Tri yoga and itKevin:


a specific group whatever. Reading the great scriptures and be inspired

by them. There is a course I teach called the Zero Point which is the

Western Jnana Yoga, the yoga of the mind which is very important. And

then also being in nature can be very important. Those are all really

good. Next is silence, meditation, prayer, mantra repetition, and chanting

Fourth is spiritual inspiration, that’s with a teacher, with a general group orFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit

www.rawsummit.com!and the sixth is the awakening of the Kundalini known as the shaktipat.

Gabriel here was empowered by his teacher, one of the – he had two

teachers had meaning they both have left their bodies. So I looked at it

and it empowered me to awaken the Kundalini. So you do all those

things and those are the Six Foundations that nourish the unfolding of the

Kundalini when it ultimately takes into merging in the crown and chakra

and you experience the oneness that we were meant to be.


purpose of that?

: When you talk about building prana, what do you ultimately think is theGabriel

Six Foundations I’m going to answer your question a little bit of sideways,


: Well from my point of view, in my book Spiritual Nutrition, we look at theKevin:


They are a lifestyle to be lead. Okay? You are not going anywhere. You

are just living a lifestyle that brings…that quiets the mind and builds the

vessels to hold the increased prana or energy. Okay?

The Six Foundations have two purposes. They are not spiritual practices.Kevin:


do? Prana moves the Kundalini to the system. It builds the life, the

spiritual life force energy and in that way eventually purifies the whole

system, that’s why we’re building the prana, and then eventually when it

is purified it merges in the sahasrara chakra. Now that’s the idea. Think

about it this way, when you start the Kundalini oasis, the fire under the

log. It smokes, it sputters, you know it smells.

So, now as we build those vessels to hold the prana, what does pranaKevin:

Uh hum.Gabriel:

the fire, right?

But eventually the fire is going and you keep burning and putting wind onKevin:


eventually that log, which was impure so forth and so on become sacred

ash and then the prana or wind comes and blows it away and all is left is

pure being. That’s how the prana works.

The wind is prana. It keeps the fire going which is the Kundalini andKevin:

living food?

Got you. When…so you’re saying it’s just not enough to cleanse with justGabriel:

It’s enough to do it if that’s how you want in your life.Kevin:

Got you.For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit


to merge with God. Well it just depends on what you want. Many people

in the live food or in life, it’s enough. Hey look, I can feel healthy, I got

more energy, I got more sexual energy, I can do more things, and that’s

enough for them. What Gabriel has brought into the live-food movement

is let’s extend this a little bit to the purpose of life which is to know God. If

you are interested, this is what we are doing and what we’ve done with

the book’s conscious eating, spiritual nutrition, Rainbow Green Live Food

Cuisine has looked at all the let’s say potholes on the road so that

everybody will be successful on 80% to 100% live foods. That is basically

what we are saying.

But at this point of life, from Gabriel’s point of view here is to know God, isKevin:

Uh hum. What happens when you know God?Gabriel:

Say it again, when you know God?Kevin:

Yes. What happens?Gabriel:

no “you” left.

You heard me talking in the third person. When you know God, there isKevin:


complex disappears and you will understand you’re a central nature

which is that.

There is only that and so you are what we call the body, mind, I amKevin:


And there is no you, there’s no I there.Kevin:


the world changes and you feel the essential unity of who you are, the

essential love of who we are, and you feel what we call non-causal love.

You become a third person in the sense and you’re whole perception ofKevin:


contentment and that’s nothing. It’s not a yoga practice. It is just

something that happens. It’s also your natural emotions and it’s a deep

feeling of peace that goes on and you that deep unity awareness. That’s

what happens.

And the reason non-causal peace, non-causal joy, and non-causalKevin:


Roughly speaking, more than that happens.Kevin:

most people don’t have that experience?

Now how do you function? Maybe, how do you function in a world whereFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit




balanced in your everyday life. You are not getting stuck on all the small

things of life and you have more energy and clarity to be able to deal with

the endless complications of being a human being in our complex, terrorridden

society. So you function better. You have more joy. You’re more

turned on to life. It’s like you are experiencing life as the expression of

the Divine and all life becomes a Divine service or sacrifice into the

Divine. Well it’s a very turn on way to live. It’s very true. It’s basically a

complete, ongoing, concrete experience. We are not talking just

sexuality. We are talking about the whole world being the arrows of the

Divine radiating right in your, you know radiating and you are just

radiating with it. It’s a very different way to live.

Why? Because when you know the deep truth, you are much moreKevin

through it? I mean there must be – there’s obviously a spiritual practice

through how you go through the day. Can you explain them?

: How do you go about your day? How do you start and then moveGabriel

difference is that you’re experience of the day is different.

: Really good. You go through the day just like everybody else. The onlyKevin

: Okay.Gabriel

wonder med. Its like, “Oh my goodness, this is what’s going on, isn’t this

beautiful?” And you are feeling the love, and even when you’re really,

really busy you’re still feeling it on the inside. There’s like, for Gabriel it’s

like a hollow space that’s at the core which where the nothing resides and

out of the nothing comes that love and compassion and its like “Whoa!

This is really deep.” You know like life is like a, “Oh my goodness! This is

incredible.” So you go through the day very turned on.

: It’s like the Divine unfolded in front of you all the time. It’s like it is aKevin

everyday things that have to go on, you still do them yes?

: Wow and as you’re doing those things, things like stress and things likeGabriel

external stress is magnified because you’re in that inner bliss and you’re

not spaced out. I mean Gabriel here is writing books, giving talks, doing

interviews like this, running to the center as an active physician or holistic

physician. All these things are going on. A grandfather, you know? Time

to do, you know still doing whatever, jumping in the chaplain, doing your

yoga, and everything is a turn on. But you are able to actually do more

because you are so turned on.

: Well I mean you can actually handle more. Your capacity to handle theKevin

of knowing God, what is the mission now? What’s like – is there a drive

or no?

: Got you. Now that you’ve found where you are now, where this place isFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit


you’re never going anywhere.

: Very interesting question. If you…like you understand immediately thatKevin

: Okay.Gabriel

“Vanity of vanities, everything under the sun is for naught, all that counts

is to know God.” Now when you get that that’s what’s going on, then

everything becomes a celebration of the divine and everything becomes

an essence, a sacrifice, and an offering into the divine.

: Okay. It’s like as King Salmon said in his book, you know in his writings,Kevin

: Okay.Gabriel


: Alright. So that’s the turn on, you see? So whatever your doing doesn’tKevin

: Wow!Gabriel

: You’ve got to keep that in mind, it doesn’t matter.Kevin

: Wow!Gabriel

: Now here’s the tip. It is really weird okay?Kevin

: Yes.Gabriel

more aligned with the will of God and so you are in service and so you’re


: But at the same time, you know usually at that level, you know you areKevin

: Okay.Gabriel

vision. There’s nothing of you in there anymore. And so you’re just in

service so you can work, you know sometimes you can work really hard.

You’re not laying back. There are times when that’s going to happen but

you know, there are times in service that you’re just in service and that’s

it. It doesn’t really matter.

: At expression of the Divine or rather than your dream or your, you knowKevin

given to you.

: So you don’t do anymore based on what your outcome is that’s kind ofGabriel

: Exactly. The outcome is you’re living a life.Kevin

: Okay.Gabriel

people see, Gabriel would show it right now at these days and Gabriel’s

life here is like, he’s working really hard, you know at time hours and so

forth, but knowing deep down it isn’t about that. It’s just that is a part of

: And you truly aren’t going anywhere. And you know it’s hard becauseFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit

www.rawsummit.com!the sacrifice of the law of God as it’s unfolding and in tradition we say,

guru palpa. The world is the guru.


: Okay.Gabriel

up and you’re liberated doesn’t mean you’re done. You’re just beginning

the next evolutionary step whereas Kundalinis are major evolutionary

step, being liberated is a major evolutionary step that is just the next

phase and that keeps going. There is no stopping here. See what I


: All your experiences deepen your understanding because just you wakeKevin

: Yes.Gabriel

you simply are the offering. You’re not offering something, you are the

offering. You’re being lived by love and you’re being lived by liberation.

It’s just living you, your not living it.

: It’s a constant unfolding with more and more surrender into the will andKevin

: Wow.Gabriel

: And the live food turns you into a super conductor of the Divine.Kevin

: How?Gabriel

the – what we call in India is 72,000 nadis which are the subtle nervous

system and there goes three – of those are three main ones, and then

there’s the main one called the Shushumna, okay?

: In the… let’s say the subtle physiology of that, what happens is you haveKevin

: Yes.Gabriel

mean, obviously being off dairy and flesh food, which are basically had

the energy of the culture of death and misery in them, and pain, and

suffering and all the pesticides and herbicides. When you are eating live

foods, you’re getting the life force of the whole living planet. And you bite

into, you know live food whatever, then you’re biting into the living planet.

That’s pretty electrifying when you think about it.

: And when you’re on live foods you minimize the toxicity of the system, IKevin

: Okay.Gabriel

eating when you’re doing it and I’m going to mention…we’ve been talking

yoga, but I’m going to switch to kabbalah for a moment. When you bless

the food before and after, in kabbalah we bless it afterwards as well, you

create the cycle of not only with the living planet, but with all the angels;

this is more esoteric and is what goes on. And in the kabbalistic

teachings there are souls in the rock. There are four levels of life. Rock

sprouting, plant life, higher the animal life, and human life. Okay?

: And you’re feeling all that’s involved and in a deep way, even the act ofFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit

www.rawsummit.com!And you’re releasing souls that have transmigrated backwards into the

plants or moving forward and when you’re conscious enough, when

you’re chewing, you know the food you’re creating a release of those

souls to go to higher levels. I mean every move you’re making is an

offering. Okay? Everything you’re doing, you’re turned on and when

you’re eating live food you don’t have the toxins coming because

obviously live food is more connected to organic and you don’t have any

of the clogs in nadi such as dairy and the issues of the vibrations of

death, then you become more and more pure, right? So the energy

moves to you more directly and you become resonant with not only living

planet, but with the cosmos in that way you become a super conductor for

the Divine.

Now let’s play physics for a second. Different paradigm, but it’s very

helpful. Quantum physics has made the point that all of creation is a

living biophoton cloud. Biophotons are subatomic particles all connected

to each other. They could be millions of miles apart, but they may know

each other, okay? Really connected. Now we as human beings

particularized out of that living, biophoton cloud, okay?


: Um hum.Gabriel

five times as much biophoton energy as commercial foods and wirecrafted

foods have twice as much as inorganic, okay? Now they’ve done

some research with biophoton energy in Europe. This is really

fascinating. So basically junk food people have about 1000 units of

biophoton, okay?

: Step further. Live food has five times as much – organic live foods haveKevin

: Yes.Gabriel

eating cooked organic has about 20,000 units and live food has about

83,000 units. That’s double of a newborn.

: Babies… newborn babies have about 40,000 units. A person who’s justKevin

: Wow.Gabriel

fasting and herbs as well as the live foods. So what are we saying?

We’re saying, “Oh my goodness! We’re talking about you are pulling in a

tremendous amount of biophoton energy into your system.” But what’s

biophoton energy do? Well first, it makes the cell wall communicate

better with the nucleus. It also helps the inner communication between

cells. It also helps in the communication between what appears to be

distinct entities meaning this human being not human being. If you see a

school of fish, you know how they move all at once?

: Okay? And one guy tested about 110,000 units because he is doingKevin:


So, when you get that it’s all one biophoton energy and is a live fooder,

That’s all biophoton energy. They’re just communicating instantaneously.For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit

www.rawsummit.com!you have the highest amount of biophoton energy of any species eating

anything. Right?



to outside the cell, between cells, between humans, and it also helps you

better in a sense the conscious of your oneness with the total biophoton

energy mother ships, so to speak.

And you understand it makes everything work better from inside the cellKevin:

around you? Is that what you’re saying?

Okay. So you suddenly become in tune with all the other energy that’sGabriel:

They get more psychic. They get more tuned in. They feel more their

oneness, just naturally. And that’s what we mean by being a “Super

Conductor of the Divine.” All your channels are open. Okay. It’s easier

to have a clean new wagon. Usually, there’s need for shock depart which

does disintegrate. And that’s what we do at the Tree and that’s why we

give a dozen when he’s traveling. That’s really part of the Divine Mission

that his job is to awaken that. So we’ll be out, you know at different

places. And you know, whether it’s around the world. In Israel, I’ve done

it in Muslim countries, they get it. Everybody gets it. You know, South

America, Central America. This is the awakening of the divine force. We

call it “The Divine Kiss” but it’s like when you’re on live food, it just

happens so much easier. So much easier because all your channels are

ready to receive and hold the energy and maintain the energy. That’s

how you become a superconductor.

Exactly! And basically, we see that happen with people on live foods.Kevin:

Um hum.Gabriel:


understands it form his own experience.

And that’s one of the secrets of live foods. It just that Gabriel herein thisSpiritual Nutrition has completely outlined it because heKevin:

experience – went from cooked foods to live foods and emotions come out

and things surface. What’s your explanation to that?

Yes. And when people make the switch, transitioning is an interestingGabriel:


I’m sure you see a lot of it?Gabriel:

because usually with the dead food you’re putting dead food in the dead


Yes, and this is often why we recommend people to just go 80% firstKevin:


suppressing your consciousness. You go to live foods and suddenly,

You’re suppressing. The more you eat, it’s like a made ego too forFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit

www.rawsummit.com!you’re putting live food in that place because you’re activating all the

suppressed stuff that comes up. So, we like people to get up to 80%.

Okay. And just hold there until they kind of emotionally detox and

physically detox because the live food is just forcing out every level of

toxin. That’s how we look at it. So, maybe you need it to be refreshed

after three months or six months. When people do spiritual fasting and

the zero point which follows up which is part of our program here; you

know we have right here then that process is greatly excoriated and really

fasting on green, this is just probably the fastest way to make a transition

because you lose your cell memory for the cooked food but you also

detox very quickly.


Is that cell memory?Gabriel:

Cell memory for the cooked food, yes.Kevin:

Yes. But it’s a physical or it’s emotional or you’re…?Gabriel:

Oh both.Kevin:

You’re grouping them into both. Okay.Gabriel:

taste and all that. You have a new program but the emotional stuff comes

up that it comes up in more conscious way and we also have the zeropoint

course which teaches you how to dissolve all that junk that you’ve

been suppressing with the cooked food.

Well, you have some memory for the cooked foods. You know all theKevin:

Is there a difference between the physical and the emotional?Gabriel:

make them. When people fast and they clear out the toxins in the

system, it seems to free up and release the negative emotions. So, the

toxins are kind of stored. The physical toxins are also stored in the brain

and in the nervous system. And when you’re clearing those then you

start to release that. So, what we see in the past and these first few days,

there’s more release of the physical toxins and then day 4, 5, 6…either on

4 or 5, you start to release more of the emotional toxins. People will start

having dreams, you know sometimes, you know different things come up

and the whole process goes pretty quickly and then that’s how it tends to

work. So in a sense, the emotions are stored in the physical structures

and the toxins kind of seal more of or suppressing. Does that make


Well, there’s a difference but they’re not as quite as different as peopleKevin:


toxins, you know. We’re not talking a metaphor, we’re talking about

skatole, 5-hydroxy, 6-hydroxy, skatole, that kind of thing.

You get the toxins out then you stop having them. And these are realKevin:

What is skatole?For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit


It’s a bowel toxin from pathogenic bacteria in the bowel.Kevin:


when they worked with the research with interval schizophrenics…

But it’s actually stored often in the brain and what the Russians foundKevin:


And they fasted my work for 28 days and 65% of them became normal.Kevin:

Are you serious?Gabriel:

back to meet, they relapsed. And then they were able to sort it out and

see that whatever the genetic thing is, that they have a tendency to

produce about five times more 6-hydroxy skatole which is a toxin to the

nervous system. See what I’m saying?

Yes. It’s pretty impressive and what they found is that when they wentKevin:


other toxins but there are lots of toxins. Indican is a toxin and it takes

about a week to get the bowel toxins out.

That’s the kind of….it’s an irritant. So, there are lots of ammonias andKevin:

you see that clear out?

Wow! And what do you think are some of the most prevalent toxins thatGabriel:

you’re doing enemas everyday, you’re going to clear really at the end of

one week, six to seven days according to our testing with the indican

which is a measure of bowel toxins, you go clear at six days or seven.

Well, the bowel toxins are number one. In the one week fast, whenKevin:


what I found using NCD…

Now, we are also looking at pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals andKevin:

Um hum.Gabriel:

draws these heavy metals – pesticides and herbicides. We’ve done

research on about 60 people, you know measuring 26 different toxins, all

the heavy metals, depleted uranium, you know, all the bad news

pesticides and herbicides and basically after one week when it combined

with fasting and the NCD, natural cellular defense, when you link those

two together, in one week 86% of the people become toxin free. After 2

weeks, 100%.

A purified zeolite with some lava that hits the ocean and it’s purified and itKevin:

After 2 weeks?For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit


are all safe levels of fasting. There’s no big deal with that. So, we want

to get out the actual pesticides and herbicides that irritate the nervous

system to know when and the heavy metals that really helped basically

destroy the nervous system. And in diabetes for example, it’s one reason

to do fasting, is a mercury and arsenic are heavy toxins to the pancreas.

Yes. So, because sometimes people fast for two weeks too and thoseKevin:



Yes. So, that’s how we kind of look at it and how we approach it.Kevin:

doing? I mean it’s a cage-like molecule, right? Trapping some of these?

With the zeolite, I’ve done some research on that and what exactly is itGabriel:

Basically, it’s been used for 800 years.Kevin:


the best we can say is, based on the you know more journal published

research, Gabriel’s research here is kind of, you know it’s more in-house

personal research. You know what I’m saying?

And then stopped. It’s been used to heal maybe 15 years in the US andKevin:


published research, basically shows it pulls heavy metals out. How does

it do it? It traps it in these cages. Okay. That’s fine. I mean, you know

but it does look more than that. For example, research that isn’t released

yet is suggesting it helps a lot with autism within a day or two. Well, these

are people who many of them have had a year of chelation. What’s going

on? So it’s not just heavy metals. Other things are happening which we

don’t really understand. It also seems to get out the pesticide dermatitis.

We’re talking about; you know DDT and all the levels of that…depleted

uranium. There’s a study ongoing now which we don’t have the results

of, but it suggests that it gets out depleted uranium and other radiation

products out of the system, strength to 90 and things like that. So, all

those things are being pulled out. There are bigger pictures because

what we see we’re getting a little of but I’ll just try to get it back to where

we want to go – is that the radiation products really affect your mental

health because they oxidize the brain tissue.

It’s not published in a journal. But the published researcher, about to be aKevin:


facilities where people, you know what we have a higher rates of

depression. We also, I’m not saying this is a cause of the craziness in

Iraq, but clearly since the use of depleted uranium in Iraq which has

erased the radiation exposure by 2000 times higher than before, you’re

: And what we see is in every country, where there’s use of nuclearFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit

www.rawsummit.com!looking at not only a 600% increase in all major congenital defects, you

know people being born without…babies being born without arms, eyes,

legs whatever.



looking about a mental disturbance because the brain tissues is very

sensitive and it’s being oxidized by the free radicals from the radiation, so

it affects your mental health as well. So we’re pulling all that out with the

NCD. Wow that’s quite interesting.

But also 1000% increase in the rates of cancer but also, you’re alsoKevin:


impressions based on, you know just testing people and so forth, but

based on that, the DA is doing some research in depleted uranium, you

know which is great and NCD with depleted uranium, so it’s kind of like its

nice that what we’re doing in this local clinical level then they’re going to

do, you know what I call journal level research.

And so they are doing research, you know we have…gave us clinicalKevin:


So you know…Kevin:

uranium? What if someone hasn’t got…

How does someone know if they have some of these levels of mercury orGabriel:

Well of 40 people, 39 had depleted uranium.Kevin:

Okay. So basically I’m going to have it done.Gabriel:

Pretty muchKevin:


eat fish, you know a lot of people have mercury.

And most everybody has some mercury, mostly from fillings but also theyKevin:


three quarters of the toxins. I test 26 different toxins. Wow, that was very

interesting. I always felt like foods got rid of it all but when it combined

with NCD in passing – boom! We get really great results.

And even though if you’re on my foods for years you may have, you knowKevin:



Things work synergistically, okay. Positively and negative, so that’s theFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit



Right. So anyone would benefit from. Is NCD the best for removalGabriel:

and drinking the water, its going to benefit because our level of exposure

is so amazingly high.

Well, let’s put it this way, anyone who’s breathing the air, eating the food,Kevin:

have a challenge with that. If they don’t see it, they don’t believe it.

Got you. It’s amazing stuff to, we don’t see it, and a lot of people I thinkGabriel

: Yes, that’s right.Kevin:

And you know, I guess this is what we do. This is why we’re here, right?Gabriel:

That’s the key. You know we think it’s true. We think, okay, now how do

we, here’s the problem, here’s the solution. No need to worry, we have

solutions for all these problems, and that’s really what’s up. Now, there is

something that people know about food movement need to pay very close

attention to and that’s Codex Alimentarius.

Yes. We’re clever right? So we have been putting around these issues.Kevin:


Have you heard about that or not?Kevin:

I have not.Gabriel

together to World Health Organization and decided to do an in-run around

their competition called Natural Living. So the culture of that thinking,

okay, we have a plan here, and what are they going to do? What are

they trying to do is basically that they call a harm immunization. Harm

part. Okay what they’re doing is they…you see the World Health

Organization to the United Nations that by the World Trade Association,

which is the enforcer are basically redefining what’s healthy and what

they’re saying is anything that’s healing is a medicine and therefore even

growing your own organic food, please I’m going to repeat that, even

growing your own organic food or your own personal garden will become

legal in December 31, 2009.

Okay, they’re going to outlaw…they’re defining it as toxins, vitamins and

minerals, and all kinds of nutrients super food, organic food, juicing,

massage and at the same time they’ve taken off the upper limits of

pesticides and herbicides and we brought back 7 of the 12 most potent

pesticides and herbicides that have been banned because they’re

carcinogenic. Okay, I’ll just keep going. This is, you know all the bad

news out. They’re going to insist that all growing pesticides and

herbicide, all food that comes into the country be irradiated and then

please understand that coconuts from Thailand are already irradiated.

: Okay. About twenty years ago, people from the pharmaceuticals gotKevin:

Okay.For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit


we can do that by lobbying okay?

And etc., etc. We have an opportunity to stop this from happening andKevin:


means. The World Health Organization has made it real clear. They

expect to do this forced under in malnutrition that half the world

population, 3 billion up to the 5 billion people will die over the next 10

years because they have weakened immune systems, okay?

What does lobbying mean? The 3rd world countries understand what thisKevin:


The African countries understand it very well because they are the first in

line because you’re the weakest, right? So our work is to raise money to

get people who are doing lobbying the other way. We’re going out to the

3rd countries and saying, you know here’s what up, you need to vote

against this at the United Nations level because the big countries, US,

some European countries and Canada are really pushing the agenda of

the agri business in the pharmaceuticals because they’re going to put

their plan explicitly to put the natural healing out of business. At least

when they tell you, you can’t grow your own, they mean it. They’ve

already began to explore forcing everybody who has a garden for growing

commercially but also privately to have their land registered and then they

have to follow the restrictions meaning, everyday they have pesticides

and herbicides – that’s being defined as healthy.

We can turn that around and get enough people, enough nations to say,

“Well let’s actually go by the health and let’s actually make it that

everything has to be organic. We could do that. But right now, we

haven’t quite risen to the occasion and the force at best [ph 48:44], you

know I think that the upper hand but their role is to stimulate the forces

that of life to pay attention, and we need to raise money. I don’t have the

website with me but its natural solutions and…because I didn’t actually

wasn’t looking when we’re going to talk about this. But if people want to

get it, they can just do www.treeoflife.nu and you know tune in to where to

go or they can simply call 866-394-2520 and we can give you the

information where you can make donations. I believe the people who are

doing this that includes some physicians and that if they with $2 million or

$3 million, we can actually win this battle.

Yes. That’s their predictions and 3rd world countries understand this.Kevin:

Um hum.


crimes against wisdom and there’s enough people who understand this

and then you understand.

And a lot because they’re involved…the codex is involved in what we call


Um hum.

For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit



concentrate and doesn’t let you grow your own organic live food, this is

not very wise from the health point of view. It’s wise if you try to dominate

the food chain and make people sick through malnutrition.

: If somebody takes away your vitamins and minerals, super food



So, the prediction…now, this is from the World Health Organization…5-10




Three billion people you said?


Yes. That’s half the world’s population.



And is there any reason why? Just…epidemic obviously, I would


people and population control isn’t working through wars and restricting


There are some people in the world who feel that there is too many




I’ll just leave it like that.


I got it.


That goes back to the 1920s.




lifestyle, you know the culture of life is at risk. I mean, they’ve already

taken away many nutrients in Australia. Many in the health food stores

have been basically out of business, also in Germany. Even vitamin C is

seen as a toxin and you’re not allowed to have anything, you know such a

miniscule dose is meaningless.

And so this is important because people have to know that the whole



Is it possible that vitamin C from a non-organic extracted source is a


Well, the answer would be yes. And we’re talking about all vitamin C.




Either it’s some herbal or…


A mulberry or something like that.

For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit



that the healthy food concentrates are medicine because they make you


Yes. It is still going to be…it is a food concentrate and they understand




even it may be used for 5000 years, it has not been pharmaceutically

tested and they’re controlling that. You see what I’m saying?

And not will become illegal because it hasn’t been tested for, you know




For your protection.


For your protection, got you.


Yes. And so, that’s what we’re talking about.




medicine. That’s how they define it. This is pretty serious. I want to alert

everybody in the whole live food movement, the vegan movement, you

know that we got to wake up and pay attention here and raise a small

amount of fund as needed to win this victory because it is people get it’s a

crime against wisdom.

And growing your own food is for your health and therefore it is a


vitamin B12 in the last…

Yes. Well, it’s something. It’s incredible. I do want to talk a little bit about




Maybe five or seven minutes that we have.


Well, we’re down to 6-1/2 minutes or so. Let’s go for it.


read an article in the magazine Living Nutrition that you had contributed to

that you’ve spoken about, so what’s the deal?

The vitamin B12 in the raw and vegan community is a big issue. I just


I’m going to answer it but I just want you to know that we’re really haven’t

completed answering this.

Well, there is a chapter in Spiritual Nutrition that’s extensive. Okay? So,




get all your B12 from your food. Okay?

And when you’re conscious eating, it was absolutely clear that you could



For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit



C-vegetables and B-power or whatever. But, what I didn’t understand

was that there were analogs that blocked the uptake of human-active

B12. And later, as the research has gotten better, there is a breakdown

product which is now the, let say the gold standard for measuring it and

that is what we’re using and in some days my mind just went blank on it,

but it’s alpha-linolenic acid. What we are seeing is that the old standard

was 200 nanograms and now it looks like at the blood level of

measurement, it should be about 400 nanograms. Now, that’s important

because it’s at around 400 where your homocysteine levels goes to

normal. Okay? A homocysteine is a toxin to the nervous system and to

the circulatory system. So, you have to have about 400 nanograms or

450 nanograms to go to normal. Now, how do we measure if what we’re

eating is raising the B12? It’s simple. You just do the test. It’s a urine


Because the research, I’ve found human-active B12 and all the


Um hum.


Okay. So far, we haven’t yet found any food that will decrease the B12

deficiency. Now, let’s just say…let’s go back for a second. There’s 18

studies of vegans and live fooders, three on live eaters…in every single

study, 18 out of 18 shows that when you, after about six years, about

80% of vegans or live fooders become B12 deficient.

And we get the answer. If your urine test goes to normal then you’re fine.




about twice as much.

Please note that 39% of meat-eaters are B12 deficient. So the rate is




few people that’s six years or 10 years 20% were not B12 deficient. But

at 30 years, they may turn out to be B12 deficient but I don’t know if you

want to wait to find out.

So, given that picture, what we’re looking at is that, you know there are a




serious and the research suggests that, you know you give B12 to kids,

they’re fine. They’ll be having no problems – vegan kids or live food kids.

But, if you don’t give B12 to kids and they will get deficient and they may

not be able to recover.

Because at that point, it’s almost too late. Now, for children, it’s very




who were discovered to be B12 deficient, pay the price and the sins and

then they were put on the supplement that really about three-quarters of

Study with 12 kids that they followed from, you know early age on up,

For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit


them, you know when they even reach their teens, were still suffering

from some neurological problems.





theory. We’re interested in, you know clinical results. As a physician it’s

like I can’t tell mothers not to give their kids B12. That is criminal.

Well, you know that’s not acceptable. You know, I’m not interested in




find a combination to have one of our masters students working on that,

that will work. But, we don’t know that yet. So, we have to be a little

conservative about this. So, now there’s a guy who for example who was

a vegan who was 30 years above B12. He’s in his 80s, suddenly he can’t

stand up. Suddenly he gets tremors. Suddenly, his memory goes away.

Suddenly, he becomes incontinent and people say, “This guy is just gone.

You know, he’s 85.” And then they do a test…the B12 test. She’s got

zero B12. They give her a B12 shot and, you know each day for a week

and suddenly he’s back to normal.

Even what our data tells us. Given what our data tells us, maybe we will




know downhill, you know and you think, “Well, yes. I didn’t get it,

therefore I’m the exception and therefore everybody doesn’t need to have

B12.” That’s a real miscommunication, if you see what I’m saying.

That took him 30 years. Well, if you want to wait 30 years and go, you




20 years you may suddenly, you know be this away and some people go

within a year or 2 and, you know they crave meat and there have been

two fruitarian communities who have tried it. Johnny Lovewisdom, have

you ever heard of him?

So, if you’re in the 20% then it’s fine. It’s 6 to 10 years. Don’t think that in




started to get bizarre, crazy, sick. He himself became paralyzed. It

definitely appeared that we didn’t test him but he was B12 deficient

among other things.

Okay. He, as far as what we can tell is with a year their community




they had higher congenital defects to babies. Two or three years, you

know most of the community really begin to degenerate mentally and

physically. So we just, for what we know, it’s somewhat very dangerous

There was another community in Australia the last two or three years and

For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit


to stay with theory and make it religion when you have 18 studies that

always show the thing like.



Yes, and where do you get your B12 from?


B-complex made by bacteria.

So what Gabriel does is we take a Nano B-complex which is a living B12




teaspoon twice a day. Done deal. No big deal.

A liquid and that is what I recommend to mothers. You know, it’s a half a




getting it from a living food, that’s just the concentrate of that.

Living food. It has all the frequencies and it’s not synthetic. So, you’re


Is this something that you guys make?


No, no. We buy it.




We sell it at the Tree of Life.


Okay. What’s the name of it?


It’s called Nano B-Complex.


Okay. That’s exactly what it is. Okay.


cooked and has the frequency. The difference than synthetics, they don’t

have the frequencies of the live foods.

: Yes. It’s great because you got it. It’s a living food. It’s never been


: And can you get it anywhere else? Or do you have to…


make it as I say, we carry it. We think we’ll find a solution but at this point

until we do. We want people to be successful and happy. Now, there’s

been a variety of people. You know, not right. There’s been a few people

who really became B12 deficient very quickly and ended up denouncing

live foods whether you like without even paying attention to the fact that

there was a B12 deficiency. You see what I mean? And that’s a big

problem so our work is to find all the difficulties. And the main thing is the

B12 issue. Obviously, some groups who or one group particularly says

you get everything from your food. It just doesn’t show. They did a

research for example in natural hygiene people, 90% of them were B12


: Yes, you can. It’s made but with like premium research and we don’tFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit


: Wow!Gabriel

think 25% of them were less than 100. That’s really low! We were saying

we need about 400 to 450 to be good.

: Okay, 90%. What does that mean? That means less than 200 and IKevin:

What is the name of the test for B12?Gabriel

do is test your urine. You take your urine from anywhere. You freeze it

and certain laboratories will do it. What it is… it’s a metabolite and if

you’re B12 deficient methylmalonic acid coenzyme A does not transfer

with this succinyl-coA which you need for energy in your system. That’s

one reason that B12 deficiency leads to lower energy. But the MMA test

is the gold standard, methylmalonic acid test. It’s really the best test

there is. It’s much more accurate than the serum B12.

: The gold standard test is called the methylmalonic acid test and all theyKevin

: You can find that online?Gabriel

laboratory can do it.

: Almost any laboratory, I mean, we’ll do it here for people but almost anyKevin:


Patagonia. We have them do it then we requested they set it up and they

do it. We’re doing it from all over the world but basically people should be

able to get it locally. It is a really a wise idea. In the normal, some

400…well, basically it should be normal. If it’s not normal, if it’s high, it

means the methylmalonic acid is not being metabolized correctly and that

because you have the B12 deficiency.

And when here, we send it out to a laboratory, you know, local. Here inKevin

: Okay. So, I’d say it again, if it’s over 400, if it’s like 2000?Gabriel

usually a serum B12 of between 400 and 450.

: I said two things that the equivalent of a normal methylmalonic acid test isKevin

: Okay.Gabriel

it’s going to vary. That’s why I’m not giving the number because

apparently I don’t have the standard.

: Each level has its own standard. It should be left in a certain number andKevin

: So you’ll know on the report that comes back.


above that certain number that means you’re deficient in B12.

: Yes, because they have to be less than a certain number. If it’s less, it’sKevin

: I got you.For more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit


to succinyl-coA which you need for energy. You’re missing the B12, aid

goes to methylmalonyl-CoA and methylmalonic acid which gets excreted

in the urine.

: Because the B12 is needed to metabolize the methylmalonic coenzyme AKevin

: Got you! So then you can tell. Great!Gabriel

: It’s an extremely simple test.Kevin

: Great!Gabriel

it. If it raise it or it doesn’t. It’s really simple. This is not an argument.

Either it raises it or it doesn’t. We know that to see vegetables don’t do it,

spraying doesn’t do it, little green house just doesn’t do it. All year for

managed foods don’t do. We just know that that’s all been tested.

Doesn’t raise it.

: It simply test your urine and you’re going to say okay this food is good forKevin

: Wow!Gabriel

it. If it doesn’t, then let’s not tell people they can get B12 from it.

: It’s just a straight math. If it raises it, great! Let’s find something to raiseKevin

because it’s an issue. It’s definitely an issue.

: This is an incredible insight. I’m glad that we actually got into thatGabriel

don’t give your kids B12, initially they have three cases. There’s a

community there that’s a Black African community living in Israel who

didn’t believe in the B12 and they’ve had at least in the literature. Now,

we’re talking literature, I don’t know what else is going on. There are at

least three important cases of kids dying of B12 deficiency. Okay? We

have no idea of the amount of cases of kids who become neurologically

impaired because you need B12 for the development of your neurological

system. You see what I mean? And your hematological system. We do

know that once you’ve been deficient for a child, a high percentage of

those kids never really go back to normal. Not that there’s been

extensive studies but they’ve done enough studies to make a big hint that

that’s the way it is.

: Well, it’s a harmful issue. It’s just not an issue. It’s not theory. If youKevin

: It’s not worth finding out anymore, really.


community, he was very ethically said no. I got what’s going on. We’re

stopping this. We’ve done a social experiment. We’ve been the guinea

pigs. We’re stopping. Not good. He had the ethics. Johnny

Lovewisdom didn’t quite get to that place. He didn’t quite get it but he

ended up having dairy in his diet and so forth. So he got a little bit that

there’s some clue at the end and there are other people going back to

dairy and it’s like you don’t need to go to dairy. Dairy has so many

problems which will take us an hour to talk about. But basically, it’s so

: Well, not on your own kids. That’s what this guy at Australia the fruitarianFor more great secrets about the raw and living food lifestyle, visit

www.rawsummit.com!simple. Just take the Nano B Complex. It’s a natural thing. It’s live food.



an awesome interview. Why don’t you just tell people where they can go

to find out some more information?

: That’s it. Well, I want to thank you so much for your time. This has beenGabriel

our programs. You can call us directly at 866-394-2520 and get the

information as well. Both work really well. We send out whatever you

want – brochures and so forth. You can check at any bookstore for

conscious eating


House Books in January.

: You can reach us at www.treeoflife.nu on the website and read all aboutRainbow Green Life Food Cuisine and Spiritual. Our new diet book on diabetes is coming out from RandomKevin

: Oh, wow! That’s great. What’s the title of that? Do you know?Gabriel

: There Is A Cure For Diabetes.Kevin

: Great.Gabriel

Day+ Program. Because we as I’ve mentioned we have the year followup

so people can really make that transition from the culture of death into the

culture of life.

: We do have a really phenomenal three-week diet that we call the 21-Kevin

about Dr. Cousens and that is

you so much for your time. I appreciate it.


: Well, it’s a delight to speak to you and thank you for your good work.Kevin

listening and see you next time.

: Again, this is Kevin Gianni from rawsummit.com. Thank you everyone forGabriel

: Okay, Kevin. Take care.

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