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Raw Living Food Recipes: Raw Dehydrated Salad | Healing Talks

Raw Living Food Recipes: Raw Dehydrated Salad

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Raw Living Food Recipes Dehydrated Salad

Philosophy of Linking Nutrition To Raising Consciousness
Befoer getting into my raw living food recipe for a dehydrated salad, let me say a few words on my overall philosophy for using nutrition to heal. There are many paths to optimal healing. Nutrition is a major one. We have a choice to  focus on any and all major forms of healing – of  our consciousness, mind, emotions, body, relationships immediate others, society and our planet. In each venue healing  is really a process of reconnection to wholeness. This especially applies to foods, and has something to do with why we prefer whole foods. Now imagine that underlying everything in our universe there is consciousness as the unseen schemata that connects everything as a whole. When we heal, therefore, we simultaneously raise our consciousness or our connectedness within and without.  Each person’s approach to nutrition or diet, however,  has developed somewhat from the outside in, from an upbringing and the influence of their culture. Few  emphasize or are aware of the link between nutrition and raising consciousness.  Eating habits also become ingrained, as a matter of habit and comfort, and thus are quite difficult. My experience has been that the raw and living vegan food diet, along with other approaches (such as alternating nutrition with detoxification) will best support an evolving of one’s consciousness. To explain the rationale  really would involve explaining a entirely different model of nature. That model is a life-and-consciousness centered vision of nature (rather than matter, energy, atoms) are central.  But that discussion in is other posts and here would take us far afield.

Busy Making A New Recipe in My Kitchen
I am excited that tomorrow there is a pot luck get-together locally. See Albany, NY meetup. Thus  I was putting together a recipe to bring to this event. I truly feel it is important to network with others, to connect with those who share this approach. And so I thought why not also share this recipe with my blog readers. In my raw kitchen, the stove becomes largely defunct except for the heating of water to pour over some raw soup ingredients or to make other warm and soothing drinks, especially in the winter. Instead I use the juicer, bender, food processor and dehydrator as my primary appliances. We  may also have some special kitchen tools, like a little gadget to shed vegetables in a way as to mock spaghetti.

Raw Dehydrated Salad
My recipes are often a combination of pre-planning, having a certain idea in mind and shopping for those ingredients, plus adding what ever is left over in the frig – I am not ashamed to admit because this is a creative process that proceeds in the moment, moments of culinary inspiration. So here is the yummy raw and living food recipe to raise healing vibes which I concocted:

Main Ingredients:
2 Bunches         Kale Leaves (removed from stems & broken into smaller pieces)
1 Head              Cauliflower
1 Head              Broccoli
2                       Leaks (or one if you want less of an onion taste)
2 tablespoons    Hemp Oil
2 tablespoons     Almond Oil
6 heaping
tablespoons     Raw Almond Butter

Added Seasoning
3 teaspoons    Tuscan Sea Salt (full of added spices)
1/2 teaspoon   Cayenne Pepper
1/2 teaspoon   Miso-Cup (freeze-dried soup mix)
pinch              Oregano
pinch              Caribbean Spice Mix

Edible flowers or whatever makes the dish savoring to the eyes.

Simple Instructions
Putting all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix and massage them together with loving vibrations. I further add an optional quart of water and save the water for a latter healing drink.  Lastly put all the mixed ingredients into the dehydrator, put it on a low setting  like 95-100 and for just a few hours so as not to fully dry. Then you gotta-u-self a most yummy treat. My palate was later in Nirvana.

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