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Getting the Highest Quality of Protein for 10 Cents or Less Per Pound! | Healing Talks

Getting the Highest Quality of Protein for 10 Cents or Less Per Pound!

black oil sunflower proteinsunflower seed sprouts

In this era of skyrocketing food costs, are you looking for a bargain?

Well have I got a deal for you!

Have you ever noticed that in the meat section of today’s supermarket shelves you can commonly find prime steaks for as much as $10 a pound. With inflation this might go to $100 a pound soon or in the not-to-distant future.

Well there is an astronomically cheaper alternative, and one that gives you also as much protein per pound and of a FAR higher quality.

What might that be?

Low and behold in my last trip to the supermarket I discovered I could buy a huge 10 pounds bag of black oil sunflower seeds (meant and labeled for bird consumption) for just $5  and with absolutely no additives.

This equates to 50 cents per pound.

In Walmart they were even less, $10 for a 25 lbs bag or 40 cents per pound

You might say such food is “just for the birds!”

And boy does it attract hundreds if not thousands of varieties of birds because their instincts tell them this really is one of the highest quality protein foods in all of nature.

Furthermore this particular variety of sunflower seeds is virtually identical to that which is sold for human consumption on the same supermarket shelves, usually hulled. The unhulled version of sunflower seeds is sold by  sprouting companies.

When sprouted, these sunflower seeds expand 6-10 times. Therefore the ultimate cost per lbs equates closer to 10 cents per pound or less.

Now that is not all.

The seeds are composed of a very high percentage of protein which is comparable to that of steaks. Furthermore, there is a HUGE quality difference.

As Wikepedia reports, sunflower seeds also contain  linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid), tons of dietary fiber, many amino acids (especially tryptophan), vitamin E,  B-complex vitamins, including B1 and B5, plus minerals such as copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, calcium and zinc.Additionally, sunflower seeds are  rich in cholesterol-lowering phytosterols. For further information see http://www.buzzle.com/articles/raw-sunflower-seeds-nutrition-facts.html

And if that weren’t enough, most of these nutrients expand their presence by simply sprouting the seed (or using it to grow baby sunflower greens as pictured above). The latter are very high in healing green chlorophyll.

For instructions on growing sunflower sprouts, see http://www.rawfoods-livingfoods.com/sunflower-sprouts.html

Now by contrast, eating a very heavy meat meal (which takes huge amounts of stomach acids to  digest) we find this  kind of animal protein intake is implicated in major chronic disease syndromes. This was especially shown by the Grand Prix of nutritional surveys, The China Study. Still other most authoritative studies have shown that meat consumption really does boost the risk of chronic ills like cancer and heart disease.

So who wants to spend 100ox more to get a 1000x times less in the end?

As to your food budget, would you like to – over the course of a year – buy up to a 1000 pounds of steak (or 3 lbs a day for an average family) and at an annual cost of $10,000?

Or would you like to buy just 100 lbs of sunflower seeds  (using 2 lbs a week to producing 12-20 lbs of greens) and yielding many, many times more nutritional value?

Then compare the cost of $10,000 to $50 or less!

If that weren’t enough, suppose the following year you might plant a garden or start a small one hydroponically or with soil in your kitchen, and to produce your own sunflower seeds organically. This brings your costs nearer to zero.

Do the math.

Eat countercultural.

Get super-healthy.

Be in the groove.

And stop veering towards food…. budget and health…. bankruptcy!

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