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We usually think of superfoods as foods with therapeutic properties because they are so micro-nutrient dense. Typically certain berries are very high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. Here, for a moment, we want to move away from the chemical model that defines all of these nutritional elements and to an alternative principle for super-nourishment -bringing life and consciousness from our foods and into our body. This means the emphasis is less on increasing or decreasing, supporting or thwarting  any individual chemical elements or macro/micro nutrients – though that may still remain a vital subsidiary interest. These nutrients are building materials for life to organize.

This alternative approach, for me, involves a paradigm shift. It is rooted in a life-centered rather than a math-based, mechanical, chemical view of the foundations of nature. But like the chemical view, in order to pursue this, we first need clarity about the nature of that life and consciousness that is our most precious possession.

I have spent decades considering this issue and have come to the conclusion first that life is the concentrated presence of consciousness, and consciousness forms the root and irreducible principle of connection itself in nature. This is why living organisms are connected as a whole. When we lose our consciousness, our life and body fall apart. It is that consciousness that connects us also to the world around us. Taking on this life and consciousness centered view involves a paradigm shift. In science we learn that matter and energy are the irreducible elements of nature, as defined mathematically – thus the birth of chemistry as a model to organize and reorganize all of nature with, including our bodies via drugs and foods (viewed in terms of their chemical elements). I have found this does not represent the deepest of truths.

Math symbols point to relationships of separation in our consciousness. They thus elicit what is mechanical, or the opposite of what is alive and conscious. This is a large part of why our world is now environmentally challenged and has a dominant medical care system that forms a marriage with making money and is out of sync with nature. If we don’t deal with the root worldview problem, we don’t deal with the problem as such.

Making a deep paradigm shift involves a change in how we organize our vision. Above is  the famous picture of an old woman which, when you look at it in another way, appears to be a young woman. The very same visual elements are just reorganized differently by our minds in controlling our vision.

But with each separate perspective, in a given moment, it looks like one or the other is the only possible reality.

Our alternative is indeed different, simpler, and does not require one to have a nutritional PhD  with any chemistry prerequisites at all.  This is similar to the oriental model of foods containing essentially five elements of fire, water, air,  earth, wood – another entirely different way of organizing our perception of foods. We are taught that our math-bound atomic view, again, this is the only real and objective vista but not for me. Why is a long discussion. Suffice it say that our alternative life-and-consciousness centered model connects best with applications for self-healing and prevention of chronic ailments. It harnesses the connective, conscious, alive forces in nature rather than the separative, mechanical, unconscious. It moves away from the doctor-dependent care fostered in our commercial society.

WATER HEALS -Water is the ultimate superfood in our alternative model. Only water universally brings life and consciousness out of every seed. It does so by re-establishing and bringing out the connective relationship at the very core of life and consciousness. It brings out the opposite of the mechanical principle. This is why water dissolves and rounds the sharp corners of rocks (the oppositional relationship which is separative/connective),why it detoxifies,  puts out fire, forms bubbles, creates soothing sounds, and brings out the rainbow – none of which, for me, is adequately if at all explained by the H2O model or cultural way of organizing perceptions math/mechanically.

If we fast for a couple days on just water we will see body inflammations and toxic conditions recede. The body then struggles – at all levels and via our skin, kidneys, lungs and liver – to remove the very synthetic chemicals that doctors cajole us and prescribe for us to ingest for our supposed health and  “healing.” The body innately struggles to remove the more polluting traces and effect of our worldview.

JUICES AND BLENDS HEAL – Life is carried most powerfully by our blood to all cells and in the plant world by the equivalent green fluids. If you want to gain optimal health, consider every day drinking freshly squeezed juices. Make these juices predominantly vegetable as too much fruit juice sugars can impact the healing process.

Green is the predominant color of natural landscapes and is at the center of the rainbow. In the world of radiant life, the seven colors of the rainbow condense to just three (red, green, violet) out of which the seven are formed in combinations. The three colors when  pointed together and only these three, form white or color-separationless pure white light. The green is the connector/neutralizer for the opposite red and violet or farthest color separations. This makes green the strongest connective color in radiant light. Because healing is a process of connection (reestablishing life and consciousness) green is the most healing color in nature.

DARK GREENS. Consider adding kale, collards, spinach, broccoli, lettuce and other greens to your daily diet. They are the most nutrient dense.

SPROUTING- Sprouts are living foods. They are touched by water to bring out the optimal level of life and consciousness. Sprouts are miniature whole food powerhouses. Along with greens and fluid nutrition, sprouts are among the most therapeutic means to naturally regain and maintain health – without resorting to drugs, surgery and radiation.

A RAINBOW DIET HEALS- You will get all the different phytonutrients by eating a rainbow variety of foods. Otherwise allergies and ailments may develop from a restricted, non-rotating diet. Rotating diets are something well-known in environmental medicine.

HEAVY FOODS SHOULD EATEN IN MODERATION – Very concentrated and hardened foods should be eaten in moderation – such as beans or nuts. Most nuts and seeds should be soaked overnight before eating, again bringing out their life forces. It takes a lot of energy otherwise for the body to break these down. A soft, sprouted or lightly-heated alkaline grain can be eaten with a green salad or juice to slow and enhance the absorption of the more healing green elements.

These are some introductory tips and means of guidance, not to get lost in a growingly confusing morass of the modern science of nutrition. This is part of our first pillar for natural healing – let food, not pills,  be your primary medicine. Use your skills, not pills. Educated, not medicate. This approach includes knowledge of how to further prepare and combine foods. Overtime we can fill in the creative details for recipes, approaches and means to regaining our true health and wholeness.

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  1. Rosie says:

    Hi, I agree unprocessed is good.
    Thing is everyone is busy these days.
    I’ve grown wheat grass & it does take a lot of time & sometimes it goes moldy & one has to put a fan by it. I gave up growing my own. It was interesting to do but a bit there are so many other important things to do with ones time. If you can find a buy a superfood product that you can feel good with all round I see no harm in saving time growing to spend on developing ones conciousness in more direct ways.
    Best wishes!

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