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Using dandelion to reverse cancers and much more | Healing Talks

Using dandelion to reverse cancers and much more

beautiful dandelion

(Healingtalks) Dandelion is one of those foods I can really get excited about. It grows in a magnificent form, free and wild, in my back yard and front yard garden (no more lawns)…and  has a tangy taste and is a super-powerhouse of nutrition. It has healing powers few know about, treating it as but a lowly weed to be poisoned.

The healing powers are also throughout the plant, using dandelion flowers, leaves, roots and stems to help us. There are versatile uses of the plant, such as to add to a salad, make dandelion tea infusions, dandelion wine, dandelion coffee, dandelion juices and dandelion blends.

You can “go wild” using the wild herb in great culinary ways.

girl picking dandelionDandelion as a super-food

Dandelion is  a great addition to salads and soups. It can be used to make great dandelion tea infusions and a fabulous dandelion pesto. As a super-food addition to a meal, it offers the following:

  • Host of raw, plant-based vitamins and minerals, especially potassium.
  • Diuretic effects – to help the bile flow by emulsifying fats and to thus help cleanse the liver.
  • Anti-cancer impacts – low and behold, dandelion also helps suppress and reverse cancers.

dandelion scientific

Scientific studies of dandelion

The studies are voluminous. See the resources section below. All these combined studies show the overall anti….oxidant, inflammatory, diabetic and cancer effects of dandelion as a super-food.

dandelion teas

Dandelion Leaf and Root Teas

Here are a few studies that show the healing effects of dandelion tea:

  • Dandelion leaf tea decreased breast and prostrate cancer cells- The International Journal of Oncology study published in 2008
  • Positive effects of dandelion root tea on leukemia cells. – The Journal of Ethnopharmacology study published a study in January 2011.
  • Suppression of prostate cancer cells - The International Journal of Oncology study published in 2011

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How to wildcraft dandelions – dandelion leaves, stems and flowers

Emergency uses of Dandelion for muscle sores, warts, blisters, cuts and as a general skin health aide  (using dandelion sap, teas and ointments):


  • Pem State Health Information Library – Herbs/Dandelion
  • How to Wildcraft Dandelion
  • More Scientific Studies

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