How I wish we had a cheerleading group chanting this at an All-Stars game. Its a way of wining at the game of securing health. In my experience and past commercial propaganda, this lifestyle can yield greater strength and endurance than a standard diet built around animal protein foods.This is not to say that a  vegan diet alone secures health. Are you whole, organic, fresh or processed and devitalized vegan food? If you have a candida or fungus flareup you may need to avoid fruit. One of the greatest proponents of a vegan diet, Dr. Gabriel Cousens was captain of a football team. You can find several websites with vegan athletes and body-builders.

A vegan lifestyle involves eating, of course, no animal products at all. It consists of just fruits and vegetables plus nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. It therefore avoids meat, dairy, eggs and even fish. A pure vegan will not even consume  honey as it too is an animal product. The reasons for going vegan are, however, really multiple. Among the top five are the following:

Research studies have shown that vegans tend to have substantially less chronic ailments than the rest of the population. The landmark China Study (as well as prior animal research) showed that small additions or subtractions  to a low threshold of animal proteins will turn major chronic ailments on and off . The threshold is usually 5% of the caloric intake. Protein digestion tends to give off a number a acids, and past this threshold it affects the body fluids. If one is young with great alkaline reserves the impact may be minimal. As one ages or has a compromised condition, this can change. Impacted are the primary health challenges of our times (cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes).

The way animals are bred represents a direct threat to our planet as a whole. Factory animal farming tends to pollute our environment – our soil, groundwater and air. It is a major contributor to global warming.

Life is grounded in our consciousness – the latter being what I call the universal relationship of connection in all of nature. When we are aware of something we connect to it. Consciousness thus involves compassion and love. Violence, on the other hand, breaks such connective ties. Violence toward any living organism can violates our innate consciousness. Ghandi-like non-violence can supports it. To be peaceful and nurturing towards all of life is thus to live in a most conscious way.

To be compassionate is to feel the pain of another, to sense a connection of our lives with that of all other life forms on earth. Because our essence is connective consciousness, this brings out the best within us or again – to live in a most conscious way.

It is less costly to eat in a vegan way because this does not involve the more expensive animal protein meals and avoids  the overall potentials for health, environmental, and spiritual costs.

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