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(Healingtalks) Steve Pavlina is a famous life coach. He makes some great points about The China Study book on his popular blog. Like a retweet, I want to share some of his thoughts, all the while giving credit. Lets get the gist.

Importance of the The China Study

The China Study, authored by T. Colin Campbell and his son, is according to Steve Pavina “one of the most important books on diet ever written.” I wholeheartedly agree. Because of this importance, everyone should read the groundbreaking text about from cover to cover. Bear in mind, however, that this classic, The China Study, runs over 400 pages long. This prompted me to create a practical and abridged The China Study Synopsis

The China Story’s Core Thesis

Steve also states that, thanks to The China Study, there is now overwhelming evidence that the best diet on the planet for either general health, weight control, or disease prevention is simply a whole foods plant-based diet.”

Even Small Amounts of Meat Products Matter

The Chinese eat only a fraction as much meat products as compared to Americans. Yet the study showed that reducing their animal food intake from 10% to 5% (or less) had a most significant effect in reducing chronic diseases such as cardiovascular conditions, cancers, arthritis and diabetes.

Simplicity of The China Study’s Findings

The China Studiesconclusions are extremely profound. They made me change my own diet. You don’t necessarily have to go to huge lengths to count calories. Nor do you have to worry very much about carbohydrates vs. protein percentages. What is more critical is that you take in little or no animal proteins or fats plus avoid highly processed and refined foods (junk foods).

Effects of Junk Food

Few realize that synthetic vitamins and processed oils are as refined as any flour product. What happens with most refined foods and animal proteins and fats is that their digestion releases acids into our bloodstream. I have explain why acids are harmful to life in my philosophy of raw-wisdom. The bloodstream can handle only a small amount of acidity. After that, it starts to cause the leaching of alkaline minerals like calcium from our bones causing arthritis. As body fluids become more acid, a number of metabolic breakdowns proceed, including cancer.


Lastly, Steve Pavlina shares very openly how his life was transformed via switching to a whole foods plant-based diet. Kudos to Steve. It takes commitment to your health to make such a change, getting past a lifetime of habits. The powerful media-influencing meat and dairy industries do not what you to know any of this.


Physicians like Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyne have spent a life-time of clinically corroborating The China Study’s revolutionary conclusions. I myself have seen profound changes in patients who are willing to alter their dietary mindset. What is so convincing is before and after pictures of heart patients’ arteries, at first constricted and then opened after as little as a few months changing to a vegan diet with little or processed foods, including oil.

Thus The China Study, or at least the synopsis, is a must read.

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