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hippocrates health institute



(Healingtalks) I have just had a  hugely rewarding visit to Hippocrates Health Institute and attended their Halloween Bash. Over the course of the last month I have learned any number of things that are worth sharing widely with others.

  • ORIGINATORS –  Hippocrates Institute is the longest running natural health resort that using living foods as a primary means to maintain health and reverse diseases. They have been doing this for 54 years running. They founded the raw and living foods movement in the US and influenced much of it worldwide.
  • INTUITIVE RATHER THAN IDEOLOGICAL – The two founders of Hippocrates, Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas are two highly intuitive individuals. They began an approach toward healing that has evolved and been perfected because it was not presented as an ideology but rather as a guideline. Thus the methodology as been adaped and changed over half a century through clinical experience of what worked and didn’t and with helping hundreds of thousands maintain or return to health. Both live and clinical blood tests are taken before and after treatments.
  • YOU AND NATURE ARE THE HEALERS – The Institute teaches others to tap into nature in order to heal oneness. Do doctor cures anything with a treatment because the real cure is to know how to stop developing disease.

    • 100% VEGAN DIET – No flesh foods. The blood work of meat-eaters tends to be significantly worse than vegetarians and vegans. Blood work on guests have shown significant differences in the level of health of meat eaters compared to vegans. This means no dairy, meat or fish is served.
    • MOST HEALING FOODS (majority green) – These are grasses which are the ancestors for vegetables (most concentrated sources of chlorophyll and micro-nutirents along with sprouts, blue green algae and sea vegetables. The logic would take a while to explain and hardly matters. The clinical experience of turning around chronic ills is what counts. These foods are the staples of the Hippocrates diet, the largest portions of which are sprouts, usually a dozen varieties. It is suggested to add about 4 ounces of wheatgrass juice a day should be added as a blood cleanser. Seaweeds provide additional nutrients, especially minerals.
    • RAW, ORGANIC, WHOLE, LIVING FOOD – None of the Hippocrates foods are cooked. Meals are made from only raw, whole or minimally processed ingredients. Nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes are all soaked and/or sprouted before eaten. Fermented foods with live probiotics are also served.
    • LIMITING FRUITS – Fruits represent only 5% of the diet unless one is extremely healthy and athletic in which case it can be up to 15%. For those struggling with serious chronic illness, 0% is recommended until the illness is overcome. Fructose is the element that does harm, and modern fruits are hybrid grown to be among the sweetest possible.
    • HIGH QUALITY FATS – No synthetic margarine or the like. High omega-3 foods ingredients are used like flax, chia and hemp.
    • EXERCISE – It is recommended to have some aerobic exercise almost every day, and weight lifting to increase bone density about 3x a week.
    • ADEQUATE SLEEP – Studies at Harvard showed that subjects who got either too much or too little sleep developed up to  3x as much incidences of cancer.
    • FASTING AND DETOXES – The guests fast one day a week and have available wheatgrass implants, infra-red saunas and other means of detox
    • MIND WORK – A positive, grateful mind are among the inner qualities that are nurtured and developed.That’s a quick synopsis but there is so much more.

    This is a brief synopsis of the  Hippocrates Health Institute’s recipe for radiant health.

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