Dr. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus at Cornell University, co-organized the famous China Study that blew apart the animal protein myth. In my opinion this myth is among the greatest in terms of harm to the average person’s health.

Here Dr. Campbell explains the essence of the core myth, and how he came to see past it, despite having been rearing as a believer on his parents’ dairy farm. Dr. Campbell’s extensive research (conducted over a 27 year period) led him to understand that plant-based diets are far better for maintaining our health. Even more surprisingly he learned that just minor levels of animal proteins can powerfully contribute to common chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer. Dr. Campbell reviewed, monitored or conducted cover a 100 studies that confirmed these findings, first in animal tests and then in the monumental and groundbreaking China Study conducted with human subjects.

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