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Comparing the paleo to the plant-based diet – you decide | Healing Talks

Comparing the paleo to the plant-based diet – you decide

primal diet(Healingtalks)  The paleo diet sounds so inviting. It is supposed to be the diet of primitive man, the primal diet of the hunter, and before the advent of the modern world.

But how do we truly know what happened hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago?

Only  our modern evidence is for sure.

A shocking encounter with Dr. Robert Atkins

Some years ago I met Dr. Atkins, author of Dr. Atkin’s Diet Revolution, and at an integrative medicine convention in New Jersey. I thought I was going to meet a very vibrant individual being that he was a holistic physician and such a famous natural dietary promoter. But I was shocked to find that both Dr. Robert Atkins looked like death rolled over – overweight, slow moving, tired, puffy and baggy eyes and with little vitality. There was very little light or consciousness coming through. I knew by innate instinct that something was seriously wrong with his whole dietary approach – if he was a model thereof.

I’m fairly intuitive and sensed his approaching death.

The problem with us fallible human beings is that once we make a commitment to a favorite lifestyle, and strongly and deeply rationalize that commitment, we have our bloated, puffed up egos involved. Doctors who are authors as well may be famous for this.

In this case, the bloated spirit may be reflected in a bloated and overweight body!

By the way, when Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution was first published, the President of the American College of Nutrition said the following: “Of all the bizarre diets that have been proposed in the last 50 years, this is the most dangerous to the public.”

Dr. Atkins’ death shortly thereafter

Just a  couple of years afterward I sadly read  that Dr. Atkins had died, and while about 60 pounds overweight and from chronic heart disease. His followers rationalized this away.

Dr. Atkins was no exception

If we now look at similar high profile,  high animal protein, low carbohydrate diet promoters, we find it  is much the same story. A single picture can tell us more than a  thousand words. A series of such pictures together tell us yet more.

Now YOU decide

In the following series of pictures, you decide who looks puffed up, fat and overweight and who looks lean, healthy, and more vital?


Why high protein, high fat animal-based diets do not and can’t work:

Because the rational mind can be ego-tied , it can easily start with a favorite but false premise and then build a mountain of untruths. To avoid this, it is important to very carefully, and with much wisdom, pick foundation premises.  So let us take a look at a few transcending principles to help us end up with reliable conclusions. Keep in mind that at healingtalks we advocate a revolutionary life-and-consciousness centered vision of nature, and not the traditional chemical/math-based/mechanical view that is the root foundation of modern nutrition as well as the whole western culture since the 17th century:

  • Essence of life – Have you watched the film series Planet Earth, which shows off the beautify of living species? Imagine that at the core of all life forms on Earth is some kind of consciousness. In other words, all living things, no matter large or small, have some awareness, sentience or consciousness. It is the permeating common or universal denominator of life. So imagine further that….
  • Essence of consciousness - This consciousness itself has an essence, as  “a universal relationship of connection in nature.” By being conscious beings, we ourselves can thereby connect to the universe.
  • Healing, health and longevity all involve maintaining a high level of that “life-consciousness” – or with the above definition, our healing connectedness. Therefore being connected within to some organic wholeness, we strive to meet challenges of life to not fall apart or become diseased.
  • Life force transmitted best by what is simple - Universal connection is a connection to a oneness in nature. In mathematics the number 101,987 is complex and compounded relative to the simple number 1. Similarly, life force is more transmitted by foods that are the simplest – thus a plant based diet. Clinically it has been shown that as a simple blade of grass (which may be the ancestor of all relatively complex vegetables) “bolts” or splits in two, the green juice from that bolted blade is less healing that from the younger unbolted or single blade of grass! This illustrates this principle.
  • Complex animal proteins, by comparison then, are not the greatest transmitter of that pure life force. As one goes up the animal scale of complexity,we find ever more chemical pollution being taken up in the cells of animal life – and not be accident.
  •  Structural and protective cell membranes need the opposite type of foods that the interior of our cells need - Thus relatively hard and complex fats and proteins make up cell membranes. They are like the bricks and mortar of homes. They don’t make up the essence of life but rather what contains and protect life within. They also help build muscles to protect life.
  • Cell membranes are thin and thus we need minimal food components to build them –  Only a small portion of our diet should  therefore be composed of such elements – usually 5-10%. This implies the following….
  • Low protein and fat or relatively high carbohydrate diets are more ideal. High protein and fat diets  tend to thus harm life. Imagine the interior of a turtle being made of the same materials as its shell. It would be a calcified dead fossil. A mountain of clinical evidence supports this view. What happens when the body gets more protein and fat than it really needs? And less simple, organic whole foods and hydration?  It clogs up the cells, tissues, vessels and organs. The body then gains weight. It is weighed down and become lifeless. The fat also stores chemical toxins so that the whole process supports a downward path.
  • Some tweaking – the non-fat and non-protein portion of our diet’s macro-nutrients – water, carbs and fruit sugars can feed the interior energy of our cells. But if the cell membranes have been built on very poor, cooked-to-death or devitalized fats and proteins, the cell membranes will, after decades of such eating, be in a state of dying and unconscious. They will fail to act as protectors and gateways to the life within. The sugars needed within the cells will stay in the blood vessels to decay them. The sugars will also feed instead the lower life forms or the undertakers of life, like fungus and candida. They take up residence in a devitalized body and suck up its sugars. They will further promote inflammations and to still further lower life’s consciousness. The vascular entrapped sugars will lastly ferment undigested foods in the digestive tract to create gas . The body/mind, and exterior and interior, then become further numb, slowed down and toxic. That is what I saw in the face of Dr. Atkins before he died.
  • Bear in mind that life and death form a circle – The very same sugary foods that can enliven a healthy body can also bring an ill body down. So there has to be modulation between a vegetable and high-sugar fruit diet. Even the 10/10/80 diet has to be adapted to either the young, athletic and healthy or the older chronically ill, diabetic and depleted individual – with the former getting more fruit sugars and the latter less. Otherwise the whole dietary process is very simple because it is based on nature’s life and consciousness principles – and not the chemical model.

The above is part of a rational explanation for sensible diet, again based on some deeply universal principles.

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