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This is a continuation of More On The Protein Myth /Part I which outlines how piercing some of the core myths of our time is part of a larger revolution in thought.

Tim VanOrden doesn’t quite use the exact same revolutionary language, but his perspective comes so close to it – close as in wining a game of horse shoes. First he points out that proteins are the middlemen who provide us with amino acids. It takes a huge amount of digestive force, generally using acids,  to break down the hardness of proteins (e.g. the hardness of a fibrous steak, fish, bean) – and into simpler component amino acids that we ultimately can assimilate. So why bother with the middlemen to pay a very high exchange price? The price is so huge that excess proteins (more than 5% of caloric intake) do actually cause debilitating and terminal illnesses. The protein myth, and its dangers, were brought out by the vast survey of The China Study.

Thus when asked how does Tim get his protein to develop huge muscles to win competitions over challengers half his age and to be 15 lbs overweight with little or no fat, he answers that  he doesn’t need protein!  Yes you read that right. He does not eat steaks, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, or other legumes. You would think he would be almost dead, but he is one of the world’s top athletes! We live under a worldview and commercially-created illusion that we all need protein to be strong. Tim rather eats what he calls amino acids which are instantly assimilated. The key point is that he doesn’t, however, look at amino acids as just chemical elements.


Q – How do we get amino acids directly?

Through enzymes.  Look it up in  any biochemical text. Enzymes are complex amino acids.

Q – How do we get enzymes?

By eating raw and living fruits and vegetables which are full of amino acids…. until you cook it!

Traditionally, foods are chemically analyzed only after being cooked, the same way that elements are isolated in test tubes after also being heated with a Bunsen Burner. This is again derivative of the whole mechanical, math-based, machine-principle-eliciting ideology – the dead view of the essence of nature, and thus derivatively of our own nature and of foods derived from the bosom of nature. This surface illusion  of a fundamentally dead sense of literally everything cosmically has dominated western civilization since the 17th century. It is overdue for us to wake up from this worst of ideological dreams and that is so deeply harming life all over our planet and thus also systemically within.

No thanks Newton and thanks Tim for being an example of a more vibrant and sane way of being in our world.

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