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To use a 1960’s expression, if you really want to “blow your mind” then watch the YouTube made by my friend Tim VanOrden, super-athlete, talk about the protein myth. I have included it here:

Tim has a project called “Running Raw” in which he essentially serves as an outstanding athletic example to help make a deep revolution in dietary habits (and derivatively our worldview) – with the aim to help save ourselves and the planet.

Myths are ultimately derived from flaws of our understanding. Thus I concur with Tim when he says: change your diet, change your life and change the planet. It’s all interconnected. In this Youtube,  Tim outlines the reason why we need neither plant nor animal proteins to be healthy and what we do need instead!

As I often write, conventional science is of great value if you want to build a machine (like a race-car) and design it for optimal mechanical performance to win a motor car race. Move the same mechanical science over into a living terrain and it creates false nutritional advice to a super-athlete roadrunners. This is why, in my opinion, most of what nutritionists, even “alternative” nutritionists, offer us (based on what they’re taught in the typical university as foundational principles) is rooted in the same dead, mechanical model that allopathic doctors are  indoctrinated to believe in beyond questioning.

The mechanical view became the controlling or dominant view of nature in the 17th century. It was designed by thinkers who were mathematically brilliant but otherwise, in my opinion, lacked real depth of perception or philosophic insight (requiring right-brain intelligence). Said another way, they were “right-brain disabled.” We should note that there are two fundamental directions of consciousness (separative and connective) and represented by left/right brain intelligence. Making the left-brain’s intelligence choice (separative consciousness) dominant is HUGELY unwise. We then tend to cut apart what is whole rather than make whole or heal what is asunder. Thus the 17th century philosophy, which does precisely that, is progressively problematic and non-healing. It represents a root misunderstanding of the very essence of the world we live in, and derivatively of our bodies and of all the foods we take in.

Yet this is the basis of our modern “nutritional science.”

Also based on this machine-adoring ideology of nature, we are told foods are made up, objectively, of chemically-defined macro elements  – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and water (defined as H2O). But how do we define something chemically? In the laboratory we use fire. In the kitchen, we cook a food to, in parallel, best separate elements to be defined chemically. This is because fire is the “depth-piercing knife” of nature. In this context also, this is why blood samples were always cooked and thus life-destroyed before being chemically analyzed. This is important to understand in the light that mathematics is the highest and best set of symbols for separating all elements of consciousness universally (traveling one of those two main directions)- and thus the use of fire executes and administers (like a executive executes and administers the directives of a business plan)  the mathematical ideology of nature. We are never taught this is an ideology or metaphysics – and when cosmically applied an irrational one. It is impossible to connect a vision of nature integrally using the highest abstractions for separating all elements of consciousness. Metaphorically its as insane as attempting to glue things together (in the world of consciousness) via the use of a super-powered chain saw. Sir Isaac Newton  insisted that mathematics forms “the cosmic laws of nature” (Principia Naturalis Mathematica) and he died a schizophrenic. This means his consciousness was separating out or falling apart at the end.

What’s grossly misguiding about this whole literally death-centered picture of the entirety of nature, thus of our nature and of the entirety of our foods?  It is the non-living view of nature that materializes the processed, devitalized foods in fast-food restaurants and on convenience store shelves. This creates an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer – chronic, systemic, actually life-and-consciousness destroying illnesses. It is the same non-living view of nature that also materializes in a holocaustic wave of species deaths all around our planet. We see this most recently with bee colonies. Thanks so greatly, Newton, for being so left-brain “brilliant.” A genius beyond geniuses is  what Newton’s contemporaries thought of him, or as one adoring reader wrote 300 years ago, “Newton knew more about the cosmos than all of  humanity combined.” With this faith in Newton, we left the middle ages behind and  have since followed the new Newtonian path  to the edges of virtual global disaster.

Contrary to that Newtonian worldview, I would affirm on a stack of bibles that the single greatest and most powerful thing I know is that consciousness is the principle of connection itself in nature. Thus we must use the Bunsen burner in a laboratory to effect a non-consciousness and/or non-life-centered ideology about nature.  We thereby isolate/separate things to become math-analyzable. We actually recreate our world thereby (rather than purely or objectively discover it).  This becomes a world made up of separate/dead mechanical and chemical elements. We, in effect, play out this belief of what the world/cosmos is supposedly made of. The end result, unfortunately, is a derivative system of medicine called allopathy that feeds us chemical drug concoctions. The drugs are tested in relation to isolated symptom relief (the left-brain approach), not the effect on the whole (right brain approach) There is  little sense that foods chemically-laced might cause cancer or that our surrounding environs are similarly polluted – including with millions of tons of medical wastes that destroy sea life or degrade our soil and ground waters via supertoxic waste sites. Allopathic medicine sees our bodies and our environment as not so connected. Allopathic medicine further cuts our bodies surgically apart as if we were machines made of replaceable parts.

In this context, doesn’t chemistry represent  the laws of nature, and so how can it be otherwise?

How can a deadened food with synthetic chemicals be anything other than natural?

This makes the pursuit of alive organics in health food stores or farmer’s markets utterly foolish. It becomes dumb to avoid chemicals to prevent cancer.  We rather need pills! The doctor who ultimately derives his twisted truth-authority from 17th century thought, pontificates that we again need more chemicals prescribed to take daily into our bodies! The MD may tell you to fight cancer with massive doses of chemotherapy. Some MDs even think that naturopaths are dangerous quacks and shouldn’t be licensed. Naturopaths keep patients from taking needed pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy and inoculations.

But what if the allopathic worldview, at its taproot foundations, is wrong , then what?

The answer is simple.

We are on the cusp of a very deepest revolution-in-thought to rescue us from a second dark age. The protein myth is one of a slew of anomalies that busts the core paradigm.

See Part II which thus further explains Tim’ VanOrden’s revolutionary approach to protein.

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