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As a result of the famous China Study, which the NY Times called the grand prix of nutritional studies, Dr. Colin Campbell surprisingly discovered that eating even small and occasional portions of animal foods (once a week) matched a significant rise in clustered degenerative diseases. Among these ailments is heart disease. At the time of the study, 17x as many Americans were dying of heart disease compared to the Chinese who ate much less animal proteins on average. Also eating animal proteins was correlated to drawing out alkaline-building minerals from bones and teeth. Eating vegetables in quantity did not have this correlating effect


FAMILY AND COLLEGE EXPERIENCE – Dr. Campbell was originally raised on a dairy farm and thus developed a strong faith in the belief that ingesting milk and meat gave everyone a stronger and healthier constitution. Colin Campbell’s belief was sustained even after his father died of a massive heart attack. Colin latter went to veterinarian school and pursued graduate work at Cornell University in the field of animal nutrition. There he was assigned the task of researching better means of animal protein production. This meant making cows and sheep grow fatter faster. In his PhD thesis he continued to express the belief that eating more animal protein equated to the best of health.

WORKING IN THE PHILIPPINES – A research job at Virginia Tech later involved Colin Campbell working in the Philippines where he looked into the disturbing rise in liver cancers among Philippine children. Liver cancer was typically an adult-onset disease. The suspected culprits were local peanut and corn crops due to their high aflatoxin content. Aflatoxin is a highly carcinogenic poison lives in crop storage molds. Lower levels of liver cancer could be expected in often malnourished children who a) ate more grains that were better stored and b) added more animal proteins to their diet to help strengthen their immunity. As a result, Colin helped establish 110 nutritional education centers all over the Philippines for this purpose. Being dedicated to this mission, he was disturbed upon finding that the wealthiest of families (those who ate the most animal proteins) had the highest, not lowest, cancer rates!

INDIA STUDY - Because aflatoxins were a prime suspect in the Philippine epidemic, an Indian study involving aflatoxins really piqued his interest. It involved feeding an equal level of aflatoxins to two groups of rats. One feasted on a high animal-protein diet and the other on a relatively low animal protein diet. To be more exact, the first group eat a diet consisting of 20% animal protein (casein) and the other of 5% animal protein. The rats in the first group all died of liver cancer. None of the second group of rats died during the testing time period. The score was 100% to zero. Colin and his associates were sure they are accidentally switched the result. They seemed impossible and thus made no sense.

But the quiet voice of the scientist within kept asking. What if the results were valid?

To be continued in Part II

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