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Vegetarians really have lower cancer risk


vegetarians lower cancer risk
(Healingtalks) Cancer just loves a double whopper! You bet. And according to a new study conducted in both New Zealand  and the UK and published in the British Journal of Cancer, a whopping surprise,  vegetarians  have a lower risks of getting all kinds of cancer…those who do not eat cadaver grinds, especially the cheap kind, the left-over cuts of animal cancerous tissues otherwise discarded. Its legal so what a revelation.

New study

Actually researchers followed 61,566  adults and compared cancer rates among three groups: vegetarians, those whose diet only added fish flesh foods, and lastly non-vegetarians. They found the lifetime risk of developing cancer among the vegetarians was the lowest. It was 14% lower than non-vegetarians and thus the general population. The protective effect was much greater for stomach cancer, bladder cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and blood cancers (50% less for both lymph and blood cancers). More dramatic yet was the bone marrow cancer risk ((75% less). Bone marrow cancer is known as multiple myeloma . Fish eaters ranked in between – had lower lymph and blood cancers than non-vegetarians but higher than non-vegetarians.

Raw vegans

All of this is not very surprising to me. The figures are more dramatic if we compare raw vegans to fish and or meat eaters, especially those who regularly detoxify and/or use green juices and blends. It is not necessary to have any chronic ailments if one understands and follows the deeper laws of nature. I saw this first hand when I helped Charlotte Gerson plan, organize a natural cancer treatment center  – The Gerson Wellness Center at Sedona.

Meat digestion

Meat digestion requires a hydrochloric acid to digest and releases various acids into the blood stream. This is what puts the blood and lymph at risk – especially if the intake of meats is more than 5% of the total caloric intake. This is a rather low threshold and below which the blood can still neutralize the acidic effect. Above the 5% it begins to falter. With more meat in the diet, the blood becomes acidic and also begins to leach alkaline minerals from the bones, thus the predictable susceptibility to bone marrow cancer as well as arthritis and other bone and joint ailments.

Lies of our commercial culture

The meat industry won’t tell you the truth about any of this. Cancer, cardiovascular disease  and diabetes form a close triad of illnesses in countries of affluence, and in direct proportion to the level of meat eating.  This was brought out with the greatest of clarity in The China Study. All three of these ailments were almost non-existent a hundred years ago in the US, that is before the Standard American Diet (SAD) developed with a high intake of meat and dairy as staples. The allopathic treatment of these illnesses with medications, radiation and surgery – also stunts and bypasses, chemotherapy and insulin, have been shown to be largely a failure. They have done little or nothing to stop these pandemics.  As one of the most prominent natural physicians, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, has stated, the allopathic approaches are a fraud upon the consumer. The medical profession ignores what works and promotes what makes money. The major agricultural, pharmaceutical and other institutions influence the media to continue the misinformation and Ponzi scheme, dwarfing the heist of Bernard Madoff.

The China Study

What ultimately turned me around, and made me switch to a pure vegan diet after over 20 years of being a vegetarian (since 1981) was reading The China Study. This is the single most important nutritional study of all time, in my opinion. It is what the NY Times called “the Grand Prix- the most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease.” About a month ago I got a copy of a short booklet called The China Project, just 30 pages long, that summarizes the gist of the China Study. I bought a few copies to give to friends and was going to buy a 100 more. Then I realized even that brief outline was not enough to really get the word out. So I made up a condensed version of this information. This is for a still quicker read. It is about 6 pages long. I am finishing this up shortly and it will be distributing free to all who sign up as new subscribers at raw-wisdom.com

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