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Beyond “corpknuz” – tell local media to drop sources of mass disinformation | Healing Talks

Beyond “corpknuz” – tell local media to drop sources of mass disinformation

assoicated press corporate news

(Healingtalks The last few days I was reading my local newspaper’s coverage of the Occupy movement, using AP or Associated Press, and was aghast at how the demonstrators, who were attacked by the police with hundreds arrested, were the problem and not offering any  solutions. They were causing disturbances, property damage, harming police, etc. All of this is, of course, what I call corpknuz. I like the term because it rhymes with snooze, taking a nap or falling asleep. Corpknuz is not real news. It is slanted propaganda to keep us asleep, and I got me frustrated enough reading such prostituted writing that I wanted to take some action, even if in a small way.  By the way, Associated Press is similarly known, from time to time, for attacking the natural health movement.

Great awakening

In a previous article called Great awakening or a police state? – Our free America is in grave danger we posted a form flyer that our readers can take to their local community centers to distribute, and to those 95% or more of the population who fail to read the alternative press. This synopsizes, with short bullet points, some of the most ominous events that everyone should know about – and which our mass media fails to report on in a concerted blackout.

Why is this important to know? The reasons are obvious because so many signs point to our moving toward a police state, but also these same forces promote Big Pharma, and the many ploys of our processed food industry, of conventional medicine and of genetic engineering to take control of our seeds and food supply.

Letter to the editor

Taking action for me meant that I composed a “Letter to the Editor” which is included in this post, again as a sample for what others can do as well. For our local paper, the Daily Star of Oneonta, this letter was limited to 300 words. Others may require or be limited to more or less words. The letter asked the local paper to not use such corporation-controlled newswires.


Will the local papers act on that recommendation? Of course not, just based on that letter. But if followed up by a local petition, signed by subscribers who will cancel their subscription if the paper doesn’t allow broader coverage, they will listen. The local reporters too are part of the 99%. If enough people make these small, decentralized efforts it will make a difference.  There is something called a tipping point in our society. For the resistance to GMOs in Europe it was just 5% of consumers not wanting to buy such products that largely took them off the shelf.

So if the 1-2% of our population that knows what is really going on reaches out to a few more, that tipping point will be reached.

Importance of the alternative media

As Mike Adams writes

“We are honored to be part of the extremely important alternative media — perhaps the last place on the planet where intelligent journalism is still taking place on issues such as liberty, the coming economic collapse, vaccines, health freedomand other similar topics. While there is a lot of diversity (and even disagreement) among the sites in the “alternative media,” here at NaturalNews we feel that the presence of the alternative media is absolutely vital to freedom — especially since the mainstream media has, for the most part, abandoned real journalism in favor of corporate-scripted “agendalism.” (There are exceptions, of course, but most conventional media reports are scripted by profit-driven corporations and packaged for consumption with a particular profit motive in mind…)”

Top alternative news sites

According to a recent tracking study, first, in terms of web traffic overall, is Infowars.com and its sister site Prisonplanet.com Second and third we find “Above Top Secret” and “Dr. Bruce Maccabee Research Website.”  Continuing down the list are  Naturalnews.com, AlterNet, The Raw Story  Rense.com

control of news by corporate media

Mainstream absence of independent, alternative and free media

According to Wikepedia, the concentration of media control is a worldwide phenomenon, and in the US it is no different. However, “data on ownership and market share of media companies is not held in the public domain. Academics, for example at MIT Media Lab and NYU, have struggled to find data that show reliably the concentration of media ownership.” Still there are about a dozen publicly held corporations that own a significant share.

Who controls the top newswires

  • Reuters – the number on newswire is owned by  Thompson Reuters, and among its board of directors is Sir Deryck Maughan Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. – one of the top players on Wall Street specializing in leveraged buyouts for which they aggregate funds from institutions around the world. Thompson Reuters has also partnered with Merrill Lynch in some of their ventures and provides ML with many of their information technologies.

In short, Reuters is Wall Street connected.

  • Associated Press – Some of this data is publicly available and among what we know, it is significant that AP or Associated Press is a not-for-profit cooperative working for the behest of some 15o0 American newspapers.  But this leaves open the question, who owns those newspapers.  In an article entitled Who owns newspaper companies? The banks, funds, and investors and their (big) slices of the industry, Martin Langeveld details how the top publicly-held newpaper-owning corporations are, in turn, owned institutionally. The key players are all institutional firms  that anyone familiar with Wall Street knows well, like Berkshire Hathaway, J.P. Morgan Chase and Vanguard.  J.P. Morgan has a long history of buying newspapers to influence the press, stretching back to the beginning of the 20th century. See our Letter to the Editor below for the details. This has been documented in the Congressional Record (February 9, 1917, page 2947)

In short, Wall Street indirectly controls Associated PressOther newswires

As to other international newswires, the list includes Bloomberg, The New York Times News Service, ABC News, CBS News, NBS News, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, Jones News (Wall Street Journal) and so on – most of which tend to, again, be institutionally owned or controlled. Thus they tow the line in terms of conventional coverage.

alternative media growth

More info on where to get independent news

Here are a few sites that list alternative news resources and these resources have been growing, as part of larger awakening of the public:

letter to the editor

Take action

So here is the 300 word text of the newsletter sent to my local paper and readers are encourage to copy some of the same to initiate similar local activism and consciousness raising:

Sample letter to the editor

Part of the current great awakening of the American public is reflected in the Occupy movement that has rapidly spread all around the country and even around the world. It exhibits the deep realization that the average person’s interests are no longer represented in Washington (and elsewhere). Here at home it has literally and unabashedly become a “democracy for billionaires” and with a vastly widening gaps of relative net worth and income.

What has allowed this abomination to proceed is not just economic maneuvering. The independence of the national press has been co-opted big time. One would think this is something entirely new, but it isn’t.

Back at the beginning of World War I, Wall Street’s J.P. Morgan purchased controlling interest in 25 major newspapers to promote America’s entering the war (after investing heavily in military contracting companies). Worse yet, they inserted their editors to ensure this control was airtight. Sounds unreal? Maybe. But it’s historically true. Yet this pales in comparison to what is happening nowadays. Back in the 1980’s about 50 corporations owned the major US mass media. Currently we are down to just 6 major corporations owning well over 90% of the US mass media. These are also the same corporations that spent 150 million dollars to urge Congress to censor the Internet. Shocking?  But what else is new.

On the positive side, our local media, like the Daily Star, offers a wonderful service we respect and value. So isn’t it high time to live up to that reputation, that our local newspapers drop the affronting so-called national “newswires” that report “corpknooz” – like the Associated Press – or that dish out eerie fairy tales about national and international events and rather than reporting naked truth.

Times are changing and an awakened public deserves better.

Nathan Batalion

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