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FDA Plans to Ban the Best and Regulate All Other Natural Supplements | Healing Talks

FDA Plans to Ban the Best and Regulate All Other Natural Supplements

FDA Plans to Ban the Best and Regulate All Other Natural Supplements

Will FDA Regulate

Natural Supplements

….and Ban the Best?

(Healingtalks) Why would anyone want to ban natural supplements?  Here is the scoop. They represent cheap competition to expensive, highly profitable drugs. Also remember that  so-called harmful side-effects of chemical drugs are really their harmful main effects (the term side-effects is just a marketing invention) and we are programmed by corrupt media to think in this way. Thus if we are poisoned or killed by a drug, that was something incidental!

Know and Test Truths For Yourself

Natural remedies without harmful effects are true or integral healing agents ….while drugs generally are not. The expensive government-mandated studies of chemical isolates cannot yield really wider truths. No one in the public media ever tells you that. That insight takes a holistic, all-sided view. So, guess what, we really don’t need multi-billion dollar drug testing (false authority stamping) to find out the most authentic and important truths in the healing arts! Below is an example of an alternative.

Compost Heap Test

Just very, very simply do the following. Find some out-of-date chemical drugs the local pharmacy wants to throw out (or where ever else you can get them) and  put a large and random mix of these chemical drugs in a compost heap . You can do this right in your own backyard if you are willing to pollute your property. Then you will soon find out that the overall order that chemical drugs represent will kill all of life in the heap. All of life! No seed will grow any longer. Put any organic plant in the heap and it will decay to make the materials for the growth of all new plants. There are almost no exceptions to this order of Unity in nature. Put chemicals in, and that unifying order is not just harmed. It is destroyed. What do you think happens inside our own bodies’ ecology?A similar destruction. Lab scientists are often left-brain geniuses and right brain ignoramuses. They are trained to look myopically at tiny, microscopic isolates and not at the more obvious and overall impact. Drugs will suppress symptoms dramatically. A pain killer will kill pain. But little or nothing is healed thereby, what nevertheless has value  in rare emergency circumstances and wider use for marketing purposes because dramatic/immediate impacts are what take us in. They fool us. Thus the public is sold on a  philosophy that drugs are the foundation of the allopathic medical treatments arts, and in order to reap in big profits from daily addictions.  A deluge of fake smiling actors in TV ads sells this Big Lie or fraud  of “better living through chemistry” to us all.

When the Organic Truth Seeps Through

And when the organic truth seeps through this subterfuge and to the general public, it is a huge threat to the status quo, with an actual police-state effort to obliterate this truth and its representative health products – the more integral healing “competition” or the natural supplements industry.

Make No Mistake: Keeping Truths From Us Is the FDA’s  Primary Job

Don’t be taken in. This threat to all of our health and that of future generations is currently real. The regulatory apparatus to effect this has been in place since 1994, and they have taken their time with careful beta testing of how the public will react and accept this – including via trying to ban not only natural supplements but also closing down raw, whole food organic food coops (coming without a search warrant, destroying their inventory, pressing felony charges, and all at machine-gun point)! Also they plan to require animal studies for all natural supplements that are either not practically cost-effective or require such high doses to be tested where the results cannot be effective.


Also for more details on this issue, see the website of the Alliance for Natural Health USA (which  links an informative article on the FDA’s sneak attack). Learn about past beta testing with the banning of a critical form of Vitamin B6. Also see our breaking news article on Welcome to the new food police state and on-going collusion between industry and government agencies. Ultimately they want to force-feed us junk food, vaccines and pharmaceutical, even with gunpoint tactics –  all the while defrauding us.

A First Step: Banning the Best Supplements

It is apropos to add the following, based on an article that Dr. Bill posted a few years ago, when this issue was first brewing, and that now becomes  ever more urgently something to address: There is an old saying, “Follow the money.” Big Pharma develops drugs to supposedly fight disease  and then sell it via doctors to consumers. But consumers are finding that readily available vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements are often just as effective (if not MORE so) as the drugs, but without harmful side effects. Wouldn’t it then make sense for lobbyists to push to regulate away these readily available, natural supplements to protect their Big Pharma constituents? Yes.FDA Ban

And therein lies the problem. Right now, we have the choice to use supplements and herbs, if we choose to… so, in steps the FDA to take away that choice!

Health freedom action alert: FDA attempting to regulate supplements, herbs and juices as “drugs”

When it comes to health freedom, this is the FDA’s end game.

FDA’s Plan

A new FDA ‘guidance’ document, published on the FDA’s website, reveals plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs.

Massage oils and massage rocks will be classified as “medical devices” and require FDA approval.

The document is called Docket No. 2006D-0480. Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA is accepting public comments on the docket. They tried to sneak this under the radar, but word got out and now the natural health community is up in arms over this rule. If you wish to protect your access to nutritional supplements, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic medicine or any other ‘complementary’ or ‘alternative’ modality, it is crucial that you take action to post your comments with the FDA right now and write your representatives in Washington to put a stop to this outrageous effort to destroy natural medicine. (And be sure to really write them. Just sending an email has virtually no impact compared to writing a physical letter in your own words.)”

What You Can Do

Write, call, or use this link to send the FDA a message… we want access to supplements, and natural health alternatives!

Click HERE to send a message to the FDA!

Here is the FDA’s address and their phone numbers:
Food and Drug Administration
1401 Rockville Pike, Suite 200N
Rockville, MD 20852-1448
Phone: 800-835-4709 or 301-827-1800

Be sure to cite Docket No. 2006D-0480. Draft Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration in your message, letter, or call.

Here is a link to what the FDA is saying in its “Guidance:”

Guidance for Industry on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration

Notice that it says that this, “includes, but is not limited to, botanicals, animal-derived extracts, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, proteins, prebiotics and probiotics: whole diets, and ‘functional foods‘.”

There is is, folks… do you want anything in this list regulated by the FDA?

What else can you do

Send a letter to your Representative and two Senators demanding the FDA immediately withdraw their oppressive proposed guidelines pending rational discussions with those who depend on dietary supplements to protect their health and livelihood.
Send a letter to the President’s Office of Management and Budget as the FDA’s proposed guidelines on new dietary ingredients directly conflict with an Executive Order issued July 11, 2011, that orders the FDA to streamline and repeal burdensome regulations that interfere with job creation, economic growth, and innovation.

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