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Great awakening or police state – our free America is in grave danger | Healing Talks

Great awakening or police state – our free America is in grave danger

mass awakening

Defending our lives and our liberty

(Healingtalks) We put together this summary of information about how in 2012 America is in grave danger.

Hand out flyer below

The summary is designed to fits on a 8 1/2 by 11 page as a flyer to hand out to the public.

It tells, in as few words as possible, the whole picture of America’s plight.

It can be distributed not only on the web and to friends, family and fellow workers but on the streets of America  – at local stores, police stations, army recruiting stations, to politicians, local newspapers, radio and TV stations, civil rights groups, and to anyone and everyone else.

We encourage YOU to hand out this or a similar flyer and thus to become actively enlisted as a pro-liberty info-war fighter. 

Please print and  copy this information freely. Give it the widest possible distribution.

Why YOUR help is so critically important?

Mass media, most of which is owned and controlled by just a few corporations, is deliberately keeping this vital information from  most Americans. In our times, checking the alternative press on the Web is only means left knowing daily what is really going on. However,  it reach just  2-5% of the population.

NAACP example

A flyer like the one below was recently given out at a meeting of the  NAACP on Martin Luther King’s Day.

Before handing it out,  the crowd was asked “how many of you know about the recent passage of the  NDAA?” Only two people out of a hundred  or 2% raised their hands! Mind you this was among an organization dedicated to  fighting for civil liberties! This shows just how powerful and pervasive the current mass media blackout is.

What can we do to remedy this?

We can do the leg work on the streets of America to let people know.

We can do our parts, while there is time and the means – and while seriously citizen printing presses are not yet outlawed.

Future generations will ask: what did YOU do for our country in these critical times.

Call to action:

Download & print the summary above

as a 8 1/2 by 11 flyer

Click the “download” link below.

Let family, friends and everyone else know what is happening to America!


        mass awakeningpolice state USA


Spread the word to all you know: that in 2012 our free America is in grave danger

  • NDAA – Signed into law Jan 2012, it allows the government to arrest, holding indefinitely, torture and kill US citizens, you and me, without due process. The Patriot Act took away property rights. NDAA shreds the Bill of Rights, taking away our sacred right to life. Obama has promised not to enforce NDAA against US citizens, but a companion bill strips US citizenship and reveals a hidden agenda.
  • Activated FEMA detention camps – Activated on 72 hour notice after FDAA’s passage, designed to detain millions of Americas. About a 1000 camps exist for supposedly emergency housing. But why then do they have one-way turnstiles & barbed wired turned inward?
  • SOPA and PIPA – Two laws designed to obliterate free speech and dissent on the Internet.  Internet responded with  a GREAT AWAKENING and the establishment backed down.  But right after backing down, the administration secretively signed an executive order ratifying the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (yet more dangerous for the Internet) even though it is unconstitutional to sign such agreements without Senate ratification. They also are negotiating a Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to further tighten the noose.
  • Media – Media delivering 90%+ of news (3 decades ago controlled by 50 corps) are now controlled by 6 corporations (the very same ones pushing SOPA/PIPA), and which in turned are owned by a few elites. Mainstream news is mostly thus propagandized. Alternative web coverage alone is free of these ties. It brings truth to lies. However it only reaches about 1-5% of population. Let’s turn 2-5% into 100%. Spread the word for a GREAT AWAKENING.
  • Mass Conscriptions – Our administration wants to conscript a civilian labor force and domestic military as large as our regular military. Homeland Security currently has the second largest budget already next to the military.
  • Militarized Youth – Congress passed a law in 2009 to plan to form a conscripted national militarized youth corp – one that very precisely mimics Germany’s infamous and indoctrinated youth groups of the 1930’s.
  • “Posse comitatus”  – A separation of military and police forces which was overturned by Congress in 2011. A step also critically necessary for Nazi rule in the 1930’s. About half a billion dollars of military weaponry has already been sent express to local police forces – and the means for military control of local forces is massively in place when engaging protesters in 2012.
  • Executive orders for martial law – Past presidential executive orders enable the future shutdown of all civil liberties  – with a nationalized control of all means of transportation, communication, media, energy and even food and water.
  • Civilian spying – In 2011 a vast military spying network has been redirected towards Americans, including journalist. Surveillance technology has also grown at unprecedented pace and don’t think its not being applied to all of us.
  • American military turned inward – Segments are being retrained and armed to torture and kill American citizens who protest.
  • Worst Scenario – Why the push to martial law? The elites are seriously losing. Their lock on mass media is failing due to their being exposed on the Internet. We see this with Ron Paul’s rise, Occupy Wall Street & 14 States debating whether to label “genetically messed-up foods.” Undermining GMOs is not negotiable – losing control of the global food supply, critical to the elites. To stop this rebellion, military martial law is necessary now. Otherwise their plans will fall apart. Worst scenario a “false flag event” surpassing Twin Towers, where Americans are blamed to justify a military takeover.  Billionaire George Soros, in the know among elites, predicts something of this kind will happen soon.
  • Best Scenario –We see a  GREAT AWAKENING to reclaim all our lives and liberty.  Turn off the TV and start reading the alternative press:  www.infowars.com, www.naturalnews.com, or www.healingtalks.com
    and countless others.Interested in a local support and organizing group? Contact _________________________

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