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Is Obama planning to seize control of food and farms all across the USA? | Healing Talks

Is Obama planning to seize control of food and farms all across the USA?

farm marshal law
Is Obama planning to seize control of food

and farms all across the USA?

(Healingtalks) Mike Adams, the Health Rangers’ article Obama seizes control over all food, farms, livestock, farm equipment, fertilizer and food production across America has been posted all over the Internet. It argues there is a movement toward a socialist-style nationalizing of America’s most basic life-support resources. There is evidence that FEMA is building a data base of the assets of farms  to be nationalized.

Obama’s recent executive order

Obama’s signing of a new executive order entitled “NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESSor NDRP sure looks that way, and even more so on the heels of Obama’s earlier signing onto NDAA – an act that  threatens to eliminate the most basic rights to life under our Constitution.

It is an act that also calls our peace times to be war times because of an unending war on terror. The language of the executive order is very, very specific. It includes taking control of all things that people eat in any way. It can take away private food stockpiles.

It also names all forms of energy production, including private home solar and wind. production It is an executive order for absolute and complete control of our lives. Everything in the order is designed to maintain the continuity of government, and nothing is mentioned about the continuity of liberty. Stockpiling especially is made patriotic if it is done by the government, but not by individuals (who are often called “terrorists.”

Farm marshal law and even in peacetime?

The executive order thus allows the President to seize control over the nation’s most fundamental resources, food, water, energy, transportation and so on in peacetime in preparation for some presumed crisis. Taken literally this does mean the government can “march onto your farm with guns drawn and demand all your crops, seeds, livestock and farm equipment,” as Mike Adams writes. And on a local level we have seen something of this kind happen, as with the raid of Rawesome Foods in California where local officials confiscated and destroyed over $50,000 of the coop’s natural and organic produce. Should the federal government, and more specifically the executive branch, have that kind of power? If put into play, it would certainly destroy America as we know it. It would create a most un-American, socialist-style dictatorship.

Controversy over Obama’s executive order

On the other hand, this kind of an executive order is nothing new. Its origins stem from the Defense Production Act (DPA) of 1950. This act tried to set a framework for preparing the nation for a war-footing as quickly as possible. In our age, military attacks can happen at lightening speed or in seconds. The response might thus have to be immediate, and from a central command control center, without legislative approvals.  Or so the theory goes, especially if we are subject to a nuclear attack and the legislators are spread out in distant bunkers unable to assemble.  That was the logic behind this law and a series of executive orders that followed over the years.  In 1994, Clinton issued a similar Executive Order 12919, which expanded DPA’s protocols and declared this could apply in peacetime.

Legitimacy and alternatives

Is the need for the DPA and related executive orders really legitimate? Couldn’t there be a special council appointed that included Congress, governors, civil liberties lawyers? Oh no. The power is put into the hands of one person, known to be politically corrupt. Is the executive order then constitutional and  with power put again in the hands of one person. This is obviously beyond dangerous.  A great deal needs to be discussed, but unfortunately the mass media of our times is exercising a near complete blackout and which itself is also dangerous. Obviously there are elites who pull the strings of mass media.

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