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Our ill culture’s biggest story – the looming death of the Bill of Rights | Healing Talks

Our ill culture’s biggest story – the looming death of the Bill of Rights

death of the Bill of Rights

Our ill culture’s

biggest story -

the looming death

of the Bill of Rights

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) The biggest story Healingtalks has ever reported about is the current looming death of the US Bill of Rights. The immediate trigger is the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, but there is far more to this.

Why the media blackout

That you practically don’t hear anything about this – except on the Internet – is indicative of the vast cultural and spiritual illness and corruption of our times. Every major newspaper, TV and radio station should be blaring non-stop about this story. Instead there is a blackout. You have to hunt for it. The main street media have been taken over which is what enabled Congress to be taken over.

telecommunication act of 1996

This has happened quietly, ever since the passage over the Telecommunication Act of 1996. So in the short run this has been at least two decades in the making. That Telecommunications Act, amending the original one of 1934, allowed for the consolidation of media control and as a death-knoll for the spirit of America. Massing enough votes in Congress, this bill overturned the freedom of thousands of independent media outlets to present the American public’s real spirit, the spirit of 99% of the population having become dominated by the voice of the 1% or really much less.

Main Street news thus could be fabricated and almost completely controlled without challenge (except for later on the Internet).

This especially tried to put a tombstone of the spirit of the 1960’s or what had threatened the dominance of commercial forces. Now through this infamous Act, the elite of our nation gained the upper hand to enact their agenda for America, and for decades to come.

But this development was not just one of two or three decades making as in the chart above. It had really been four centuries in the making, and even more (if one considers the evolution of influences since Greek and Roman times)

Mislead by a corrupt 17th century vision

In my opinion, the root spiritual foundation of western civilization is by now itself ill.

This is why we face such ever more corrupt political and economic forces taking mind-control and overturning our otherwise spirited culture.

robot and life

The fact is that for the past 400 years we have adopted a mechanical, machine-like,  spirit-less and essentially dead and unconscious vision of nature – as introduced with great naivete and at the same time huge arrogance and aggressiveness by 17th century European culture. So am I saying that what brought us computers, planes, cars, refrigerators, TVs and so on is a naive view of nature? This is only when misused in a deeply-penetrating way (which is what a universal view ultimately mandates and requires ) to then harm the core of ourselves. Modern chemical pollution accomplishes something akin.

That new vision, however, and as best expressed in the writings of Sir Isaac Newton, gained immense prestige and influence, enough to overturn the dominance of the medieval order, the Bible-led view that had stood its ground for almost two thousand years. The displacing Newtonian view was what inspired modernity as we know it.

Murder of the russian royal family'

Prior political order overturned at the same time

At first this involved an overturning of the rule of Kings and Queens whose power was delegated by the Roman Catholic Church (or via belief in the authority of the Bible whose truths were borne to light by the Pope and his emissaries on earth). Because of this loss of faith, it became thinkable and possible to eliminate the royalty, and in fact the royal family of Russia was murdered in one night on July 16-17, 1918, as ordered by Lenin.

And so there was the American, French, and Russian revolutions all of which fought for religious liberties, or for freedom from medieval despotic prior authoritarianism and thereby for a new order – for better or worse.

What led the spirit of those times, at least in America, appears on the brink of failure and collapse. In my view, that collapse was inevitable.

Why? Before answering that question, it is instructive to know how the overturning of the spiritual leadership of the biblical vision in more detail, and what was entailed in the new modern vision coming to dominance. For changes in belief precede the changes in our outer world.

Heliocentric_Solar_SystemNew Heliocentric View of the Cosmos

How the new vision rose to dominance

The Bible, for almost two thousand years, had implied that we lived in a “geocentric” universe (the earth was presumed to be at the center of things) and as it was written in Genesis that  “the stars were created to shine upon the earth.” That ancient vision, and its long-held truths, suddenly became challenged by the discoveries of modern science that the earth really rotates around the sun. This was shown  via telescopes, and the new philosophies of the “Renaissance” offered to better explain how this happened via symbolic math formulas rather than biblical revelations as the supposed highest and surest authority for objective truth. The universe was suddenly moving like a GRAND CLOCK rather than via the Bible-described divine order.

grand clock cosmos Newton's Principia


That vision, which led the new way, upheld the universe moved like a Grand Mechanical Clock, in tick-tock or predictable fashion.  The underlying and justifying philosophy for this whole view was codified and expressed in Newton’s Principia Naturalis Mathematica. That book, rarely read but probably second only the Bible in the influence if its message offered to outline the essential and “true”  laws of nature – again being “supposedly” and everywhere mathematical.

Of course we are taught almost never taught to think these principles could even possibly be just “supposedly” mathematical. Nature was now absolutely mathematical in is unifying order. The title of Newton’s book was thus  translated from the Latin to read and express an arrogance that transcended any “supposedness,” namely as  “The Mathematical Laws of Nature.

With this new and exciting cosmic vision being grounded on an inner terra firma or bedrock, showing us a new way to the Oneness of nature (and via formulas like E=mc2) man had found an order of nature more certain than the Bible – and thus mroe to be believed in and followed!

Armed with this transcending knowledge, the Renaissance was born. This meant a “rebirth” of our culture out of the Age of Darkness, of blind faith, and again “supposedly” into the Age of Reason.

no blind faith

Belief in a vision “supposedly” no longer faith-led and no longer merely believed in

Humanity now had god-like truth to become Gods. In short, the new vision was not considered a faith-led view. It was absolutely true. It was objectively true. And only peers who adopted that view could be considered those who truly knew nature.

The mathematicians were thus called “natural philosophers.

But I have grown to become a renegade in regard to all such supposition, assured they were dead wrong – and death-ridden in their understanding in more senses than one.

It is my view that we really got a transferred faith to another false and ultimately dangerous illusion – one that is still followed unquestionably as we revered the truths of chemists, physicists, and astronomers –
no less than then.

atomic orderThe atomic view as not just a way of seeing nature, ideologically-led,

but as THE objective way – free of belief, free of any guide to artificially/synthetically reconstruct nature

Thus  Newton could make statements like the “atom” (the indivisible building block of nature and to parallel 1/1=1 as the building blocks of mathematics) formed the truest foundation of our world because that was “what God created on the first day of Creation.” If one reads carefully the literature of that time, the mathematical vision was affirmed by our senses but also justified by faith. This is because they really only could explain how but not why the universe had to be mathematical.

There was never a real overseeing explanation of exactly why – why thus to believe in the mathematical order as reigning universally and  to displace all other views including the Bible  It  was simply enough to know that math symbols could more accurately and predictably describe the movement of the stars. With that justification we could arrogantly extend that justified view everywhere in nature – no matter what the consequences were or where we found ourselves as a result. From that point forward we were to follow mathematical symbols and formulas, as unearthed in lab explorations, to wherever they might lead or mislead us.

But the misleading part was thought unthinkable. This is usually in the nature of a faith-born or belief-laden views

But what if that vision is indeed flawed and misleading? What if we have been fooled through a lack of a deeper understanding of what is consciousness and the interplay of beliefs with that consciousness?

Could it even be possible that for the last 400 years we have essentially been so vastly mislead, and by this hugest of mistakes and beliefs – that the consequences are now coming to roost, to haunt us, and to bring us to a very deadly black flowering and fruition – and endgame for life on planet earth?

In my renegade view, that is exactly what I see happening as the predictable outcomes of our course as we have lived through the 20th and now 21st century.

We face actually a spiritual lesson if you like. And from the ashes of that Newtonian vision’s failure – cosmically, micro-cosmically and socially, a far better understanding is possible, if humanity survives this lesson in foolishness of beliefs, arrogance and utter naivete.


metastatic melanma or skin cancer Industrial Revolution

Metastatic skin cancer                     Industrial air pollution

Welcome to the Industrial Revolution and our Modern Age

Then having discovered this again “supposedly” truer order, man’s rise to dominion over nature was now assured for all times. We were to enter a Utopian age of only unlimited progress, health and well being. We were to re-establish Eden.

This myth  then led all of humanity, including the later split between socialists and capitalists as two sides of one coin supporting the Industrial Revolution, its commercial, materialistic society and our overall modern age.

As one contemporary of Newton put it, “Newton knew more about the Cosmos than all of humanity combined,” and the Principia. though understood only by a select few physicists, was to be followed as a new faith that was not a faith.
Little did they understand that if we believe in any ideational or conceptual or symbolic order, we might foolishly recreate thereby rather than objectively discover the world by such means.

Trinity Cburch on Wall Street

Architectural symbol for this same rise of a new spirit and vision

What replaced the medieval vision, the mathematical and mechanical, also became the root spiritual foundation of our  modern industrial and commercial culture – whether again led by capitalists following the American Revolution or communists following the Russian – as they both believed in the same root vision – just having alternative ways socially and politically to make it work. Socialism would free us from the tyranny of economic exploitation and capitalism from the tyranny of government.

Architecturally a good part of this is symbolized on Wall Street

There we now find a dwarfing of Trinity Church, built in the 17th century – and which used to be the highest building in NYC – with its steeple pointing to the Biblical God. Trinity was built by the Church of England and again architecturally this meant it represented the dominance of the medieval world over the Americas . George Washington knelt there to pray for an overturning of that order. He and his revolutionaries managed to do just that.

physicist, engineer, accountant

What has been the end result?

Now banking, insurance, brokerage, real estate and other commercial structures dwarf Trinity Church – as did Twin Towers before it came down. These are all boxy, linear, math-designed structures, forming a sharp contrast to Trinity’s medieval architectural design, and representing again new spirit of our modern world. Inside the new buildings we also find boxy,  linear, separate offices and separate office cubicles (all of which can be considered symbolic) and where grand social calculations are made by accountants and brokers.

With the leadership of a newly-introduced vision, human beings were indeed supposed to, in the depths of their souls, relate best to each other via money or mathematically – or in exactly the same way that Sir Isaac Newton told us the stars related to each other – and rather than as told by the revelations of the Bible . For the latter was no longer to be absolutely trusted.

political arithmetic

Following Newton’s lead, his friend, Sir William Petty, became the first economist in England. Petty laid out a new math-bound, statistical guidance for the modern world, and in his book called Political Arithmetic. It implied that all of humanity should and again must relate to each other, along with nature, mathematically (commercially via money) to live in harmony with the new found divine cosmic order.

This was what Newton, Petty’s friend, had  supposedly discovered as the “natural order” of our cosmos – with its central or unifying paradigm being mathematics.

Four centuries later, welcome to the not only science but Wall Street-lead culture of our times.

I personally know that culture, and Trinity Church well, having chosen to live in the belly of the Behemoth for nearly a decade, and as president of two Wall Street securities firms.

Silent spring
The flaw
must be deeper….and it is

Newton died a schizophrenic, which should tell us something about his inner vision not necessarily being so firmly grounded in the ocean of our inner consciousness.

The root flaw and corruption of that vision was not exactly what Marx and Engels pointed out in the 19th century (that the means of production were owned by just a few capitalists). The repairs done to the collapsing stock markets in the 1930’s and the rise of socialism and progressive or liberal movements to help labor, the poor and the middle classreally didn’t fix the same problem in the end.

We find a yet more extreme polarization of wealth and the markets near collapse,all over again – and as I would claim, predictably.

great pacific garbage patchThe great pacific garbage patch

Our socio-economic and political orders, rooted in the revolutions of the past, are not the only things on the verge of collapse. The survival of many living environments around the planet is being challenged. Rachel Carson back in the 1960’s  pointed out that there was this strange and apparent misdirection of the modern world that had promised us endless progress – namely that we were destroying our surrounding living ecologies. She wrote this as Carson herself was dying of cancer. But with all the fixes she proposed or a Carson-inspired environmental movement, decades later we actually find the sale of pesticides and herbicides are astronomically greater!

Our oceans, air, and land terrains are hugely more polluted and threatened then ever before, and increasingly so. Above is pictured the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, said to be twice as large as the state of Texas, and stretching a thousand miles. It is an ugly and toxic manifestation of our recreation of nature.

Thus the taproot flaw must, in my view, be deeper, far deeper – and it is! The mistake lies deep not on the surface, in what we do to create pesticides and herbicides, for example, but rather in the very adapting of the core vision as first polluting our minds, and then as a consequence the outer world surrounding us and the biology within of our own bodies.

ah ha discovery

Single greatest discovery of my life
one which explains the central flaw of our
modern vision, and how we can move beyond it

The single greatest discovery of my life has been actually several parts to this revelation. First I began to realize, after certain events in my life, that the root essence of nature is really what we experience as life – no matter how rare that might manifest as strongly elsewhere in the universe, and not what is mechanical.  Machines never occur naturally anywhere in pristine or untouched-by-man terrains. You won’t find a bicyle in a rainforest unless we have put it there.

How can what never once occurs anywhere naturally represent what occurs everywhere and always. Such a distortion of reality can only be the result of projected and artificial or synthetic beliefs.

So I discovered for myself that rather and instead what is again at the core of nature is life rather than what is mechanical But that is not the end of it.  What points to the mechanical and designs machines is mathematics. Or one could say that machines model the mathematical order of things. What then plays the same role in a life-centered view?

planet earth

Planet Earth

If one watches the video planet earth, the common denominator in all of life is living awareness. We can use a still lengthier spelled out word for what is really a simple phenomenon, namely “consciousness.”

But this begs the question what is the root nature of math-symbols, their pointing paths, and likewise what is the root nature of consciousness – as these two views can guide us to two very different ways of perceiving all things.

In my youth, when my left-brain shut down temporarily after a stroke, and after having been a math prodigy,I learned that this consciousness really forms something special and at the same time precisely distinct – namely “the universal relationship of connection in nature or the principle of connection itself in nature” – connecting all of nature as One and thus forming the real and true essence of nature – not the illusion-born or surface appearing math-bound order that Newton envisioned, presupposed, and sold to the rest of humankind to follow.

I became , as you can see, a renegade, opposing the vision I had been taught to believe was absolutely true, and especially as a math prodigy. It was like deifying Ayn Rand, the great capitalist writer while working on Wall Street. I very simply grew to be no longer be sure that the mathematical vision of chemistry/physics/astronomy was infallibly true. I went further, much further to characterize the whole vision of Newton as essentially false when imposed upon the depths of nature, or as a powerful reversal illusion. This is why Nobel-prize winning physicists and chemists can come down with Alzheimer’s disease, because their math-bound vision doesn’t extend far enough – not to all the reachers of their inner world and for the guidance of their personal lives – rather than space ships to outer space.


Life being dedicated to healing and the raising of consciousness

Knowing this – that we live in a life and consciousness centered universe, and to the very depths of my soul, has led me to an endless stream of  very deeper and greater insights. The most important application of these insights are to he healing arts, helping myself and others heal from a variety of ailments.

Overall it has essentially taught me to revolutionize everything I know about nature and my own life’s guidance. It has led me to a life more dedicated to the healing arts and to the raising of my consciousness and that of others to a higher level.

hands with money

Rather than making money on Wall Street

Imagine that natural healing comes about through the re-connection of our inner consciousness, our life, and that this is because the essence of consciousness is again a  universal relationship of connection.

A better understanding of consciousness, as the universal connective relationship in nature, then guides life to become more whole, more healed, more connected – and rather than, with the mathematical vision, to guide us to develop industrial technology and a fragmentation of vision.  All of my naturopathic wisdom on how to heal practically is based on this understanding – with a thousand and one derivative insights. The proof of this vision is actually in the healing arts as applied to depth, systemic, chronic ills – just like the proof of the mathematical view appears in its ideological home turf or when designing machines.

not a mathematical universe

Among the most important and beginning insights, and with absolute certainty for myself is that we do not essentially live in a mathematical universe  – and not as Newton proposed, described and mathematically expressed. This is what physicists, chemists, and astronomers still follow in step. We rather live in a universe a life-and-consciousness centered universe, one that is  only superficially mathematical in appearance, but not so in its interior, permeating inner essence. This is why a living organism can break all of Newton’s mechanical “universal laws” of motion.

In fact Newton’s vision, with its reversal of what is essential and what is superficial,  is what has so powerfully corrupted our whole economic/political and cultural consciousness about our natural world and ourselves – especially where there is concentrated, centralized power to do so.

To concentrate attention represents separative consciousness, and the corruption of that attention thus happens with centralized government, and by monetary forces that concentrate their influence – causing representative of democracy to be separated from those they represent. We thus need more publicly funded elections to demonetarize the consciousness of our legislators. We need to decentralize government as much as possible, and to re-establish the vitality of local community governance, based on sustainable models of being truly at one with nature

Einstein doctors with stephoscopes prescribing drugs

Why don’t we really live in a cosmos whose essence is mathematical?

In short, we really need to overturn the highest truth of the Renaissance, the belief in an essentially machine-like world, just as the Renaissance overturned the highest truths of medieval times, the belief in a divine cosmos as described by he Bible.

Otherwise the road we are on and where we are headed, predictably, will destroy not a little but all of life on earth – because the essence of our central vision of the cosmos, when used to penetrate into the universal core of life harms and undermines that core essence of life. This is the same as a knife cutting a living organism apart. A cutting knife cannot be swung in all directions without doing harm.  The mathematical view, like the knife, cannot be swung in all directions as a universal paradigm. It is better used as a servant to the conscious, life-centered, and life-supporting views.

At present our culture leans in the opposite direction toward a most extreme dominance of mechanical view over life (symbolized by genetic engineering)- and which can only lead to our self destruction and the destruction of life on earth.

Still we are inundated with icons (culturally mythologized images) of both physicists who supposedly best and beter understand nature and similar icons (again culturally-mythologized images) of doctors with stethoscopes, who via mechanical view supposedly better undersand our bodies.

heart as a pump

The latter view also sees the heart as merely a mechanical pump.

Why is this whole inspiration of the past 400 years, again what has led us to live in an industrial, money-dominated, and pharmaceutical-led “healing” culture, so flawed?

The following may upset those who studied physics and chemistry, if my words are taken seriously, and they are so meant to be.

Let us suppose that math symbols do not really point to the divinely essential order in nature. Where then do they point us?  This requires putting consciousness above the pointing path of these symbols rather than following obediently from behind or below, which  is itself a huge revolutionary step. What is the more objective, rather than mythologized view of the use of math symbols? What can we perceive when we consciously overview the pointing path of those symbols?

Remember that the 17th century came out of a biblical, or faith-led culture – a faith now transferred to the new math-bound view. There could never be something above God to judge God, and so too with math symbols as ultimate arbiters of reality.

Here we deny this claim and do put our consciousness above as it anyway forms the more real essence by which to perceive and judge our world.

What I have repeatedly seen – with what I call naked, right-brain dominant or raw-wisdom – is that math symbols clearly and unmistakeably and consistently point to certain directions that are not without biases,  The form the very highest (or most universal) inner pointing tools for how to separate all elements of consciousness. They are the naturally dominant means to then organize left-brain consciousness, the surface/separative and thereby surface-bound view. When we confuse what is seen as surface appearances with more a more depth view, we harvest illusions and become lost. This is what happens to dementia sufferer. They lose their way in the inner world of consciousness. This is what happens to right-brain damaged patients, who only have the use of the left brain, and thus and again suffer from dementia.

Because one cannot connect a vision of nature universally using universal abstractions of separation, the mathematical, the highest left-brain vision becomes itself demented. It is actually the most deeply irrational and ultimately consciousness-destructive and corrupting of visions – when deeply applied in the midst of living terrains. It does not really objectify perceptions. It does not deeply know or understand our life-centered world. This is why our healing arts are in a shambles and we have multiple, major run-away health epidemics in a consciousness-numbed culture.  The fasting growing of these health epidemics are all consciousness ailments – like diabetes, metastatic cancer and Alzheimer’s. With Alzheimer’s especially the consciousness is lost so that memories no longer connect.

All of the above is childishly easy to demonstrate

It takes no PhD or being a math prodigy to sort through any philosophic dumbo jumbo.

We miss the simplest of truths when covered over by complex algebraic or calculus formulas.

three apples   apple sauce

If three apples are separate, we can count them

But blend these same apples together to make applesauce, and we cannot count them any longer. Math symbols abstract universal separation – pointing to the opposite principles relative to what is life and consciousness. When universally applied with integrity, which is what the cosmic vision are bound to do ( and nowadays more so  to the tiniest nanotechnology levels) that view has to lead to a systemically undermining, corruption or ill consciousness and impinging of life. This becomes a profound insight, why our modern world must change its course if we are to be rescued form our stranded straights.

Thus we cannot do the following:

corruption meter

  • Build a consciousness uncorrupted culture led by a math-bound vision – If consciousness is the universal relationship of connection in nature, then you predictably and ultimately undermine cultural consciousness via the dominance of a math-bound view of nature to her deepest depths.  Why? Because conscious is again the opposite universal relationship of connection in nature, and inside of us! Again there is hardly a more revolutionary statement to make than to say that we undermine the integrity of consciousness through a universal mathematical vision, rather than the claimed opposite stance of the Renaissance.  Is this just my fantasy, without any basis in our senses? No one can see this reality in our consciousness challenged culture, and in how nursing home patients fed multiple, math-designed drugs walk the halls like near-dead zombies. One can see this insight in how money can corrupt consciousness.

    Mirror reverse imageMirror reverse image  or reversal illusion
  • But the mathematical view does seemed to work Doesn’t it? - At first a math-vision-led culture will seem to make great progress as the vision is applied more superficially – and where it best applies. But later, the same guidance can and will pollute and destroy living nature and the essence of living nature, again corrupting and harming its consciousness. That has been my own overall, life-long insight. The reversal illusion is universal, and between the surface and depth or superficial and essential order of nature. It is like a mirror image reversed, apparently true with a trillion details but at the same time false. This also happened with the reversal illusion of geo- and heliocentricity. Reversal illusions in general are the most powerful, griping and addicting of illusions, why when uncovered this can be shocking and can engender “re-volutions” in thought. Here the reversal illusion of he math-bound view  is of much greater significance than the geo-helio reversal, whose discovery catapulted us into the modern world. It is the ultimate and most difficult of  illusions to pierce – the quintessential mistaking of surface appearance for depth truth.
    symptom relief
  • Thus an allopathic doctor will initially suppress consciousness-surface symptoms to make it appear that he or she is healing a disease. But eventually it does not heal when systemic. What his or her drugs will do is harm life yet more with so-called “side-effects” which are really main effects. This is why there are no chemical cures for Alzheimer’s disease. The order of inner consciousness and that of life again class oppositely with the math-bound order. We intuit this when whatever is mechanical is anathema to creative/conscious life.feel pain when something is cut
  •  We feel it with conscious pain when our bodies are cut apart, or  rendered to become like machines which they are not. Machines are made of separate parts, we and all living things are whole organisms connected via our consciousness, the universal connective relationship. We feel pain as that consciousness rushes to a site of any tear, rip or cut.compost heap
  • This is why a large random mix of chemicals thrown into a compost heap destroys the life of the heap or forms a super-toxic waste site. The same happens ecologically on a wider scale. The very same also happens deep inside of us as we ingest synthetic chemicals, being lured by the marketing pressure  and consciousness deceptions of giant pharmaceutical firms. To avoid this view, these pharmaceutical companies test drugs in lab-created environments of separatetest-tube isolations. They don’t test the mathematical view as a connected whole, as with the example, of the compost heap, because that would challenge and undermine their science.thermometer
  • I know all the arguments about positive uses of math and science – Positive uses exist and have validity. But the validity is surface limited, rather than universal or all-integrally and depth true. The vision profoundly lacks integrity and was not well thought through. Yes we can use a thermometer, for example, to measure exactly how far there is a departure from a point of temperature balance. But again, these are double negative applications- to use what is separative consciousness to get back to what is connective or a point of balance. If we alternatively or directly force that separative vision onto the essence of nature, the same life that is helped will be lethally harmed and even to the point of mass extinctions. We see this looming threat on the horizon with many developments, the proliferated of atomic weapons, the ever expanding chemical pollution of our planet, and the rising genetic engineering and nanotechnology applications.

    chocolate bar
  • Discovering the ultimate depth essence of nature -The real essence of nature has to be what integrally connectsall things.  It cannot be what universally separates all things – no matter how much I would like to follow the lead of Newton.This is similar to chocolate being the essence of a chocolate bar. That essence is not represented by what is on the wrapper of the chocolate bar. It is rather represented by what is inside and connectively throughout. Mathematics remains ever the abstraction of how to separate all elements of consciousness.cut apple
  •  When we separate things, we form surface appearances. We cut an apple apart, and surfaces appear which then also start to brown and to decay. The latter, the universally separative understanding, on an inner  level, similarly starts to corrupts the universally connective, the more conscious understanding. This is the understanding of nature that lies in between the slices of light that a microscope isolates or separates as 1, 10x, and 1000x. As you cannot glue things together with a chainsaw, you cannot connect a vision of nature with chainsaw symbols that mislead us to cut all perceptions apart. Rather with a universally separative vision of nature, you can best build atomic weapons to destroy the Earth and we can create the means to pollute all of our planet’s living, conscious terrains – without exceptions.

McDonalds and Monsanto    atomic bombsnegate the bill of rights

In short, we have been misguided grossly for 400 years

It is paradoxical that the vision which created democracy and lands of liberty and a modern science of nature is also what is now undermining those terrains, as highlighted on a special anniversary date.

Just 210 years ago, on December 15th, 1791, the Bill of Rights became the law of the land. Now we see an overturning of that Bill of Rights on Dec 15, 2011!

But understanding what was presented above, this process has been an inevitable and twice as long-run development (400 years, two hundred past the enactment of the Bill of Rights).

The early fruits of the Industrial Revolution were again, what we can best might call double-negatives which equal only superficial positives – and to be undermined latter as the vision is ever deepened applied and expanded. Thus machines negated and replaced mechanical chores, a double negative that yielded a superficial positive – including a short-term abolishing of slavery. This is why the Renaissance vision was treated with such huge excitement – with the thrilling belief that it would only lead us to endless human progress and the glorious conquest of nature – including our human nature.

Sir Isaac Newton never imaged McDonald’s innovative mechanization of food delivery and what that would do to our health; or Monsanto’s mechanization of what is at the core of life and what it would do to threaten life all over the planet; or Fehmi’s invention of formulas that led to the building of atomic weapons – based on Cartesian coordinate formulas, a vision of space infinitely separated or exploded. Newton never imagined the creation of a Bill of Rights and its later shredding. Blind belief in an order does not yield wisdom or foresight.

Thus a far deeper application of the very same root Newtonian vision, has mislead and misguided us toward a wholesale destruction of life, of free-will and ultimately of cultural consciousness – or a far greater and deeper eventual slavery of humanity.

We are on that doorstep. Make no mistake about it. We have arrived at that doorstep.

visualize materialize

What we visualize, we always create

We are ultimately responsible for the world we have created it. And not until we change our root inner vision, or what has led us to where we are today,  until we green our inner consciousness and not just our gardens, our outer world will continue on this very same path to the very same ends and unstopped.

What we visualize inside of us, we materialize outside of us.

That is the ultimate law of consciousness and the ultimate challenge.

Greatest story of our times

And so the story unfolds that on December 15th 2011, the US Senate, following the US House of Representatives, passed the National Defense Authorization Bill.

It is a bill that totally historically guts the Bill of Rights.

It is a bill that ends the dominance of the spirit of 18th century America.

The founding fathers were wise but their efforts were not enough to withstand the evil potentials of government and its dominant economic forces. They still underestimated the power of those forces to undermine their noble efforts – to withstand the ever greater evolution of a commercial-dominated culture which we’ve seen in our times.

The real terrorist attack

This new NDA Act destroys the liberty that Americans have fought for, for at least two hundred years. It is the ultimate terrorist act or overturning of our nation.

It allows for the arrest and indefinite detention of any US citizens who are just accused of being a “terrorist” – without the necessity of any trial or proof.

Building 7 Collapse after Twin Towers

Building 7 Demolition Though Never Hit by a Plane

The fake terrorist attack

This has been enacted during a time when the whole “War on Terror” was fabricated by the Bush administration. The notion that three buildings came down on Wall Street due to a terrorist attack of two planes, and within seconds or in demolition fashion is a public IQ test.  It is also a test for how far mass consolidated media can distort and recreate Orwellian reality.

No loin-skill clothed Afghans could ever have challenged a trillion-dollar-a-year-spending military and its air defense system.

Norad, that air defense system, was ordered to be shut down on 9-11. The only true accounts of what happened can be found on the Internet.

Then came the passage of the “Patriot Act” – which the whole primary purpose for staging 9-11.

And now comes the ultimate follow up, the NDA Act – the end game of killing American democracy.

I came from Nazi Germany

Those criminals in our culture who have staged 9-11 studied what happened with the burning of the Reichestag that thus led to the destruction of democracy in Germany.

My family was a survivor of Nazi Germany only because my father read Mein Kampf and saw what was coming. We live in times, that is in an age of drones, where there is no where any longer to run to. So we are forced to remain and stand up to the forces of our times and via an infowar – letting the truth come out.

Hanging together through these tough times

Our commercial culture has created a new brave world were we live ever more separately and in zombie-like ways, dumbed down by drugs and TV addictions. Also the single person living alone has become the highest rising social statistic of our commercial times. This evidences still further a disintegration of society. But ultimately the pendulum must swing the other way.

As Benedict Arnold once stated, and this applies powerfully to our times. a time of deep cultural illness and corruption,…. we must now either hang together or else hang separately. We need to create new local and intentional (conscious) community structures – to rebuild our world out of the ashes of the modern.

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