Stop the Sneak Attack on our Free and Open internet

Stop the sneak attack on our free and open internet.

Stop the Sneak Attack

on a Free and

Open Internet

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healtingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) US Senate Resolution 6 is being proposed by telecom corporate giants like Comcast and Verizon. This would enable them to restrict access to websites by fiat – including competitive video services, mobile applications and other innovative services and applications. The threat thereof can effectively censor content.

We can’t let big phone and cable companies take a wrecking ball to our whole free and open internet.”

Senators who put the interests of big corporations before their constituents are trying to stealthily push through this measure, essentially give phone and cable corporations complete control over the Internet.1

The net neutrality regulations passed by the FCC last December were incredibly disappointing — weak enough that they barely warranted the name “net neutrality.” And now the big telecom companies are working to kill even these perfunctory rules to ensure we maintain some semblance of an open Internet.

If the Senate passes a proposed resolution stripping the FCC of its regulatory power, companies like Verizon, Time Warner and Comcast will have the authority to block our rights to free speech and access to and ability to share information on the internet.We’ll lose our last line of defense against an internet run by giant corporations.

Stop the Corporate Takeover of the Internet

URGENT: Tell your Senators to take a stand against the complete corporate takeover of the internet and vote against the resolution to nullify the FCC net neutrality regulations.Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Because the proposed measure is something called a “resolution of disapproval,” we can’t filibuster it. The telecoms only need 51 votes in the senate to make their assault on free speech the new law of the land.

If this resolution passes, cable and phone companies will be able to restrict your access to web sites, video services, and mobile applications — and no one will be able to stop them. What’s more, the telecoms are well on their way to ramming this measure through the Senate before the public learns about what’s at stake.

URGENT: Tell your Senators to take a stand against a possible corporate takeover of the internet and to vote against the resolution to nullify the FCC net neutrality regulations.Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Thank you for taking action to preserve an open internet.

How To Take Action

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Key Words: Protect Net Neutrality

1  “Hutchison slams net neutrality rules,” Gautham Nagesh, The Hill, 09-23-2011.


Based on information provided by Ali Rozell, Campaign Manager 

CREDO Action from Working Assets


Video on Net Neutrality and Free Speech

and Who Wants to Undermine It:

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