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Megaupload shutdown and what it means to the Internet industry | Healing Talks

Why Megaupload was taken down and what it means to the Internet industry


megaupload arrests

Megaupload Arrests

Megaupload shutdown and
what it means to the Internet industry

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks) With the Megaupload shutdown and subsequent arrests, do we have a free and uncensored Internet anymore ? Not really. If our government can wield that kind of power, it may someday threaten every other giant site on the Web, including Youtube, Twitter, and actually all alternative news sites as well.

It is unconscionable that our mass media, and who represent the old guard, of course neglects to tell us the significance of this event.

Instead  we are told Megaupload’s shutdown is all about its highly criminal violation of copyright laws.

Megaupload’s extermination

Our US Justice Department’s audacious taking down of Megaupload, without any due process (assuming guilt by accusation) and the imprisonment of its founder Kim Dotcom, with his managing associates, sent a chilling message to all on the Internet – don’t mess with us. Also the warning was international as Megaupload’s base operations has been nowhere near the US.

The message included the proviso that there is no safe haven for those who brazenly attempt to challenge the status quo. The latest news is that a New Zealand judge has refused even bail, so Kim Dotcom has nowhere now to flee to.

Since then, smaller sites got the message. They have been intimidated to change their essential business models to survive.

Back in the 1930’s Hitler arrested Communists and Socialists in the Reichstag, or anyone who could possibly threaten his power.  This sent a frightening message to everyone else. He also controlled the media to spin the story about whatever he did as being justified.

If you think what’s happening now is much different, listen up.

Who is in charge

After an Internet blackout of about 7000 sites protesting the proposed law in SOPA (the attempt to censor the Internet) and where over 10 million people contacted their US elected officials, key Congressional sponsors of SOPA withdrew their support. Yet Megauploads was shut down that very same week! This was done under the ruse that supposedly this was all about “Internet piracy” or copyright infringement,  and as the old-guard media has reported via a hypnotic mantra. But then who, except the gullible, can trust anything that’s spun as truth by mass media? Of course the FBI anti-piracy warning indicates the same.

Secondly, one might think the timing of this massively significant event (given little or no attention in traditional media) was arbitrary rather than intentional.  Never before has such a vast international site been shut down by a monolithic government at its whim. While millions contacted their Congressmen and Senators, this sent a chilling and powerful message to all at the same time – namely don’t mess with us. We don’t really care that you can gather the forces of  10 million people to challenge us. With or without SOPA, the US government and globalists has shown their extended hand – their ability, strength and willingness to unleash international forces to take control of the Internet before its too late for them.

In the cyber war over who will globally control our minds, the old guard won out this round, this time. They torpedoed mega Meagupload.

Only Anonymous struck back at the FBI, RIAA, and many other perpetrators in a cyberwar.

How big was Megaupload?

It ranked among the top 75 websites in the world according to Alexa and some say much higher. It reported  a billion visitors, 180 million users, with about 50 million cyber-citizens coming there daily. Supposedly it gathered 4% of the entire traffic of the Internet.

Imagine that our government decided to close down IBM, Apple, Sears or Ford Motors, and to arrest its key executives. Wouldn’t that be a headline for weeks? Or what if it closed down all of Rupert Murdoch’s operation, or the  Associated Press,  New York Times, Washington Post, and CBS News – the establishment media that produces our standard American diet of “Orwellian knuz”- and without any due process, jailing athe key executives and sending them off to FEMA camps, perhaps for indefinite detention.

Wouldn’t that cause an uproar?

But the targeted “assassination “of Metaupload’s vast international service is apparently fair game – as long as the FBI and the White House give the go-ahead.

So this pivotal event, after a day or so, remains hardly mentioned in the establishment mass media because they really don’t want you to think about its meaning and consequences.


Megaupload megabox store

Why Megaupload taken down

In a few words, it got too powerful and too threatening too quickly.

Megaupload’s downfall probably had little, if nothing, to do with online piracy.

On line piracy was something the old guard media uses as an excuse. They actually created the software that enabled online piracy to be possible.

The raid of Megaupload had far more to do with Megaupload’s upcoming MEGABOX music store or DIY artist distribution service.

These posed potentially multi-billion dollar threats to the establishment’s bottom line. More so they involved the establishments fundamental control of our culture’s mindset. Taking away that control would return us to the media freedom of the 1960’s, which absolutely can’t be allowed to be.

Megamedia took on the ultimate powers of the old guard media gatekeepers, and who are the truly root foundation of the overall power of our global elites.

The fact of the matter is that early in December 2011, Megaupload beta tested Megabox, and with the listed partners of 7digital, Gracenote, Rovi, and Amazon. Megaupload was battling RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). The site had just sued Universal Music Group for wrongly blocking Megaupload’s YouTube campaign.

The quiet launch of Megabox seemed the last straw the old guard could tolerate.

Dotcom described Megabox as Megaupload’s iTunes competitor, which would even eventually offer free premium movies via Megamovie in 2012. This would take Megaupload from being a digital storage site to a potent digital content player.

Megabox was attracting unsigned artists who would get a better deal with them than virtually anywhere else in the music industry. This would allow anyone to sell their works while allowing the artist to retain 90% of their earnings. Artists could also offer songs free of charge while being paid through Megakey. Megakey’s business model has been thoroughly tested.

In short, Megabox was planning on bypassing the major labels, RIAA, and the media establishment.

They had the  nerve to threaten the whole industry and they had the means to do so successfully!

Matt Burns reporting for TechCrunch

“You can expect several Megabox announcements next year including exclusive deals with artists who are eager to depart from outdated business models,” said Dotcom late last year. But that’s probably not going to happen. Kim Dotcom and several other Megaupload executives are now awaiting trial on various charges including racketeering, money laundering, and various counts of piracy. It seems they flew too close to the sun. High on success and a half a world away in New Zealand and Hong Kong, they attempted to take on the music industry head-on.

Now they’re in jail.”

Megaupload banned shutdown

Megaupload’s fatal mistake

In the lightening -fast world of the Internet upstarts, Megaupload didn’t bother to first muster and congeal key alternative corporate and political support and alliances for their revolutionary ventures, what turned out to be a very fatal mistake.

Taking on Big Pharma and Monsanto

A word to the wise, be careful with other, seemingly unrelated causes that involve the mega-elite.

It is better at first to make incremental changes, carefully building political alliances, rather than go forth as a loner and in dynamite fashion, upsetting the foundation, the whole power structure of our ill, money-corrupted society.

The globalist try to foster changes on us incrementally, with the intent of those changes being almost unnoticed, and which eventually become overwhelming. Then suddenly we wake up cognizant of living in a police state.

Perhaps we need to do the same to them at times in retaliation. They know that given a little more incremental growth of a free Internet, they are cooked.

Bear in mind that there are movements afoot to outlaw the majority of natural supplements and therapies on the market (as there are to shutdown alternative media sites). There is the attempt by Monsanto to also overtake all organic foods and to control our world’s entire seed and food supply – the foundations of life.

Thus a first step is to hold back this evil.

We are in a cyber-battle for the soul and consciousness of modern culture.

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