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Why Obama must be impeached | Healing Talks

Why Obama must be impeached

impeach Obama

(Healingtalks) See the following video for the reasons why Obama must be impeached with great speed to protect the America we love.

Video tells less than half the story

Even this video tells not even half of what is really happening behind the scenes and which, at the same time, a corporate-consolidated and controlled media will not make the American people aware of.  The real story is only being told in the alternative press – at least for awhile as steps are afoot to largely shut down the free Internet.

What else is happening is that US and Canadian FEMA camps, built to house, detain and imprison millions of American citizens (with barbed wire turned inward) and for the enactment of marshal law – camps which were recently activated right after the enactment of NDAA which allowed for the arrest and detention of US citizens without due process and indefinitely….the vast ramping up of high-tech surveillance of ALL Americans, and especially members of the press… the training and arming of troops to fire on US citizens…. the proclamation of executive orders recently claiming to right to take complete control of the executive branch of all private assets in the US, and in times of marshal law.,,…and much, much more.

Is a war in Iran being planned or something even bigger?

At the same time US naval tankers are moving swiftly toward Iran and Russian troops are amassing on the northern borders of Iran to protect it. Are we on the verge of WWWIII or is something else being planned?

Whatever it is, sometime extraordinarily big is afoot and for nationwide execution, apparently for this year, and by the Administration that has intensely abrogated our Constitution than any other administration in American history.

And whatever it is planning for us, or more precisely against us…. will not be pretty.

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    certainly the easiest to understand about “Why
    Obama must be impeached”.

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