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20 top drug-caused celebrity deaths and their significance | Healing Talks

20 top drug-caused celebrity deaths and their significance


(Healingtalks) Who has not seen all those hugely deceptive TV ads with absolutely glowing and smiling actors trying to sell the general public on daily drug use?

The real truths is that most drugs have major toxic “side-effects” and that they can devastate lives. They have, in fact, put out the shinning light of countless celebrities – as well as the inner light of ordinary people we all know, including neighbors and family members.

Most of what is touted about the effectiveness of modern drugs is actually outright and downright lies, and for which the fake TV ads are but a symbol.

Lies piles upon lies

Here is how the vast lying process works. The drug companies create their own

    • Unregulated drug testing
    • Drug companies test isolates – They look at individual symptoms which are suppressed, and often using highly toxic substances
    • These tests tend to ignore all other symptoms or effects – Everything but the isolated focus is called an insignificant “side-effect – like cancer, heart disease and even death

When you isolate or separate out an effect in a large disease complex, you fundamentally bias or “partialize” all scientific consciousness! You just look at what you chose to look at (usually with a profit motive in mind) – as in a drug that only relieves pain but does not really heal everything else. This suppression is a form of patient deception. You then should not be allowed to cover over or hide this fundamental fact – namely that your scientific viewpoint is biased. The coverup is done by spending millions on researching and then getting a government approval. The bottom line is that your view point remains biased and unscientific. So wake up America and the world to the fact that the vast majority of modern drug testing, and by its very nature, is meant to culturally and marketplace deceive. Only when dealing with machines made of separate parts can we objectively use a separative approach to knowledge. There are exceptions, but that is another discussion.

Usually the study of isolates misleads us when trying to heal living organisms because there is a holistic principle of life and consciousness that reigns, and as discussed below. Thus lies are piled up upon lies to deeply fool the general public and  to fool even the medical establishment in their medical education financed by pharmaceutical giants. This ultimately results in an estimate 200,o000 deaths a year in the US alone from prescribed drug use (and many millions worldwide).

It includes so many stellar and creative human beings we call our beloved celebrities.

                                      compost heap organic pour chemicals into compost

 Compost heap test

If you want  REAL objective testing of the overall effectiveness or impact of drugs, one has to look at the WHOLE impact, and again not looking at chemical drug isolates.

Thus  if we take a large random mix of lab-isolated chemicals (to test the WHOLE underlying order of drugs, of chemistry) and throw them into a compost heap, what changes in the heap? Is the change minor or major? And why should we use a compost heap to begin with, and as our “natural testing laboratory” for this purpose? This is because a conventional sterile lab is where all the major tools of measurement (ruler, scale, micrometer, etc) are all brought together to self-prove the 17th century’s math-based vision of nature. It is the math-biased home-turf of that vision (something we are not taught, rather viewing the lab as a universally objective environment for discovering the laws of nature).  So here, with the compost heap as a living laboratory, we find that plants decay to create the building materials for all other plants. This represents a universal unifying order of plant-living nature.

What is the impact or result of this test?

What is impact of now invading that living terrain with synthetic chemicals?

What does a large random mix of pharmaceutical and other lab-created chemicals result in?

All of life therein dies

The highly symbolic order of unity of the compost heap is more than just broken or tarnished or negatively impacted. It is utterly destroyed and devastated. It is entirely undermined. The heap becomes dead, barren, life-less, wasted, supertoxic. All life therein dies.

Guess what?  The same can happen inside our bodies and to all our cells.

Isn’t that obvious?

And we might importantly ask why does this happen?

Faulty core and taproot cultural vision

The 17th century introduced into our global culture the seemingly acceptable notion, which is ultimately and actually somewhat culturally insane (and where the chief proponent of this vision, Sir Isaac Newton, died literally insane)  – namely that all of nature is ultimately math-based, math-ruled and mechanical. Why might this most revered view of science be flawed? The problem with this seemingly advanced and most intelligent (highest left-brain) view, and which produced our modern chemicals, drugs, and industrial revolution, is that mathematics represents the ultimate abstractions for how to “separate all elements of consciousness.” How can we explain the meaning of this in plain English? For example, in counting three apples when the apples are separated we indeed can indeed count them. But we cannot count them if we now make applesauce or blend them together.

We also cannot best connect a vision of nature cosmically by universally separating it mathematically in our consciousness. What results is rather a shocking disintegration of consciousness within.  Where does this manifest the most? Externally there is a devastation of the healing arts, leaving those arts in a shambles unable to stop health epidemics, and where objectivity in understanding healing, and in stopping environmental devastation, is lost.

Healing is about universal connection.

Consciousness itself is a universal relationship of connection in nature, underlying the essence of life. Thus the math-based vision, applied to the healing arts, has predictably disastrous consequences. The whole vision works superficially, with relatively rare emergency applications (treating superficial symptoms immediately, at the surface of time). But such dramatic rescues with drugs is exactly what fools us about wider, deeper and universal applications. When the vision is indeed driven deep, and into our bodies as symbolized by taking drugs into our depth interiors and via IVs into our veins, the results are eventually similar to those of a super-toxic waste sites creating cancer cells. There is an ultimate and looming shadowy death of species with global chemical pollution. The web of life on earth becomes threatened. Here the understanding  is that this happens precisely because the essence of a math-based vision of nature driven deeply and universally into the fabric of nature and ourselves will  go loggerheads with polar opposite essence of life and consciousness – or universal separation is imposed upon universal connection.

What happens when ….

What happens when the skin of a living organism is cut? It cries out in pain because its life and consciousness is hurt. The inner wholeness is cut apart. When a universal vision captures the universal principles of cutting, of separation, that vision ultimately will and cannot but destroy all of life.

The wholesale death of bee colonies is just a recent dire warning sign, like canaries in a mine, and about what the human race could soon be facing if we do not wake up from our deep cultural delusions and inner sleep.

global mind change willis harman

Global Mind Change Solution

The wake up solution here is not really complicated. We do not need half of the US population on regular toxic and addictive meds (never truly healing as  Big Pharma becomes rich). This is but a testimony to how powerful the deceptions of consciousness have culturally become, and since largely the 1950’s when TV technologies were invented.

Symbolic also thereof is nursing home patients on multiple drugs who walk the nursing home halls like zombies.

We thus need a new awakening. We need what may be called a global mind change.

This is a moving away from the hugely archaic, terribly outdated and poorly conceived 17th century vision of nature, what is failing abysmally in the healing arts, and not leading to progress but to where we truly are.  Because allopathic physicians are in harmony with that distorting but dominant vision,  they represent not just the majority but literally 99% of licensed “health” practitioners, and naturopaths only 1%.

Only via a global mind change can we reverse those percentages.

List of 20  top celebrities who have died due to using pharmaceuticals

      1. John Belushi – Saturday night live star
      2. Paula Yates – TV celebrity and writer
      3. Hillel Slovak – guitarist for Red Not Chili Pepper
      4. Marilyn Monroe – movie star and symbol of female sexual beauty
      5. Billie Holiday – famous female jazz singer
      6. Ken Caminiti – famous baseball player
      7. Bridget Anderson – child actress
      8. River Phoenix – film star
      9. Anna Nicole Smith – actress and model
      10. Jim Morrrison – lead  singer of the Doors
      11. Chris Farley – actress and TV star of Saturday Night Live
      12. Tim Hardin – singer and songwriter
      13. Elvis Presley - King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, actor and male sex symbol
      14. Donyale Luna - Supermodel
      15. John Kordic - Hockey player
      16. Janis Joplin – singer songwriter
      17. Len Bias – basketball star
      18. Jimi Hendrix - singer and guitar player
      19. Judy Garland - singer and actress, star of the Wizard of Oz
      20. John Bonham – drummer for Led Zeppelin

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