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Death by medicine | Healing Talks

Death by medicine

death by medicine

Death by medicine

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) Modern allopathic medicine is base, lock-stock-and-barrel on the mechanical vision of nature – and thus our bodies. Machines are made of separate parts, designed mathematically…because math symbols abstract universal separation. Machines model or represent the result of applying a mathematical vision to its heights. What’s wrong with machines?

Two main contentions

A) Failure of mechanical/math-based view

I contend machines do not model or represent the essence of nature. It is pretty obvious to see this since machines never, not once, occur naturally anywhere in nature, unless man-made. This implies mathematics does not represent the essence of nature left alone and not imposed upon. This implies separative consciousness (left-brain dominant consciousness which is separative) does not really fathom or penetrate into nature’s depths. Mathematics is the left-brain’s highest organizing symbolism, the the universal symbols of separation,One reason the vision fails is because one cannot connect a vision of nature consistently and rationally using abstractions of separation. Its irrational an impossible Had I been around in the 17th century, I would have totally demolish and made mince-meat of the arguments of Newton, Galileo and Descartes that so grossly mislead us into our modern eco-challenged or non-sustainable world – arguments and ideas that anchor and justify all of modern medicine’s foundation. It is a quicksand foundation.

B) Success of life/consciousness based view

Imagine that at the core of nature is what we experience inwardly as life and that at the core of life is consciousness – and as the universal relationship of connection. If this is true, and in my experience it is, then the mathematical/mechanical vision points systematically to and materializes not just machines made of separate parts, unconsicous and dead, but overall death in nature.

A system of medicine based on that vision thus offers not the keys to healing, but death by medicine. Non-emergency surgery is a perfect example. We cut the body apart like a machine, which accelerates death. When such practices make a marriage with commercial interests ($ signs being math symbols applied socially/environmentally), where consciousness is corrupted (separated apart) powerful in these dark directions.

Iatrogenic death

Iatrogenic means caused by a physician or the doings of a doctor. The statistics of death as well as life-long illnesses caused directly by the artificial interventions of modern medicine is daunting. Many of these statistics are provided in the video below.

Hospitals raking it in for unnecessary surgery for dying seniors

My own dad was subjected to two surgeries in his 90s, without even the approval of his medical surrogate (the doctors taking away that license) and he immediately died. His operations were not just unnecessary by a criminal act, as far as I was concerned. Only doctors and policemen can kill you legally and get away with it.

To make matters worse, doctors and hospitals in the US have a financial incentive to perform such surgery and on dying seniors because Medicare is guaranteed to pay for it, even though if and when most of the procedures fail to improve the patients’ lives. Again separative technologies go against the very essence of healing. The double negative of removing something toxic or ill or not the same as a positive in the direction of healing. It is a removal of symptoms.

death by medicine

Statistics of death by medicine

Statistics show that modern medicine is the overall leading cause of preventable death in the US. See references below for a backup on this statement. A case in point is the following. Harvard School of Public Health recently reported that 1.8 million Medicare beneficiaries age 65 or older died in 2008, and over 34% were operated on during their last year, 25% in their last month, and 10% in their last week of life. If the surgery was a causal element, then approximately 600,000 seniors (1/3rd of 1.8 million) died as a result.

As cynical as it sounds, doctors routinely perform unnecessary surgery for financial benefits. It becomes necessary to maintain their lifestyles, their mercedes and the like. There is a conflict of interest in caring about the lives of seniors, past the deceptive white coat purity appearance,  when guaranteed financial rewards follow assembly-line unnecessary surgeries.

Supposedly there is no other way – what bunk

The Medicare website for reporting unnecessary and inappropriate surgery describes it as being an operation for a condition that could effectively be treated with medication or physical therapy.  Typically, there is nothing listed about nutrition or natural healing. Mentioning natural remedies can endanger a doctors license to practice medicine. The FDA outlaws any natural remedy from claiming it can cure a disease, so the general public still believes surgery and chemotherapy are the only true options.

Arguments against “death by medicine

The argument against our thesis that modern medicine is the leading cause of death in the US is presented in a blog post by Steve Novella, MD on his site Science Based Medicine (hiding behind the cloak of “superior science,” as the 17th century mechanical/death-centered view claimed their view was superior, and providing a deeply false justification). He substitutes the word food for medicine as being the leading cause of deaths in the US. This is a common distortion, that was is natural and truly healing is what is to be feared. I have offered some of the arguments opposing that view in many blog posts, including 27 years, zero deaths from vitamins, 3 million from prescription drugs.

$-driven, illusionary worldview-driven, three-prong and deadly short-sightedness

Doctors in the United States are trained to do mainly three general procedures for the sick and dying which also connect with making money. They operate, administer chemotherapy/radiation or prescribe pharmaceuticals to mask and seemingly relieve symptoms or pain. The effort to remove cancer that surrounds or invades organs is a most surgical procedure. Unfortunately, clipping off the “tops of weeds” doesn’t get at the taproot and since the chemicals in food and overall bad nutrition fuel ill health and disease – this is the best of all worlds financially for the “disease-care industry.”

Surgery works against the connective essence of life and supports the mechanical view, the death centered. Thus not surprisingly surgery can be painful, debilitating, and life-time weakening – accelerating death.  The most popular chemotherapy drug is Gemcitabine, which claims to only help about 25% of patients. So the rest either undergo useless surgery or are sent home to die with no nutritional advice. Cancer is a chemically driven disease, and chemotherapy is toxic, deprives all cells of oxygen. Often surgery also causes internal bleeding which spreads the cancer. I can’t count how many I have lost to the ravages and insanities of allopathic medicine – to death by medicine.


Occurpy modern medicine – the political revolt against corporate, profit-driven disease care

Modern medicine as the leading cause of death in US

“Death by Medicine” Groundbreaking statistical summary and analysis written by Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD

Statistical update on Null’s “Death by Medicine” – the assault continues to get worse



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