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Mainstream media acknowledges diabetes cure | HealingTalks | Healing Talks
Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2013

Mainstream Media Admits Cures for Diabetes Exist; Calls It Remission In Interest of Big Pharma

Diabetes can be reversed through diet and weight loss

By tamarawilhite

Is Mainstream Media Hiding A Diabetes Cure?/ HealingTalks

(HealingTalks) Diabetes has two leading causes. The first cause, the cause of Type 1 diabetes, is an autoimmune disorder. The immune system of a child or young adult attacks the pancreas, destroying the organ and the body’s ability to create insulin. Type 2 diabetes was once known as adult-onset diabetes, but as it has been diagnosed in young adults and preteens, it is now exclusively referred to as Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the result of insulin resistance. The body still makes insulin, but the body’s cells no longer respond to it. Type 2 diabetes is not the result of a sudden event, but a gradual deterioration. This is why people can be diagnosed as pre-diabetic, an early stage of Type 2 diabetes that can be managed without insulin.

The American Diabetes Association says that about 8% of the American population has diabetes, a number that has been rising with the age and average weight of the population.

Is There a Diabetes Cure?

A possible diabetes cureOnce someone is diagnosed with diabetes, the condition is deemed permanent by the medical establishment. It may be managed via diet or insulin, but diabetes is generally considered something patients have to live with for the rest of their lives.

There are promising signs that Type 2 diabetes does not have to be permanent. Diabetics who switched to a vegan diet without any high sugar fruit and only whole grains often found that they could eliminate their need for insulin. The Paleolithic Diet, eschewing refined grain, dairy, and processed food, also reduced or eliminated the need for insulin. About nine out of ten diabetes patients who adopted a raw living foods diet also eliminated their need for insulin. Type 2 diabetics who lost significant amounts of weight sometimes found that they no longer needed insulin. Significant amounts of regular exercise helps patients manage blood sugar; when patients exercised regularly and lost weight, a few were also able to stop taking insulin. These diabetics created a medical dilemma. Is diabetes a permanent condition, or could one cure diabetes by weight loss, exercise and/or dietary management?

The Possible Diabetes Cure

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided to study Exercise as a treatment for diabeteswhether or not diabetes could be cured through weight loss, exercise, and dietary shifts. Out of roughly 4,500 overweight patients, one in nine patients did “cure” their diabetes, no longer requiring insulin or medication to manage their blood sugar. The CDC will not call it a diabetes cure, preferring the term “diabetes remission“.

Patients who lost weight and kept it off while regularly exercising saw their condition improve. At the twelve month mark, 11.5% of the patients were in diabetes remission. This means that their blood sugar level was below the diabetes threshold without any medication.
Patients who had had diabetes for the shortest amount of time, lost the most weight or had the greatest improvement in physical fitness were more likely to experience diabetes remission. The CDC found that only a third of the patients in diabetes remission were still in remission after four years. However, this may be related to the slipping back into old habits and regaining lost weight or resuming a sedentary lifestyle. These lifestyle changes, such as at least half an hour of daily activity and avoiding simple starches like potatoes and white bread, are known to reduce one’s risk of developing diabetes in the first place.

What Other Treatments Can Cure Diabetes?

Weight loss is integral to reversing diabetesSome medical professionals are comparing the success rate of intensive exercise and weight loss to bariatric surgery also known as weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery has been found to cure diabetes in about two thirds of its patients. While bariatric surgery may reduce diabetes rates because it causes weight loss and helps patients keep it off, dietary changes and physical fitness routines do not necessitate costly and sometimes dangerous procedures. Bariatric surgery is major surgery, and complications can include difficulty keeping food down and inadequate nutrient absorption. However, the “cure” for diabetes via bariatric surgery does further prove that a diagnosis of diabetes is not a final proclamation. While bariatric surgery may resolve diabetes, it is far safer to alter one’s diet and become more active.

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