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Coroner covers up Whitney Houston’s cause of death on behalf of Big Pharma | Healing Talks

Coroner covers up Whitney Houston’s cause of death on behalf of Big Pharma

whitney dies of drug overdose

(Healingtalks) What really happened to Whitney The day Whitney died (February 11th), it was reported that she took Xanax and Valium. Both belong to a diabolical group of meds called “benzos.” The coroner also reported that she had traces of Flexeril ( muscle relaxant) and Benadryl (antihistamine and sleeping aide) in her blood. It is a known fact that combining different benzos with Benadryl and Flexeril, and then topping it off with alcohol is big-time dangerous. They can slow down the central nervous system to the point of fatally stopping a person’s breathing. Secondly, her family was initially told (by the coroner’s office or a detective) that she did not, and could not, have died of drowning. There simply wasn’t enough water in her lungs.

A blatant cover up

Deputy Coroner, Ed Winter later denied that story. He said it was not anyone from his office who told the family Whitney couldn’t have died of drowning (though he admitted a detective might have). Then  on March 22nd the press release by the coroner’s office stated Whitney did die from drowning and the presence of any prescription drugs in her blood was irrelevant. They reflected normal prescribed dosages of benzos. No mention was made about alcohol in her blood nor that normal doses of benzos can indeed subdue the central nervous system to the point of becoming fatal if combined with alcohol and other drugs. Rather it was emphasized that traces of cocaine were in her blood, even though no cocaine was found in her hotel room.

At least one sane medical expert did not buy the official story:

“I don’t know how you can say that a bunch of sedating drugs, even in small amounts, couldn’t contribute to somebody either passing out or becoming sedated to the point where you wouldn’t necessarily struggle to recover the way most people would,” Dr. David Baron, chief of staff at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital, tells E! News.

“If we were falling asleep and slipped under the water, our emergency systems in our brain would wake us up,” Baron said. “When people are sedated, the brain doesn’t have the normal alarm systems working properly to make you struggle and fight for life. So I really don’t get why [the coroner’s office] said they were not contributing causes.”

benzo harms

Benzo epidemic, propelled by a corrupt mass media

If one is hip to how common it is for government officials to serve corporate interests, the coroner’s report comes of no surprise, and one can easily figure out why it makes no sense. Knowing we are constantly being lied to by such officials and by mass media in cahoots should make us angry – enough to cancel our monthly cable TV contracts and to get instead honest news from more reliable alternative press sources on the Web

(like Infowars, Common Dreams, Rense, and our own HealingTalks).

The truth is that Americans are indeed hooked on benzos in epidemic proportions and that they can be lethal. The CDC

now considered the widespread abuse of meds a far more serious epidemic than illicit drugs. Yet the war against street drugs is getting all the media attention, but not any war against legal drugs. Nearly 100 million people worldwide are now hooked on psychotropic pharmaceuticals condoned by the industry, government and media in tandem. This far more alluring drug epidemic (and precisely because it is officially condoned by major channels, the government, Big Pharma and physicians) serves many vested interests. The average person doesn’t know any of this is happening. Thus they can more easily and sheepishly become a victim – again following trusted media ads, likewise trusted psychiatrists, authoritative government officials and contrived news reports.

happy investorhappy investor

Blindly happy investors and brokers

How this epidemic came about

First these drugs are immensely addictive. A patient gets hook right away. Megabucks were spent by Big Pharma to discover and fine-tune the most addictive of drugs. This creates a cheering financial bonanza for blindly happy investors. Just a 30 day supply of benzos and someone becomes an unending profitable customer of Big Pharma, and “’til death do you part.” All the while a person’s inner brain and spirit are hijacked, broken and destroyed. Anyone can fall prey, even the most strong minded, beautiful and gifted persons. This is especially true when a trusted doctor says , “take this and it will calm you down, help you sleep better and have less anxiety.” Then outlets on TV blast ads ingrain the same diabolical message over and over again, using slick actors. Not only does this make for effective marketing, it creates a second financial bonanza for mass media investors. The two investor groups then can hug and congratulate each other, have a combined rejoicing payday party or frolicking to their banks as partners in crime.

The very same media that are on the take from Big Pharma are now declaring that the controversy is over.  Opponents or questioners should, no doubt, be silenced as conspiracy theorists. Whitney Houston officially died, “Orwell tells us” from anything but lethal pharmaceuticals.  Their message is, of course, biased and slanted pure propaganda. No one should rely on what they say, not in their right minds. This why this article is being written and we encourage readers to be widely disbursed this to counter corrupt Orwellian  “knuz.”

insane patient

From the patient side

Long term use of these drugs has powerful toxic, life-depleting “side-effects.”

These are really devastating “main effects” for those who are deceived. They include brain damage and seizures. This ruins countless lives. For some they result in early deaths. The death of Whitney is an example and should have been a perfect opportunity for a worldwide wake up call.  Instead the real truth that could help millions is iron-clad covered up for the financial benefit of a blind and greedy few.

Whoring mass media

Overall it is unconscionable to refuse to warn the public about a most dangerous of modern drug epidemics. Big Pharma and mainstream media, being corrupt partners, rather work together to prevent open disclosure. They run their consciousness-hammering and heavenly-sounding ads., penetrating the mass subconscious, and then cover up any visibility of dark consequences. This makes the mainstream media complicit in, shall we call it what it is – a modern mass murder. It cannot be said more bluntly. Also this is not any exaggeration or over dramatization. More American fatalities result directly and annually from this one legal drug epidemic than from all the fatalities of recent Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined.

We shudder at seeing soldiers killed and thus spend billions to defend them.

But what are we doing, by comparison, to hold Big Pharma and Big Media accountable? Nothing.

The controlling elite, having mainstream media in their pocket, thinks they can control all our minds, our fate and our pocketbooks.

Hear is the full story:

americas drug epidemicBig Pharma and Big Media, partners in crime

For those who know that mainstream media functions as a propaganda outlet for powerful corporate interests, vying for the top-dog in this field is Big Pharma.  They currently spend roughly 4-5 billion dollars a year on ads all across the US (about half is spent by Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer)  and they both promote psychiatric drugs. This means that Big Pharma represents the third largest ad spending industry in the nation.  However, this does not count any off-the-books “advertising” – namely secret and public payments to doctors, professional publications, promotional “health” organizations, hospitals, and medical schools. If all these were included, they would no doubt outpace the auto industry to take the place of “top-dog” among advertising-spending industries.

drug epidemicDrug epidemic payoff

Overall this pays off big time for mass media. In meantime, psychiatry has evolved into a  300 billion dollar industry through such advertising spending.

The further payoff is that roughly 100 million people worldwide are hooked on toxic and addictive psychotropic prescription – to become lifelong “customers” (even if their lives become shortened).  It takes flashy, smiling and fake TV actors – leading the public to subconsciously associate drug taking with best health, energy, and exuberant joy. It’s a bonanza for an industry almost entirely based on pseudo-science (see the video below for details) and deceptions- telling you normal emotions represent a disease, and making money (a “killing”) by that process. This is despite all the disastrous and deadly costs to the public – and among the public, this includes our greatest celebrity stars.

Making a killing

Roughly half of all the suicides in the nation involve individuals taking psychiatric drugs, more than twice as many deaths as annually caused by homicides.

mainstream media propaganda

Making us believe the unbelievable

In this context, the very manner in which the media made no mention of this, and rather ferociously blasted the recent and official coroner’s report on Whitney Houston’s death, is a clear sign of a diabolic Big Pharma/Mainstream media partnership at work.

Supposedly, we are told that Whitney Houston’s cause of death was by drowning. But the supporting arguments are about as rational as those for why the untouched Twin Tower Building # 7 came down in dynamite style.

Big Media doesn’t think we can see through their idiotic and manufactured lies, meant to be received by a zombie-drugged, brain dead public.

Easy to bribe or influence

In this context, it’s fairly easy to influence a coroner’s report, given tha the salary range of coroner’s in the US is from $15,000 to 102,o000 – a pittance compared to what is  at stake. What would the pharmaceutical industry lose if millions of Whitney Houston fans knew or suddenly believed she died from taking too many psychotrophic pharmaceuticals. That would be very bad PR. It  might result in million or billions of dollars in lost Big Pharma sales (and indirectly a.so lost advertising revenue for Big Media promoting these ultimate poisons).

LA coroner
Coroners are public officials

Coroners are either elected or appointed, and thus easily subject to political pressure. Given pensions and benefits, the threat of losing a job or instead offering a further financial bonus can hold sway. It’s a simple matter for a coroner to slant a report.

The coroner need not even outright fabricate any facts.  It’s merely a matter of highlight what is Orwellian “right” to highlight as causative – and then release that to the mass news media propaganda machine as the “official cause of death.”

Coroner’s official report on Whitney’s death

The official report indeed seems to emphasize all possible causes but one – the presence of pharmaceuticals and alcohol in her blood. Thus supposedly Whitney died from drowning, and with her cocaine habit and signs of cardiovascular disease being contributing factors.

It’s worse than absurd

  • Common sense about drowning – usually you die of drowning, for example, in the middle of a lake when you lose the strength to swim back to shore. But in a bath tub? It is possible that a heart attack preceded drowning in a tub, but that is not what the coroner’s report really said.
  • About cocaine use – It said she had some traces of cocaine from God knows when. There was no cocaine found in the hotel room. By contrast, it is reported that Whitney took Xanax and Valium the day she died, apparently anxious about her appearance at a pre-Grammy party that day. It is thus not logical that traces of cocaine were definitively causative since she may not have used cocaine for months and there were no traces of cocaine in her hotel room.
  • About arterial occlusion – As to arterial occlusion, it is something so common in America that it too cannot be considered causative. For those who have peripheral vascular disease (PVD), the risk of death thereby is only 30%. It is not and cannot be determinative.
  • Gross absurdity – To get us to believe Whitney just drowned, and for no definitive reason, in a tub (while surrounded by pharmaceutical pill bottles) is like asking us to believe that the Twin Towers came down within seconds in complete defiance of the laws of physics.

Are we all gullible and stupid?

Big Media and Big Pharma think so. Don’t turn to the wisdom of your own body but give up thought, reason and trust your fate to doctor to prescribe pharmaceutical. No one is supposed to think independently. That’s dangerous and a potentially “terrorist act.” to think contrary to what you are told. You especially can’t question an “official government report.” The gist as told by ABC news and reporting the “findings” of  Craig Harvey, Chief Coroner, can be summarized as follows:

“We had approximately a 60 percent occlusion in the arteries, in the narrowing of the arteries so, that condition, complicated by the chronic cocaine use, all combined to result in her drowning. The final cause of death has been established as drowning due to atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.”

whitney taking drugs

TMZ’s exclusive report on Whitney death

But here are the facts, the original reports on Houston’s death

  • Death certificate and report, signed by Regina M. Augustine, Deputy Coroner, simply said the cause of death was deferred.” The recent press release starkly contradicts the earliest findings in the case plus what the family was told.
  • Two days after Whitney’s dead, and in an exclusive report, TMZ  revealed that the LA coroner officials  told the family that Whitney clearly did not die from drowning because there was not enough water in her lungs. She was taken out of the bathtub alive, not dead from drowning. It was rather that she died from a combination of prescription drugs, Xanax and Valium being mentioned specifically and alcohol, according to those coroner officials. Champagne and beer were found in an adjacent room. That story or the reality of the situation wasn’t acceptable since it would put Big Pharma to shame.
  • The more recent coroner’s finding was that she had traces of cocaine, Xanax, Flexeril, marijuana and Benadryl in her blood. But the presence of legal pharmaceuticals was supposedly incidental and “did not cause her death.
  • RadarOnline’s inside source reported the following: “Whitney had taken Valium, Xanax, and alcohol, which led to her death. The coroner is waiting on final toxicology results to determine which one of the three was the major contributing factor of her demise. The coroner will be closely examining Whitney’s blood alcohol content at the time she died as well. The sedatives and alcohol will almost certainly be the cause of death, and not drowning. Her heart stopped beating because her respiratory system was suppressed because of the anti-anxiety meds, and combined with the booze it probably happened very quickly before she was found partially submerged in the bathtub.”

This historical account is similar to the FDA scientists having originally discovered that genetically modified foods were dangerous, but political forces banned their report.

drug side effects

Side-effects of the drugs found in Whitney’s blood:

  • Valium or diazapam (relaxant)  - Side effects include confusion, hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior, unusual risk-taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger, depressed mood, new or worsening seizures, feeling like you might pass out, and thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself
  • Ativan or Lorazepam (anti-anxiety drug)  Side effects include confusion, disorientation, depression, suicidal ideation/attempt, convulsions/seizures, tremors, coma
  • Drugs.com shows that Flereril interacts and compounds the effects of  Xanax, Benadryl and Valium to suppress the central nervous system and that much the same happens with Benadryl combined with the other three. This can lead to severe seizures.
  • Ashton Manual, an unofficial encyclopedia of benzos, says that mixing different benzos with opioids, alcohol, Benadryl, major tranquilizers or even other benzos will have an additive effect- and so much so that it can be fatal. They will slow the central nervous system up to the point of stopping one’s breathing.
  • As reported by Radaronline.com, the cops on the scene indeed told them that Houston had “a plethora of sedatives including Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax, and a sleeping medication” when she was found dead.

Heath ledger dies

Star who recently died taking prescription meds

Back in 2008, Heath Ledger (Australian born actor nominated for an Academy Award) died at age 28 by combining the pain medications oxycodone and hydrocodone, the antihistamine doxylamine (also used for insomnia), the sleeping medication temazepam, and the anti-anxiety drugs diazepam (Valium) and alprazolam (Xanax).

Here is one blogger’s take on the dangers of these drugs:

” Benzodiazepines are the cause of more deaths in North America than cancer. They cause more depression and suicides and cause more physical and mental pain than you can imagine. They are given out as sleeping pills and cause your body to fall apart slowly. They are so addictive that most people get hooked after two weeks. Anna Nicole Smith was on them when she died and Steve Nicks was hooked on clonazapam…The muscle pain is unbearable so most people have to go on pain killers and anti-depressants and so on until the drug cocktails kill the person….The withdrawal is very slow and takes about five years before your body heals and in the meantime you have to take the time off and stop working and lose your job and money. So Heath Ledger couldn’t take off the time to get off or he would have lost his movie work. That is why he was scratching and having facial ticks. These drugs do that as well as causing rebound panic and then you can’t sleep so you have to take more and more and you get sicker and sicker….How many more great people have to die before they stop giving innocent people these BENZOs!!!!”

Why celebrities turn to benzos

While in previous decades hard drugs were the major killer of celebrities (Jim Morrison, John Belushi, River Phoenix and Chris Farley) now there has been a radical shift to prescription benzos. This is partly because celebrities are among the most anxious people on the planet and they are often diet conscious – drinking diet sodas full of aspartame, a major chemical poison in the American diet and that induces anxiety.

Michael Jackson dies

More celebrity benzo deaths

The roster of celebs who have died subsequent to taking benzos include:

  • Amy Winehouse  July 23, 2011 (Age 27) Accidental alcohol poisoning with one benzodiazepine, Librium (chlordiazepoxide)
  • Brittany Murphy Dec. 20, 2009 (Age 32), Pneumonia and combined drug intoxication from Topamax, Biaxin, methylprednisolone, Prozac (fluoxetine), carbamazepine, vicoprofen, propranolol, Vicodin (hydrocodone) and two benzodiazepines, Ativan (lorazepam) and Klonopin (clonazepam)
  • DJ AM (a.k.a. Adam Goldstein) Aug. 28, 2009 (Age 36) Acute combined drug intoxication from OxyContin (oxycodone), Vicodin, Benadryl, levamisole and three benzodiazepines, Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin
  • Michael Jackson June 25, 2009 (Age 50) Propofol intoxication with benzodi azepine (Ativan, Dormicum (midazolam), Valium (diazepam) and nordiazepam) effect
  • Anna Nicole Smith Feb. 8, 2007 (Age 38) Acute combined drug intoxication from chloral hydrate, Benadryl and four benzodiazepines, Klonopin, Valium, Alepam (oxazepam) and Ativan (lorazepam)

stop asking questions

Unanswered Questions

  • What prescription drugs was she taking and as directed by her doctor?
  • Which  doses - and combinations of benzos?
  • Who was Whitney’s doctor – and is there a case for malpractice?
  • Why is silence – in and throughout the mass media on all such issues?
Obviously the information is being censored to protect the indecent profits of Big Pharma
Charlie Gibson anchor

Messengers of deception – “News whores” in fine tailored clothes to distribute “knuz

There was a time when lead news reporters could independently question the news, and if their bosses didn’t like their findings, they would quit and get a comparable job elsewhere with an honest, independent news outlet. But with the consolidation of the mass media, lead anchor men and women are so on the hook with mega salaries. They cannot get these elsewhere. They thus dare not stray out of line. Much the same is true with doctors, who become threatened with losing their license if they “spill the beans” or speak negatively of their profession publicly. Here are some sample recent salaries of TV anchors as reported by nymag.com:
  • Charlie Gibson $7 million Co-anchor, Good Morning America
  • Brian Williams $4 million Anchor, NBC Nightly News
  • Chuck Scarborough $3 million Anchor, WNBC news
  • Sue Simmons $2.5 million Anchor, WNBC news

How and why Big Pharma buys cover ups

Drug corporation don’t just purchase media advertisements and to the tune of billions annually. They even more importantly censor the news or threaten to stop ads if negative stories are aired. These are then buried as fully as possible or not considered at all. What if, God forbid, people started to think “Whitney Houston was taking drug X when she died and I’m taking drug X and maybe I should stop taking it.” The impact might harm the industry. The negative press could devastatingly cost Big Pharma industry megabucks. Their news gatekeepers, the mainstream media, will not allow that to happen.
So, of course, what Whitney was taking as meds is being censored to obviously keep the public in the dark.

drug deaths epidemic

Pharmagedon – the lethal medicine epidemic

Sales of benzos worldwide have taken off like wildfire. This is precisely because they are so addictive. A 30 day prescription is enough to get one permanently hooked, victimized with what has been called benzo illness, and thereafter being left to lead a continuously downhill path for a destroyed life.

Overall in the US, deaths by prescription medications for the first time outnumbered deaths by car accidents as well as illegal drugs – and the problem growing to epidemic proportions. Note the following:

  • Death toll from prescription drugs – now has doubled for teens in the last decade
  • Death toll for seniors -  it has tripled for the elderly, claiming a life every 14 minutes.
  • Traffic accidents and other preventable deaths – these have been dropping with the enactment of safety measures.
  • As reported by Wikepedia, statistics in England showed that the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines (BZD) or benzo’s, including Ativan, Valium and Xanax “were responsible for 3.8% of all deaths by poisoning from a single drug.”
  • Combining drugs and alcohol  – this will markedly raises this figure to the roof.
  • Futher according to the LA Times, “fueling the surge in deaths are prescription pain and anxiety drugs that are potent, highly addictive and especially dangerous when combined with one another or with other drugs or alcohol. Among the most commonly abused are OxyContin, Vicodin, Xanax and Soma….Such drugs now cause more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.
  • Totals outpace war fatalities – The LA Times analysis of 2009 statistics showed that 37,485 people died from prescription drugs, versus 36,284 from traffic accidents. This is more than the annual death toll of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

death by medicine USA

Leading cause of preventable death

But even the above statistics underestimate the current problem and epidemic. According to an analysis done by Dr. Mercola and updated Dr. Gary Null’s expose, Death by Medicine:

  • 250,000 hospital deaths in 10 years due to errors –  Journal of General Internal Medicine, reported that looking over records  from 1976 to 2006,  they found that, of 62 million death certificates, almost a quarter-million deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors – or over 80,000 deaths a year.
  • 450,000 med-related adverse events annually – the approximate figure for the U.S. every year and at a cost of about $136 billion dollars annually – more than the cost of cardiovascular and diabetic care.
  • 20% of hospital patients with adverse prescription drug reactions – these cause injuries or death in 1 of 5 patients treated in hospitals.
  • The reason there are so many adverse drug events in the U.S. is because so many drugs are toxic, and more so when prescribed together, with little or no real knowledge of the near infinite interactive probabilities.
  • Children threatened by prescription drugs –  36 percent increase in hospital admissions (2001-8) and a 28 percent increase in emergency room visits, among children 5 and younger who had accidentally ingested medication.
  • 4.6 million prescription drug-related visits (2009) to U.S. emergency rooms nationwide, with more than half due to adverse reactions to prescription medications – most of which were being taken exactly as prescribed.’

Prescription drug abuse is a silent epidemic due to a media blackout

Our government admits, that is according to the CDC that abuse of prescription drugs is ” the fastest growing drug problem in the United States.”

Prescriptions addictions, in general, are epidemic

The statistics for legal drug addiction are constantly rising. They are staggering and the profits are obscene. Johnson & Johnson, for example, is ranked one of the top twenty most profitable corporations in the world. And what have they delivered to us:

  • 25% of children and teenagers are on regular meds
  • 51% of Americans – according to Medco Health Solutions which manages prescription benefits of 1 out of 5 Americans, approximately 51% of all Americans are prescription addicted.
  • 52% of adult men
  • 60%+ of women –  20+
  • 65-75 of seniors over 65
  • 25% of seniors take 5 or more medicines regularly ( 28 percent of women and 22 percent of men over 65)

Again 51% of Americans are regularly hooked on drugs, and some groups up to 75% and this is apparently not enough for Big Pharma.

Industry insiders have revealed that the overall aim of the industry is to get every American hooked – including via mandatory government laws.

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it is hard to believe without seeing these revealing videos.




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