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Health care vs sick care | Healing Talks

Health care vs sick care

real health careDisease care vs healthcare

Health Care vs Sick Care

 Nathan Batalion, Global Heath Activist, Healingtalks Editor
(Healingtalks) There is no such thing as a health care industry and the term itself is offensive propaganda.

Real health care means:

  • Eating real food without genetic modifications or toxic chemicals and pesticides therein
  • Living organically – being cautious or moderate in your exposure to dangerous substances and activities, and detoxing periodically because you can’t totally avoid it!
  • Getting real exercise
  • Staying sane amid an insane society that systemically lies to make vulture profits
  •  You earn it – real health care is gained through healthy lifestyles.

Health care does not mean

  • Eating low quality “phude” engineered to look edible by giant corporations and sold by giant corporate stores which leaves you hungry because it’s got no nutritional value and so you become obese eating ever more of this shit-junk food
  • Buying corporate diet pills
  • Cutting the body apart, as if it were a machine - thus buying low quality corporate controlled-for-profit surgery – to excise illness or degeneration cause by the standard American diet and lifestyle.
  •  Running after cancer – when chemicals in our foods and environment cause cancer you buy corporate-controlled-for-profit radiation and chemotherapy to kill the cancer, then more corporate controlled for profit surgery to remove the cancer caused by the corporate produced toxic GMO pesticide drenched frankenfood.
  • Standing in line to buy toxic drugs whose harming effects are ever more deceptively called “side-effects” and where about 100,000 American die of these “side-effects” annually from toxic pharmaceutical drug intakes. Its the equivalent of many jumbo jets “accidentally” falling out of the sky daily and killing all a board – plus without ever making a single news wire headline.

Once upon a time there was no term such as the “health care industry”. There were doctors and the drug industry, and hospitals and clinics, and, of course, insurance companies.

Healthcare vs. sickcare

None of the above institutional players today really engage in  health care. They wallow in sick care, disease care, or disease maintenance for profit. It takes a great deal of fooling of ourselves to believe this system takes care of our health. It does monitor and vacuum our wallets.

Those who live in the most bizarrely unnatural ways, ever surrounded by an unhealthy environment and who then turn, in likewise ill ways to an ill care system, begging to take in more poisons deep into their bodies… get the great winnings of this sick care industry!

Should we be yet more blunt about this or follow the opposite path of passively digesting and believing in all the lies that are fed to us?

A right to be harmed and deluded by the sick care system

Congress is trying to legally force Americans to buy profitable and corrupt insurance policies that pay for disease care services mostly guaranteed to maintain or worsen chronic ills. I personally watched my dad progressively go blind on a diabetes “sick-maintenance” drug – and when, in truth,  his Type II Diabetes can be been reversed in most everyone in months.

As the “ice cream emperor” put it,  morons of the world are uniting “screaming for this system as a “human right” and attacking those of us….conspiring to block people from this“health care” because we are elitists who want everyone to die.”

So goes the systemic brainwashing, God help us.


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