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Orphan drugs and therapies – failings of modern medicine | Healing Talks

Orphan drugs and therapies – failings of modern medicine

orphan drugs and therapies

Orphan Drugs

and Therapies:

 Failings of

Modern Medicine

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) The average consumer has a wildly idealized image of the modern MD, especially when wearing a pure white coat draped with a stethoscope – an image molded by media, as a caring, careful scientist – and best tending to the urgent needs of his or her patients. There is little talk about the routinely prescribed toxic drugs that just manage disease, fail to heal, and often maim and kill as a supposedly minor “side-effects.”

Modern medicine controlled by commercial interests

In reality, modern medicine is shaped lock-stock-and-barrel by commercial interests. MDs are educated to become the primary front men and women for Big Pharma, indoctrinated into its ideologies, and ever silenced as to what goes on behind the scenes.¬† If an extremely rare doctor tells all or stands out to become a whistle blower, he or she is soon threatened in a deliberate way by peer pressure (euphemistically called “peer review as if it was just something only healthy) or the underlying medical license is simply pulled. Almost nothing passes as accepted “scientific” medical practice unless it first goes through the filter of being minimally profitability. Green dollars are accepted therapy determinators and sometimes patient terminators!

Orphan Drugs and Therapies

This is most clearly evident with the phenomenon of “orphan therapies” – approaches that are effective natural therapies but treated in a manner similar to orphan drugs.

Story of Dr. Joel Furhman

Recently a prominent natural physician, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, was asked to write an article for the American Diabetes Association publication on his phenomenal natural, nutritional approach to reversing (not life-time profitably managing) diabetes. He submitted the article only to be told that they couldn’t publish anything like that unless it was significantly toned it down. The article spoke about reversing diabetes so that patients were entirely taken off of insulin. Yet entirely taken off, not reducing the insulin. Why couldn’t they published that to help millions, if not billions of sufferors? Because the lead funder of the diabetes publication was also a chief producer of insulin, Eli Lily.¬† Dr Furhrman, not be corrupted, withdrew the article and found other venues to bring out his message. The second video tells the story.

For those who wake up to what is really happening in modern medicine, so it goes routinely.

Orphan Drug Video:

Dr. Fuhrman’s Story:


The Movement To Reverse Diabetes Naturally

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Hugely Popular Website of Dr. Joel Fuhrman – A voice not to be silenced



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