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Need for healthcare reform law | Healing Talks

Need for health care reform law


Health care reform lawNeed for real health care reform law

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks)I have been looking for weeks for a site that broaches the subject of real health care reform. I finally found a site of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians which has a great call to action page. On that page you can write to your local Senator and ask them that all licensed healthcare professionals be covered – including naturopaths, OMDs, homeopaths, colon therapists or other alternative and complementary holistic practitioners and healers.

Its not quite right

How can we rightly ask/force most all Americans to pay for a failing allopathic medical care system – including those like myself who will almost never turn to poisonous drugs, debilitating surgery and cancer-causing radiation – as their choice of healing modalities.

Link for action

Here is the link for the call for action page. Or you can make up an email or letter direct. Mailed correspondence has more force.A visit to your local legislator has even more impact.

Letter to legislators

Here also is a copy of the letter sent to my Senators to ask them to include naturopaths and other licensed professionals

Dear _____________,

We respectfully request your support for inclusion of the Senate Health,
Education, Labor and Pension Committee’s non-discrimination clause, §2713
of the Affordable Health Choices Act, in the final version of Senate
health care legislation.  This “Every Category of Provider” clause will
ensure the American people have access to the services of a variety of
licensed health care practitioners, and prevent insurance companies from
denying coverage of licensed providers.  Furthermore, in the many areas of
the nation where primary care medical doctors are scarce or overextended,
this non-discrimination clause will provide Americans with access to other
types of qualified and licensed primary care professionals, including
naturopathic physicians.

Naturopathic physicians are licensed in 15 states, the District of
Columbia, and two US territories, but are largely excluded from
participation in health insurance plans.  Yet naturopathic physicians can
provide cost-effective care particularly in the field of primary care,
where the nation is lacking an adequate supply of providers.  In
Washington state, which mandated coverage of all licensed health care
providers in 1995, a 2004 study found that alternative services cost
approximately $0.19-$0.20 per member per month in HMO and PPO plans and
impact on premiums was modest, generally less than 2%.  Furthermore, under
the care of a naturopathic physician, patients generally reduce usage of
expensive pharmaceuticals and through healthy lifestyle, decrease their
chances of needing hospitalization, surgeries, and other costly procedures.

Please ensure that the American people continue to have access to all
licensed state providers by including §2713 of the HELP Committee’s bill
in final health care legislation.  Doing so will allow Americans to see
the provider of their choice, increase the supply of primary care
providers, and reduce overall health care costs.


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  1. Can this be utilized by someone only needing to lose around 10 pounds?

  2. batalionn says:

    What exactly are you referring to, to be best utilized?

  3. The whole debate has been how to fund the senate bill, not the provisions it ACTUALLY provides. Jeez. 6 years ago we would have passed it unfunded and the public wouldn’t know squat.

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