Signs Mainstream Medicine Is Failing To Heal Us

In our culture, nowadays, we have been increasingly treating what are growing health pandemics. We can count among these diabetes, arthritis, cancer, obesity, heart disease, various forms of mental illness, autism, kidney and skin disorders, and so on.

Paying More And Getting Less
Americans pay more for health care than almost any other nation on the planet and the percentage of GNP spent on healthcare costs keeps rising.  Then why are we also among the sickest nations? A recent article by Naturalnews says that “It’s an indictment of the mainstream medical system that’s been running a monopoly medical racket in America for roughly the last hundred years…[and] has taken a nation that was once relatively healthy and turned it into a disease dystopia where patients are actually taught that nutrition doesn’t work and that they must submit to patented chemicals in order to be “normal” or healthy. The article cited ten signs of the failure of so-called mainstream medicine:

- Scientific Fraud With Drug Experiments
If mainstream goodies really worked, why are fraudulent trials perpetually uncovered?

- Censoring and Outlawing Natural Remedies
If drug companies goodies really worked, they wouldn’t have to fear and suppress competition

- Paying More For Health and Related Health Insurance Costs
If modern medicine really worked, health care costs and health insurance premiums would be falling, not soaring.

- Failing to Set A Global Example
If modern mainstream medicine really worked, we would not be failing to set a global example.  The results, given the costs, are a disgrace.

- Drug Companies and Doctors Thriving
When drug companies and doctors thrive, amid a worst recession,  it’s a sign few are getting healed and many are treated.

- Kickbacks
If  modern medicine really worked, drug companies would not be giving kickbacks to nursing homes to push more drugs.

- Among Largest TV/Print Advertisers
If modern medicine really worked, pharmaceutical companies would not have to resort to manipulative advertising bits, with fake- looking models trying to convince people they need drugs that are unnatural, and that also highlight isolated symptom relief while diverting attention from the  whole. Healing is about becoming whole so nothing could be worse. Calling a spade a spade, this can simply be termed: systematic and systemic mass deception.

- Forcing Medications And Imprisonment On Disbelievers
If conventional medicine really worked, it would not be necessary to legally enforce chemotherapy upon teenagers and threaten arrest and imprisonment of parents. Everyone would instead be lining up for this counter-intuitive treatment. Chemicals cause cancer.

- It Doesn’t Work
The blatant truth, and for very deep reasons, is that, except emergencies, allopathic medicine doesn’t work – looking past the authority-building white coats, stethoscopes and diplomas on the walls. Healing is connection and reconnection to wholeness. Thus cutting the body apart (via surgery) is the opposite of a healing modality except in double-negative uses – cutting out what is not healing. But a double-negative is never a deep positive.  Chemical drugs also are artificially math-designed. Mathematics abstracts separation, not connection. Thus drugs are symptom modulators and by their very nature cannot heal!  Let me repeat that. Synthetic, math-designed drugs, by their very nature, cannot heal. If you want to test the overall mathematical order in nature (the only objective stance is to test the whole not parts in isolation) try throwing a large random mix of chemicals in a compost heap. all life therein dies. It does not heal!

- To Push What Makes Healthy People Sick
Yes they can help in certain emergencies but with chronic, systemic ailments they further undermine health by their very nature. The unwary find this out after its too late, with rarely any legal appeal rights or compensation for the harm. To push what makes healthy people sick upon those who are ill is ultimately unconscionable – but self-deception in the medical field is the norm as is a disguised  practicing so-called “objective science” based on fraudulent mechanical principles, and which  turns sickness into profits rather than ill patients into cured and whole human beings.

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  1. Hi,
    Nowadays, we have been increasingly treating what are growing health
    pandemics. We can count among these diabetes, arthritis, cancer,
    obesity, heart disease, various forms of mental illness, autism, kidney
    and skin disorders, and so on.

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