Slogans for a Real Healthcare Revolution

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Slogans for a Real Healthcare Revolution

Slogans for a


Healthcare Revolution

Occupying The Citadels

of Disease-Care

By Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Editor

$ – Stop Wallet-Vacuuming and Brainwashing Patients,

$ РMedical Treatments РThe Number  One Killer In The US,

$ – Chemical Drugs Don’t Heal,

$ – Harming, Killing Side-Effects Are Main Effects of Drugs,

Go Organic – Detox To Get All Artificial Chemicals Out of Your Body,

$ – Stop Hiding the Truth – Modern Medicine Is a Shambles,

Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma – All Curable Naturally,

$ – Medicine to Harm 99.9% With Drugs to Profit the .1% Elite,

$ – Radiation Kills,

Healing is Connection to Wholeness; Surgery Dismembers, Accelerating Death,

We Are Living, Whole Organisms Not Meant To Be Disassembled Like Machines,

$ – Stop Honoring the Death-Centered Mechanical Vision of Nature,

$ – Don’t Be Fooled By Fraudulent Chemotherapy Science,

$ – Most Toxic Drugs That Cause Cancer Can’t Cure Cancer,

$ – Stop Making Our Seniors Into Zombies With Drugs,

Occupy the $- Profit Citadels of Disease-Care,

$ -Stop Poisoning Our Children With Psychotropic Drugs and Justified By Contrived Diagnoses,

$ – top Creating Autism with Toxic, Unproven and Dis-proven Vaccinations,

$ -Stop the Religious-like Ritual of Doctors Rounds To Just Dispense Drugs As Big Pharma Frontmen,

Educate Organic, Real and True Healing Lifestyle Changes,

$ – Stop Religiously Revering Newtonian Physics – Treating Living Organisms Like Dead Machines,

$ – Stop Calling the Killing Arts “Healthcare” – Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy, “Anti-biotics,”


Video on the number one killer In America, more than all of our wars combined.

“According to JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association, over a million people a year are injured in hospitals annually.”



Thugs, Bugs and the War on Bugs

Confessions of a Medical Heretic



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