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Steve Jobs dead at 56: A life ended by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer | Healing Talks

Steve Jobs dead at 56: A life ended by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer

Steve Jobs dead at 56: A life ended by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer

Steve Jobs dead at 56:

A life ended by chemotherapy

and radiotherapy for cancer

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

 (Healingtalks) It is extremely sad that  Steve Jobs , a man of great vision and genius at the helm of Apple, died today and prematurely from his cancer treatments. There is little doubt, as that is what usually happens with about 97-98% of cancer patients treated conventionally, that his life was cut short like that of millions of others. This occurs due to a culture-wide indoctrinated belief that we must to follow and trust the dictates of  persistent failure, as long as it has the stamp of approval of conventional medicine and its Big Pharma funding sources.

Criminal Ignorance

In fact, Steve Jobs died only a few months after being treated with chemotherapy at the Stanford Cancer Center and prior thereto with radiation.  Here was a man whose life force was decimated by the horrid toxicity that is commonly and criminally inflicted on cancer patients via chemotherapy and radiation. We call it “criminal ignorance” on the part of the medical industry because they know no better and shut their eyes to the alternatives.

Killer Treatments of Chemo and Radiation

Steve Jobs chemotherapy treatments are documented (http://www.marksmarketanalysis.com/…)

Steve Jobs secret radiotherapy treatments in Switzerland were made public by Jerry York, a

Jerry York told Fortune Magazine about the radiation treatments for his cancer at the University of Basel in Switzerland (http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2011/01…) but  kept this secret until Jerry York died in March of 2010 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_…). Thereafter Fortune Magazine went ahead and published the details  (http://gawker.com/5737092/steve-job…).

Steve Jobs Liver Transplant

Fortune also reported that Steve Jobs underwent a secret liver transplant.

In January of this year, Roc4Life.com reported:

“Jobs’ medical leave is due to cancer, but no one knows whether it stems from his 2004 battle with pancreatic cancer or complications from a secret liver transplant in 2009.

Steve Jobs thus underwent major conventional treatments, all of which combined converted a slow growing cancer into an abrupt end of his life.

Lesson To Be Learned

This is what every first grader should know.

Yet the most left-brain intelligent Phds coming from the best of Ivy League Schools don’t quite get it – not if bankrolled by Big Pharma. Basically if you poison your body with chemicals, you come closer to not farther away from death. Think of a compost heap where all plants decay or breakdown to form all other plant life in an unbroken circle of unity. Throw in any random mix of chemicals, and all life therein dies. This is elementary.

You know how drug companies spend billions to test drugs in isolation. This is the foundation of their Big Scam. They never test the whole order of chemistry because that would end their mean game. Think of a compost heap wherein the order of chemistry clashes with the order of life – why we have organic farming.  The more chemicals we randomly put into the heap (to test the whole order of chemistry) the more life therein dies. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone understood that.

This means that chemistry’s order is not living nature’s order.

If life is at the core of nature overall, then chemistry’s order is not nature’s order as such

Well what a radical idea that is! Only at healingtalks will you find dozens of articles about a life-centered vision of nature replacing the mechanical math-based.

This deeply radical idea is that worth repeating, imagine that, contrary to what modern education teaches us….

Chemistry’s Order is Not Nature’s Order

We have been indoctrinated or weaned on a faith in chemistry. We have been taught that chemistry constitutes a science of sciences. Unfortunately many take this belief not only to heart, and into their sub-subconsciousness, but to their early graves. Several Nobel Prize winning physicists and chemists have also pre-maturely died of Alzheimer’s – not understanding, in this view, the nature of life and consciousness in nature; never suspecting that math symbols don’t and can’t point well to that kind of essence of nature.

If this counter-cultural view is true, then chemotherapy not only won’t work…..it can’t!

Using chemotherapy to try then to undue cancer is like using fifty cups of coffee just before going to bed to sleep better!

The insanity of using the most  intensely cancer-causing chemicals to cure cancer, nevertheless, is commonplace.  It is a sign of our crazy times.

The practice is dictated again by a belief at the  core of modernity – and the vast denial that this belief is and could be wrong, or that the whole chemical/pharmaceutical/drug-based approach is false, fallacious, erroneous, mistaken and even downright idiotic and stupid. 

Is a doctor going to admit such a thing? Or that his core approach to nature is bankrupt?

No way, and he will do everything possible to try to prove the very opposite.

Medical Heresy

If any doctor falls out of line, it is also a heresy. Naturopaths and other holistic professionals thus become the heretics or infidels to be stamped out.

No one is allowed to question the underling vision or the road of progress it supposedly unravels (an ever better life through chemistry).

No one is allowed to question the mechanical, death-ridden vision of nature – and as first introduced in ancient Greece and as latter brought to dominance  in the 17th century.

Mandatory and Necessary Denial

Again to question the underlying worldview is to risk being thrown out of the club – like a monk thrown out of a monastery for adopting a different religion. That would be too devastating.

The same underlying worldview of medical doctor is the foundation of what gurus of technology follow.  So it is little surprise that someone of Steve Jobs’  stature should turn to conventional cancer “solutions.”

Take away that belief in the underlying worldview, however,  and the  justification to prescribe drugs, surgery and radiation dies – rather than the patient!

So that worldview is of no minor importance.

It is sacrosanct.

A denial or heresy stance would again destroy their whole approach to the healing arts.

Thus Never Mind the Consequences

Thus never mind that chemicals do not cure cancer.

If the evidence shows that  one would think doctors would wholesale abandon drugs and chemicals in that field.

But no.  Absolutely not

So deep a belief, so hypnotically held, cannot be denied mentally or culturally.

As we learn with hypnosis in general, a belief will take precedence over ANY evidence of our senses.

Of course we’re never taught that possibility…and for something so vital…namely that the root vision of nature, the mathematical, is really a vast belief system in symbol idols that structures rather than discovers the nature of our world.

We are rather taught this is all and only objective science, and chemists and doctors are our best guides thereto. We only then look at how the vision or belief works successfully (as in designing Apple computers and other mechanical things) and not how and where and why it utterly fails. And the failures are really legion, but blotted out in the fabric of that worldview.

A belief that again that so deeply constructs reality cannot be overturned with ease.

Unfortunately great individuals fall victims to the denial process that there are failures. Famous individuals who took conventional treatments and then soon died  include Farrah Fawcett, Peter Jennings, Patrick Swayze, Michael Douglas.

Still there is a society-wide blindness that ever persists. Conventional cancer treatments obviously fail. They maim and kill millions.

They don’t work, except in relatively rare cases, and for short periods of time.

This is because poisons poison our body.  Duhhh

But if doctors unrelentingly tells us to still take such poisonous treatments  (and to pay them and hospitals dearly for the same) perhaps we should?  And then we have to face the consequences of our gullibility rather than better taking health into our own hands.

Why Conventional Cancer Treatments Cannot But Fail!

The underlying reason is as follows:

If healing is a connective coming to wholeness then

  • Surgery – cutting our body apart (disconnecting it) can’t heal us.
  • Organ Transplants – treating the body as a machine made of separate interchangeable parts can’t heal us.
  • Radiation – using a by-product of things falling apart can’t heal us

Is There a Bigger Lie Anywhere In Our Modern World?

So back  to how Steve Jobs’ life as stolen by the cancer industry.

The mass media filters out the hints that conventional medical doctors might be lying to us and to themselves when they so rarely care about chemicals in our processed foods polluting every organ of our bodies. Why? Obviously that would make us question similarly taking in chemical drugs into the depths of ourselves as dictated by doctors – pharmaceutical front men and women !

You must tell people that they need to use such chemicals to undue and cure cancer!

Is there a bigger lie anywhere in our modern world?  If so, pray tell.

Keywords: chemotherapy failures, conventional cancer treatments, Steve Job dies

Also see: http://www.healingtalks.com/health/allopathic-medicine/chemotherapy/chemotherapy-not-the-answer-to-cancer/

Further Resource:

The Hundred-Year Lie: How Food and Medicine Are Destroying Your Health

Interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a tw0-decade experienced expert on pancreatic cancer (Steve jobs was recommended to see him but Jobs chose not to) discusses Steve Job’s unfortunate death . The interview also highlights the more sane and effective natural pancreatic cancer treatments:

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  1. Morpheus says:

    Wild Apricot Seeds.
    ” A World Without Cancer “, by G. Edward Griffin (1974)
    Also Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has a very good website you can search: http://www.NaturalNews.com
    Cancer rates 2011: 1 in 3 for women; 1 in 2 for men.
    Cancer rates 1961, or 50 years ago: 1 in 33.
    Cancer rates 1861, or 150 years ago: Practically non-existent and
    unheard of, even to people living in compact cities with pollution at
    that time.
    BS cures like chemotherapy are poison which actually kill many cancer
    patients, even when the cancer itself is gone, and that’s no way to end
    a human life with dignity.
    Don’t believe the medical establishment, nor the mainstream media,
    nor the government/politicians which are all in lockstep with the
    Pharmaceutical-Complex lobbies. In other words, the pharmaceutical
    companies own the establishment and they work for the profit of
    shareholders, not to the public at-large. Put another way, big Pharma
    doesn’t want to put itself out of business with a cure for cancer, so
    they need to keep people sick. They have stated things to this effect in
    their documents. It is too big an industry right now (and a big
    component of the US economy) that if the sheep masses discovered what
    really works, the US economy would tank.
    You have to figure the CAUSE to find a solution, and the cause no
    doubt is what we’re eating, as well as what we’re not eating. Our diets
    are lacking vitamins & minerals you get from many plants.
    The cancer rate increases have lots to do with Big Pharma shoving GMO
    (genetically modified foods) on the food shelves with highly processed
    foods and selling their patented GMO seeds to corporate farmers, with
    very few small & organic farms left from the squeeze of several
    decades of bureaucratic regulation burden, driven by the big Pharma
    The alternative media information is available right here on the
    internet just by a simple google search for “alternative cancer
    treatments”, “holistic cancer treatments”, or “naturopathic cancer
    treatments”, etc.
    Wild Apricot Seeds (anything with B-17), Vitamin D, Gerson Therapy,
    coffee enemas, fresh vegetable juicing (use a Breville Juicer),
    plant-based diet, herbal medicines, holistic approaches, etc, are just a
    few possible alternative cancer treatments.
    Regards for all truth seekers,



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