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Since at least the 1950’s we  have been systematically indoctrinated to believe in modern medicine and “better living through chemistry.” This has been especially promoted via countless TV ads and print media articles. In this cultural environment, if one states  the more honest and bare truth about modern medicine’s deceptions and dangers, this often falls on disbelieving ears. We are rarely taught to look past the white sterile coats of doctors, the priests of modern medicine who also count their dollars after we leave their waiting rooms. We are rarely told that most major chronic illnesses are actually on an epidemic rise. Though we know the likely lifestyle causes, little is done to prevent and thereby reduce disease incidences. Most everything is rather done to profitably treat. Worse yet, this often uses the most toxic-possible chemical treatments. These either accelerate death or create a death-like unconscious living. We see this tragically in nursing homes where the seniors who are drugged with pharmaceutical cocktails commonly walk the halls like zombies.In this light, Mike Adams points out much more of the same in Natural Health Solutions:

ADVERTISING FRAUD & DECEPTION - The promotion of most drugs is based on exaggeration and vastly misleading statements. The claimed objectivity gains force via paid government approvals to convince people most drugs are safe when they are not. Harmful “side-effects” are quite commonly the true main effects of drugs causing significant and dangerous bodily harm. America allows direct-to-consumer advertising of such prescription drugs, using fake smiling models that are alluring. Drug companies also routinely invent new disease names for the sole and only purpose of marketing of drugs. This is to convince gullible healthy people that they are really sick and in need of costly, addictive medications.

GOVERNMENT FRAUD & NEGLIGENCE- Evidence shows the FDA is paid fees by drug companies to approve drugs as “safe.” The FDA  also enforces the shut-down of natural products deemed competitive, and sometimes with armed raids or by means of real extortion. Natural product companies that don’t take their health claims off the Internet are threatened with million dollar fines, incarceration and the seizure of their assets.  Yet one drug killed and maimed more Americans than the Vietnam War but was approved by the FDA as safe.

NON-PROFIT SCAMS -  Mike Adams also chronicles the equally shocking truth that major non-profit disease organizations tend to be little more than fronts for Big Pharma’s needs, and with rarely a real interest in curing.

MEDICAL PRACTICE FRAUDS – Certain screening tests, such as CT scans, significantly increase the risk of cancer and are  designed to create a patient lineup for lucrative treatments that remove symptoms in the most deadly ways. As Dr. Gary Null points out in  his Death By Medicine, modern  medicine has been statistically proven to be the number one cause of all premature and unnecessary death in America.

How do we get past this medical care system which delivers such  so-called “care.”

First we must stop blindly believing ads, mass media articles in support of modern medicine, and then worshiping doctors trained in pharmaceutical-funded institutions.

Secondly, healing is all about connection to wholeness. Cutting a body surgically into parts does not make us whole. Feeding it chemicals designed mathematically (math symbols abstract separation) does not make us whole. Rather life and consciousness in the body begin to seriously fall apart. To test the underlying craziness, throw a large random mix of chemicals into any compost heap, and everything in the heap dies. This is akin to what forms super-toxic waste sites. Biological life is not thereby healed but polluted with toxins and harmed. The root understanding is itself quite harmful in the form of being consciousness-polluting or illusionary.

We MUST therefore challenge the logic, science and objectivity of the root mechanical vision of nature applied to life. Otherwise we will never escape the trap of being so massively and pervasively deceived.

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