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10 most environmentally friendly companies in the US | HealingTalks | Healing Talks

10 Greenest Retailers in the US

10 Greenest Retailers in the US in 2012

Top 10 Environmentally Friendly Companies/HealingTalks

By mak_21

(HealingTalks) You have to go shopping, but as an environmentally conscious consumer, what stores do you choose? Here’s a list of 10 American environmentally friendly companies & retailers  who have made an effort to reduce their impact on the Earth.

Office Depot1.) Office Depot

There is no doubt about the credibility of this company when it comes to responsibility towards environment. Office Depot initiated the use of environment-friendly electric vehicles to deliver products in London. This measure reduced 60% of carbon emissions in the city. In 2008, they opened a store which was built entirely with green materials. They also implemented several sustainable techniques in their stores such as waste reduction through recycling, water conservation through efficient toilets, and sale of recycled products. They even conducted training programs on recycling of batteries.

2.) StaplesThe 2nd Greenest Retailor

This company re-defined the meaning of ink and toner cartridges recycling. They accept empty cartridges from the customer and reward them $2 as a token of appreciation that can be used for their next purchase. The large list of items they accept for recycling includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, battery backup devices, GPS devices, digital cameras, modems, routers, and so on. The best practice that helped them rank #2 was the installation of solar panels at the majority of facilities. They generated around 42 million kWh of clean energy. The company has increased its electricity generation from renewable resources to 75%.

3.) Best Buy

The company with more than 1100 stores started accepting all brands of electronic items for a free in-store recycling. They also educate customers about recycling techniques and trade-in programs through their website.

4th Greenest Retailor4.) The Home Depot

Home Depot reduced carbon gas emissions by a considerable amount throughout their supply chain network. With a good overall green score, they classify products in the categories of sustainable forestry, energy efficient, water conservation, clean air, and healthy home. This helps the customer identify products that have a lower environmental impact.

5.) Walmart

Despite financial crisis and questionable employee policies, this company has been consistently performing well in terms of environmental consciousness. They purchase only certified seafood, beef, apparel, and footwear products that have a low cause less harm to the environment.

6.) Kohl’s

Kohl’s has been successful in achieving 100% energy production from renewable resources in more than one-third of their retail facilities. Energy Star Certification justifies their high green score among many other market leaders.

7.) Target7th greenest retailor

Recently, Target broke into the top 100 US companies through its efforts to implement formal environment impact reduction targets. They reduced waste production by 15%, water use per square foot of office space by 10%, and green house gas emissions per unit of revenue by 20%. Target has also begun to monitor the environmental performance of its global suppliers by setting up separate units in their organization.

8.) J.C. Penny

J.C. Penny has always acted as quiet green giants because of their commitment to invest in energy efficient practices. They recycle around 70% of the waste in their stores and approximately 80% in their supply chain centers. Their partnership with Smartway Transport Agency aims to increase the efficiency of rail and intermodal transportation.

9.) Sears

Sears offers a range of recycling services to its customers. Sears holdings has also partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency to enable the disposal of electronic appliances in an environmental friendly manner. This helps them reclaim precious metal for jewelry.

10th greenest retailor10.) Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market provides small, low-interest loans to deserving local food producers for generating high quality products to meet their sustainable standards. They source products from local producers to lower the environmental impact due to transportation. Their micro-credit model has won accolades in the entire United states.

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