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Beyond the Silencing of Spring | Healing Talks

Beyond the Silencing of Spring

beyond silent spring

Beyond the Silencing

of Spring

When Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in the 1960’s, she detailed how humanity had suddenly turned its great knowledge against nature, as with the invention and proliferation of deadly pesticides. The end result was that species of birds were dying, their heavenly songs silenced.

Actually living nature as such  or globally on Earth was threatened.

Deeper silence

Half a century later, we find a yet greater absence of the symphony of nature’s songs.

We hear less of the chirping of crickets, of frogs and less also of the buzzing of bees or the faint flapping of butterflies. The sterility of sound is increasingly deafening. Birds are dying in larger numbers and more quickly.

Can we reverse this engulfing stillness, this ever deepening Silence of Spring?

Here we’ll explore definitively how.

This helps greatly to move past a depressive and collective sense of helpless that gripped the environmental movement for decades.

modern progress plant and animal extinctions
Machines on the rise while increasingly life forms go extinct

Modern “progress”

Through Carson’s poetic writings, a new awareness blossomed, one that gave birth to the modern environmental movement.  Her observations challenged the thesis that our contemporary world is but moving along a path of rising progress. As a naturalist rather than mechanical engineer, her contrary observations served as a cultural shock.  In an age of countless new and exciting inventions and where a man had just been put on the moon, people didn’t know that our powerful modern technology could also create great harm.  This is reminiscent of when, in the 19th century, Karl Marx began to look at dismal factory conditions – and where the Industrial Revolution had symbolized a “nothing possible going wrong” and the promise of but pure and endless progress  – as this was idolized.

What Carson brought to light, however, involved something much bigger going amiss.

She dealt with the fate of all of life on Earth intertwined.

Such a larger problem is also not as easy to fix. Carson herself was dying of cancer. She was a part of the same calamity involving all of life in an interwoven web.


taproot pull by taproot

Carson’s failing

Despite a love for Carson’s great poetic revelations, they exhibited one major failing.

There was her failure to point clearly to an underlying root cause.

If one fails to grab firmly onto the deep underlying cause, it is like not pulling a plant by its taproot. If the plant is a perennial invader, and not pulled by its root, it will come up each season and may take over a garden.

Annually we face ever more environmental problems.

Human beings are intimately involved when cancer rates rise.  What Carson railed most against, the use of pesticides, has actually exploded since.

Monsantos evils

Enhanced genetic engineering has implanted pesticides more deeply into the core of life (as with Monsanto’s Bt-technologies).

It has also allowed more intense spraying of millions of fields to accommodate Monsanto’s Roundup-ready seeds.

This might showcase how we have not pulled at the root cause – not enough to turn our conditions around.

billiard balls colliding superficial causalitylook within

Taproot causes can never be find on the surface…

When found they are hardest to uproot

Mechanical causes are superficial as symbolized by billiard balls colliding with each other by hitting each other’s surfaces.  There is a different kind of causality that is inner.  For example, if a runner on a track gets a cell phone call from a loved and decides from within to stop running, this appears to violate Newton’s mechanical law of inertia.  Newton told us such laws are cosmic or universal.  Thus in our modern world we tend to have trouble imagining inner causality as being a predominant force. This violates his vision.

So we are in the habit to look elsewhere or back to the surface levels of causality – and not within. Thus we never find the cause and are left feeling helpless.

radiant flower healingtalks

Cause deepest within

With something as huge as our civilization’s whole posture towards all of living nature, imagine that indeed the cause is not just within but deepest possible within.  A metaphor for this is a flower radiating pedals in universal directions and from a unifying core. We then have to extend that physical metaphor as symbolizing something that happens deepest inside at the core of ourselves.

What then lies so deepest within? We can surmise it is our subconscious beliefs, formed early on by our elementary education, and such psychological roots are hard to dislodge.  Going further, there can exist collectively subconscious beliefs, showing up in our education, and established early on culturally – and far harder yet  to dislodge than personal beliefs.

This is because the view is re-instilled by almost everyone and almost universally.

Newton  Newton's Principia Mathematica
Newton’s Principia

The Renaissance’s core beliefs

For our modern world, we have commonly shared root beliefs about nature have come out of what we call the “Renaissance.”

These involve some arrogantly presumed principles or “principia” supposedly forming the unifying order of nature. As expressed by Sir Isaac Newton, this was said to be mechanical and mathematical. His vision became culturally dominant or epitomized and represented the core beliefs of the Renaissance. This further catapulted the development of the Industrial Revolution and on must say, with explosive excitement. It was believed that this should and must lead all of humanity toward glorious progress.

the shock deepens technology amiss 

A shock deepens

If things are now going wrong, and seriously (as with the invention of atomic weapons that could destroy all of life) as to where we have arrived,  it’s only logical that we need to go back to re-examine what has led us here from the get go. We have planted   a powerful seed vision long ago. Now we face several major and unexpected” black flowerings and fruitions.”

Could this mean that our glorious Renaissance vision, promoted passionately by Newton, is flawed in its guidance?

If so, what is that flaw? Given more insight, we might then be able to find a new seed to plant with. Otherwise we will keep using the old seed, not breaking the mechanical habit, not seeing anything wrong at all nor envisioning any other vision-directions.

We then destine ourselves to harvest not shinning progress, but a looming series of inventions and developments leading to our collective demise.

planting a seed vision

My own planting of a different seed vision within

In my youth I was a math prodigy. This was evidenced by one summer before high school picking up my first algebra book, and by the end of that summer passing a comprehensive calculus exam at Fairleigh Dickenson University. I afterwards won a regional math competition by a wide margin. However, at the age of 17 I had a high fever and probably a stroke. This caused my left-brain, housing mathematical abilities, to shut down. This experience shook my whole life to the core. I barely mustered the will to stay alive. My inner world essentially fell apart. But decades later I was hugely grateful for the experience. It woke me up where before I had been asleep. It helped me to retie my inner universe back together on a far more solid foundation. I no longer believed, however, in the math-based vision of nature that Newton had told us naively was “cosmically right” and divinely true. Armed with this inner revolutionary insight and shift, I reconstructed my whole consciousness of life. I gathered a new seed vision that also saved my life, rescued my spirit, and revived my soul. It was incredibly healing. It inspired me to become a naturopath wanting to heal others. Let me share only a few initial steps of what followed. It is a way of explaining to the rational mind, stuck in its ways, what a life-centered vision of nature looks like, and using a simpler language devoid of mythological or metaphorical images as expressed in ancient times.

Essene Gospel of Peace

Compared to the Essene vision

The Essenes and other ancient cultures came to very similar conclusions. Their seed visions, however, was often expressed in poetic and right-brain languages as written down on parchments known as the Dead Sea scrolls. This makes it difficult for the modern rational mind to grasp and agree with their view. It can dismiss such visions as nonsense or just lovely poetry or comforting imagination, rather than rational and solid truths. Here an intentional effort is made to explain a life-centered vision more in a more left-brain way, simply showing it to be the more logically and rationally solid view – one which when planted leads us to harvest what  is not rotting.

An outline


FIRST PRINCIPLE - At the core of nature is life. The American Indians, before the arrival of Europeans, lived in only natural terrains brimming with life and so it was much easier for them to take on this view. They had bows and arrows, not machine guns. They had rawhide teepees, not homes made of plaster. Today we are surrounded by endless synthetic creations. We retrofit nature to accommodate machines, as with asphalted streets.  When we walk into a supermarket, 90% or more of the food there is often no longer as nature provided it on her table. We not only live in homes made of unnatural construction materials that outgas but wear synthetic clothes and use toxic chemical cosmetics directly on our skin. Plastic plants replace living plants. Our foods especially are cooked to death and our medicines engineered.


what is consciousness

SECOND PRINCIPLE– Imagine that the core of life, in turn, is consciousness (and not mystically or religiously understood but rationally) – as nature’s universal actual and matter-of-fact relationship of connection. Imagine that when so understood and with logical integrity, this is a pointing to connection in every direction and this allows for nature to be authentically and rationally One.

How to experience it -When we are conscious of something, we connect with it. When we are unconscious, we disconnect ourselves from experiences. A diabetic sufferer having neuropathy may step on a nail, and though physically connecting, will inwardly not. An Alzheimer’s sufferer can’t connect past memories well to present consciousness or often can’t tie together facial features enough to recognize the whole face of a life-long loved one.

mathematics and separation

THIRD PRINCIPLE – At the core of the mechanical seed vision is mathematics – and pointing oppositely to universal relationships of separation in all of nature.When we count three apples they are separate as 1,2, and 3. Blend them together to make applesauce and they can no longer be counted or mathematized.As a result, our “vision harvest” is a literal separation of all elements of consciousness. Our world’s core essence cannot be filled with consciousness and life and, at the same time, be essentially mechanical, separate-part-like or dead – which is what connects best with all of consciousness being separated. This is why we cry out in pain when cut, because life is connected through consciousness as a whole.   A roasted almond will not grow to become an almond tree.

Life and consciousness within

walking the halls of nursing homes

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