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Roundup hebicide activism: response to Scotts letter | Healing Talks

Roundup hebicide activism: response to Scotts letter


monsanto skull and bones
Roundup hebicide activism:
response to Scotts letter

 By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(Healingtalks)  In regard to Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide known as Roundup, Scotts Company LLC, the billion-dollar-a-year selling and exclusive distributor of Monsanto’s Roundup, sent us a letter and we responded below. Their letter explained why there is no reason for alarm about the French court decision to view Roundup as dangerous to the environment – so that Home Depot could safely continue to sell their product.

Text of our response

Home Depot
Gladys (my contact at Home Depot)

I hope you got my long fax and also hope, and almost want to apologize, if it was not too overwhelming much information Finding so much on the web was a bit much for me too! To keep things very, very simple, I thought I would follow up with a shorter note and more to the point.The key issue is that Roundup is a virtual universal killing agent of nearby plants. Its killing toxins are so vastly powerful and in unparalleled ways. This is no ordinary herbicide. It is absorbed first by the leaves, then the sap, and finally the roots of all surrounding plants, spreading like metastatic cancer. It kills the essence of what supports plant life and I think it is quite foolish to think this will not harm our whole ecology of life in the end, or the  chain/web of life (with humans included inducing terrible cancers and farmer worker illnesses). This is a more serious health issue than a passing, one-season swine flu. No amount of making of money should blind us to this, or to justify the sale of such a product. According to Monsanto’s own studies, Roundup does not degrade rapidly, rather at a level of 2% over 28 days (roughly four years) or so I’ve read. But I would rather put you in touch with experts who know more than I do about this.

Now it makes sense, however, that the French and NY courts both jointly were not quibbling over linguistics. They considered Monsanto’s resounding claim of biodegradability to be a most seriously fraudulent and knowingly deceptive practice. Monsanto has a history of making such claims postured with false pride (as the Scotts letter states “we take great pride…etc”). Monsanto was forced by the Courts to remove their knowingly misleading statements. These known untrue statements were again repeated in the Scotts letter to help sell Scotts products to Home Depot . To quote the Scotts Company  letter you sent: “Does glyphosate biodegrade in the soil? The simple answer to this question is a resounding yes. It is a scientific fact..etc..”)  Really?

I have worked on Wall Street and met all kinds of individuals, noble and corrupt, and I would not want to be in a “partnership” with purveyors of such distortions to fool vendors and customers to buy products. It is amazing how the corruption of money can cause people to falsify things – and even fool themselves. This is why it was necessary to bring Monsanto repeatedly to Court.

Let me ask you how does Home Depot deal with employees who lie even once, or cashiers that steal or do secretive discounts? They are immediately fired.The Scotts letter is in this category. Food for thought why I believe Roundup should absolutely not be sold anywhere, and certainly not, by all  good conscience, in any fine Home Depots outlets. I suggest you deeply reconsider the Monsanto/Scotts “partnership.” Again I can put you in touch with knowledgeable experts who can share truly independent opinions.

Nathan Batalion

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