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CDC admits zero deaths from raw milk in over a decade | Healing Talks

CDC admits zero deaths from raw milk in over a decade

orwelian truth about raw milk under attack precisely because it is safer and healthier

CDC admits zero

deaths from raw milk

in over a decade

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) The FDA and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have long conducted a coordinated national assault on raw milk production from clean, small-scale farms. Why?

Why raw milk is suppressed

It is because the larger scale corporate-controlled dairies requires pasteurization to effectively deliver milk over long distances and time spans but which denatures the milk.

If the public got wind just how unhealthy pasteurized milk is in comparison to raw milk, it would spell an economic disaster for the larger dairies. So it is vital, or more accurately it is absolutely necessary, to keep up the marketplace lie and at all costs – no matter who is harmed in the public or among producers and distributors on the chopping block.

Recently in California the government attempted to make it a multiple-felony to sell raw milk!

Truth about raw milk comes out

These agencies, in collusion and support of corporate interests, won’t admit any of the foregoing. But the CDC has come forth with the fact, being subjected to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) inquiry, that not a single person has died from raw milk consumption in over a decade!

Previous lies about raw milk dangers exposed

All the propaganda and fear-mongering about alleged severe dangers of raw milk would make one think otherwise. After petitioning the CDC for clarification about its raw milk statistics, Mark McAfee, owner of Organic Pastures Dairy Company (OPDC) in California, finally threatened to file a FOIA request. He then received a response from an unidentified official that the single “raw milk” death that occurred between 1998-2008 was actually linked to illegal raw queso fresco cheese.

As to a second fear-mongered-about death, the agency has not come forth as to whether it was from similar causes. If it did, it would expose them to admitting they had lied all this time to the public.

Refusal to discuss pasteurization health risks

At the same time, the CDC’s avoidance of discussing the dangers of pasteurized milk is glaring.  In 2006 alone, over 1,300 people got sick from pasteurized milk in California alone– and yet the CDC only highlights 39 reported illnesses every year linked to raw milk. Most of these links are likely questionable because raw milk has so many health benefits over pasteurized.


Truth about pasteurization – it kills

Decades of Suppressing and now criminalizing of raw milk sales

The Orwellian Truth – Raw Milk Under Attack Precisely Because It Is Safer and Healthier Than Pasteurized

Dr. Ron Schmid’s book The Untold Story of Milk: Green Pastures, Contented Cows and Raw Dairy Products: http://newtrendspublishing.com/PDFS…



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