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Food and Death Administration Held Accountable | Healing Talks
Published On: Tue, Aug 16th, 2011

Food and Death Administration Held Accountable

food and death administration held accountable

Food and Death


Held Accountable

(Healingtalks) Back in 2007 China’s head of the equivalent of our FDA, Zheng Xiaoyu, was sentenced to death and then executed for taking bribes.

But in America this is nothing but commonplace.  Congressional representatives and senators who fund the FDA take in millions of lobbyist money. This then influences and determine FDA policies. Nowadays it have become simple to compose a long list of seriously harmful foods and drugs that the FDA or Food and Death Administration has  allowed into our lives.

Here is one representative list as put together by Mike Adams of Naturalnews, and with backup articles:

Food and Death Administration wont target dead foods that harm

All the toxic chemicals and highly processed ingredients that commonly cause cancer, diabetes, heart disease and nutritional deficiencies, and among millions of Americans  (over half of whom suffer from one or more chronic ill that feeds a medical industry complex comprising 20% of our GNP) all of that perfectly good for the FDA’s business, and supposedly thus for our health!

Food and Death Administration will target living foods that heal

Optimal corporate profits require foods to be deadened in order to retain shelf life or hold their dollar-value. Living foods, if common in the marketplace, represent a competitive threat. This is especially true of raw dairy products which, by the way, contain no additives or synthetic chemicals of any kind.

Pasteurization is a way of killitng a living food using fire, rather than chemical preservatives as the embalming/killing agent. This deathuerization of milk covers up that fact that corporate pooled milk is extremely “dirty” – full of toxic and dangerous bacteria when the cows are not grass-fed but instead eat the worst of GMO grains further laced with toxic herbicide traces like Roundup.

The to the Food and Death administration, living organic, and whole foods, pose a threat, to be stopped at machine-gun point.

An FDA spokesperson was recently quoted in the NY Times claiming that raw milk causes children to become “paraplegics.” This has long been shown to be fabricated. Meanwhile, the FDA remains silent about not only all the real foods of our times.

Food and Death Administration is an accomplice to mass sickness  and premature death

Nowadays we see food companies dump huge quantities of cancer-causing chemicals directly into the food and the FDA won’t blink an eye. A little more cancer, after all, boosts the profits of the drug companies and the entire cancer “care” industry, and that has been the FDA’s mission all along: To promote the financial interests of the drug/sickness vulture/junk food industries

Much of the food being sold today that the FDA considered “safe” is actually made out of non-food synthetic chemicals or radically modified molecules that used to be food but are now closer to plastics.

Partially-hydrogenated oils, for example, are a lot closer to plastic (which is a solid at room temperature) than oil (which is a liquid). That’s the whole point of hydrogenation: To make oils solid at room temperature. Care to guess what this does when those same hydrogenated fats are circulating around your bloodstream? They remain as solids there, too, clogging up your blood vessels  and raising your blood pressure.

But the FDA has no problem with all that. Food companies can commit what is essentially mass genocide through the use of toxic food additives, and the FDA remains completely silent, with its hands over its eyes pretending to see nothing.

Meanwhile, people are dying every single day from preventable diseases caused by toxic food ingredients, dead foods, processed foods and pasteurized food products. The FDA, in openly allowing this to take place, is criminally negligent in the deaths of literally millions of people — far dwarfing the number of Jews murdered by the Nazi regime.

Food and Death Administration at the heart of the new food police state

Don’t fall for the naive idea that the FDA is somehow interested in actual food safety. Get real! The FDA openly allows the American people to be poisoned en masse by the mainstream food supply being shipped and sold in grocery stores across American right now. What the FDA really doesn’t ever want happening is people waking up to the truth that conventional foods are death and disease laden and that living foods are healthier than preserved or
…Deatheurized Food

Karma of the Food and Death Administration

And that might lead to a mass nutritional awakening and a revolution that would ultimately result in the arrest and prosecution of FDA tyrants — the very same people who have been criminally negligent in allowing the mass poisoning of the American people for all these years, you see. That’s what we really need: An armed Justice Department raid on the FDA! Put FDA commissioner Hamburg in shackles and parade her through the streets where all the tens of millions of people who have been damaged or maimed by toxic food ingredients can finally seek justice for the harm caused them by the FDA and the gang of unindicted criminals who run it.

Those in government who have condoned the mass poisoning of the American people will be brought to justice someday. Thanks to the Rawesome Foods raid, it is now totally obvious that the FDA is working against the health of the American people – and in a continuing act of representing corporate profit interests.

One day the FDA will be held accountable for their inhumane crimes.

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