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FrankenSalmon – Coming Soon To A Table Near You | Healing Talks

FrankenSalmon – Coming Soon To A Table Near You


FrankenSalmon -

Coming Soon To

A Table Near You

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

(Healingtalks) In September of 2010 the FDA approved the first genetically animal safe for eating. The “product” is a genetically modified Atlantic salmon developed by AquaBounty Technologies  named AquaAdvantage Salmon (AAS).

Improved” salmon

AAS can incredibly grow twice as fast, which is an economic boom. More $$ are to be made, which blinds consciousness not to look at the likely negative impacts.

How this was accomplished

This growth rate was gained by modifying the salmon’s genome, the addition of a growth hormone gene, and an antifreeze gene. AquaBounty claims its salmon is an environmentally sustainable alternative . With AAS, the unnatural modification occurs in that two proteins are being introduced into the salmon’s genetic makeup are from other fish.


Supposed benefits of huge and hugely profitable frankensalmon

Presumed benefits include:

  • Enviro impact – AAS will be raised in land-based facilities to reduce the environmental impact on coastal areas
  • Diseases – May eliminate the threat of disease transfers.
  • Transport – Will allow the harvesters to live near these landbased food facilities, reducing some of the costs of fish transport and the use of fossil fuels, again helping the environment.

Ploy to sell harmful frankensalmon

The above ignores the following:

  • Health impacts – First there is the  issue of safety in eating  genetically modified salmon is “are they safe to eat?”  There is amply evidence that other genetically modified foods have ill health effects – including causing allergic reactions, digestive disturbances, infertility, and an overall weakening of the immune system. There have been no long term studies, as usual.
  • Environmental impacts – Then there is the issue of an ultimate environmental impact, especially if the AAS salmon are accidently introduced into the wild.  While AAS are designed for land facilities, precautions can never be fool-proof. This is why he Fish and Wildlife Service opposes frankenfish.

AAS salmon are all triploid females, which means that they are not only all female, but sterilized.  Sometimes this sterilization doesn’t work. There is a failure of sterilization in .1 to 1% of fish, which is a pretty small number, except fish farms usually contain  up to a 1 million fish – and many of these farms are to be established.


Given the size of Frankensalmon

How this could impact wild fish populations is unknown. But given their size, they may be more attractive for mating then a natural Atlantic salmon, which could negatively impact wild salmon populations.

Ultimately these farms should be outlawed. But is established, knowing the industry’s history and arrogance, it is unlikely there will be adequate  monitoring to make sure these salmon mutants none escape to the wild. Also the US government has had a nonchalant attitude toward such environmental threats, as evidence by the growing of GMO crops in wildlife preserves. This is especially important in areas where a salmon population is now already present. As the video below shows, there is a real potential for destroying the natural salmon population.

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Report by Food and Water Watch report. By the way, I was the original organizer of Food And Water, Inc. many years ago which first was used to oppose food radiation


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  1. Ella Baker says:

    only is there no mandatory labeling of products sold in the U.S. that contain
    GMO ingredients, but the FDA and USDA now want to prohibit the labeling of
    products that do not contain GMO ingredients. In other words, the FDA and USDA
    are trying to outlaw truth in labeling and are openly working to deceive the American


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