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Home Depot – Roundup correspondence for Christmas | Healing Talks

Home Depot – Roundup correspondence for Christmas

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Home Depot activism GMO

(Healingtalks) Copy of letter to keep up campaign with Home Depot

Gladys Williford
Resolution Expeditor – Store Support Center
Customers FIRST!
The Home Depot  |  2455 Paces Ferry Road  |  Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: (800) 654-0688 EXT 76501 | Fax: (678) 556-7614
Schedule Monday thru Friday 08:30am to 05:30pm
Please contact Ryan Bray ext.76306 in my absence


I appreciate your having forwarded all my correspondence. However, at least a month has now passed and I have not gotten a followup response. So please again  forward this email.


1) I’m a loyal contractor and customer of Home Depot’s. It is my favorite store for contracting materials. Just two weeks ago I spent a sizable amount to money for the materials to build an addition.

2) Home Depot  has otherwise quite high environmental standards and selling Roundup on the shelves contradicts this and makes no sense to me.

This herbicide is indubitably one of the most lethal ever made. It directly kills everything plant-like but Roundup-resistant genetically-engineered plants. It annihilates the surrounding ecology of anything alive with chlorophyll.

Combined with genetic modification of plants to be resistant, the bottom line is that there has been a meteoric increase in toxic herbicide use the US and where Monsanto’s products are sold. between 1996 and 2007, and as the largest selling herbicide in the US, glyphosate sales increased more than 5x! Financially that sounds good but not for the environment. This rise in use is directly related to the introduction of GMO technology engineered to create dependency on using far more glyphosate with GMO-resistant plants.. Within 11 years the use by farmers went from 25 million pounds to more than 135 million annually (not counting lawns and other consumer uses).

I cannot think of a single chemical compound anywhere that has so undermined the vision of Rachel Carson.

I do not believe this should be on Home Depot’s shelves. It does not easily biodegrade, by Monsanto’s own tests despite denials, it leaves a huge trail of death behind it. It’s been documented to harm farm workers and those who eat foods laced increasingly with Roundup-herbicides. The Bush administration turned a blind eye. This puts the responsibility with Corporate America  and the consumer to stop this full-charge affront to our environment – and to our health as well. Already 1 of 2 men in the US can expect to have cancer in their lifetime and 1 of 3 women. Cancer rates used to be closer to just 1 percent of the population a century ago….that is when farms were still all organic.

This linkage is crystal clear.

As world leaders grapple with the dire issue of global warming, I believe we have a profound moral responsibility of conscience, especially as we approach Christmas, for remembering we are the final caretakers of this fragile planet – for ourselves and for future generations. Home Depot is a caretaker and supplier for thousands of family homes situated on this precious planet Earth
Its financial partnership with Scotts cannot ever take precedence over its environmental and deeper customer responsibilities. I have offered to provide experts to substantiate my claims – as the above statements are all based on fact.

Please forward this sincere note to the best person to address this with me – and as I am a long-time and devoted customer of Home Depot’s.

With thanks and best wishes for the holidays
Nathan Batalion

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