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Listeria Outbreak In Cantaloupes: Are the Dangers Real? | Healing Talks

Listeria Outbreak In Cantaloupes: Are the Dangers Real?

Listeria Outbreak In Cantaloupe Are the Dangers Real

Listeria Outbreak

In Cantaloupe:

Are the Dangers Real?

Nathan Batalion, Global Health Activist, Healingtalks Editor

 (Healingtalks) The listeria scare in the major media is being promoted by the very same group of institutions that are trying to scare our population away from eating the healthiest of foods like sprouts, celery, raw milk, etc – ignoring the astronomically greater dangers of processed food, including pasteurized milk (a cause for millions, rather than a handful, suffering from arthritis and arteriosclerosis). The truth is that deaths and illnesses from raw-food borne conditions are so rare that they are not statistically significant as being causative. What the media reports is really mass deception.  Rare cases where deaths are attributed (and by whom, reliably?) generally affect those with highly compromised immune systems. The outside trigger then cannot be  any definitive cause. There may be potentially hundred others, what supposedly they ate over the last week or month and because most such individuals have been eating junk diets that are chemically polluted for decades if not their entire lives. Such totally fabricated stories, and one can tell they are manufactured just by the list of the institutional authorities  quoted – the Mayo Clinic, the American Cancer Society, the CDC, the FDA  (organizations controlled by huge corporate interests) are distributed to promote an agenda – to buttress processed, non-organically grown and pasteurized foods as healthy and safe – and thus not to support real health interests of the general public.

So the public beware.

The following is based on a typical article of this terrible kind published by AOL and Huffington Post owned by AOL.


The recent listeria outbreak in cantaloupes has been called the deadliest outbreak of food-related illness in more than a decade in the US. At least 16 deaths and 72 illnesses have been reported with this infection according to recent news reports.

Because symptoms of listeria infection can take weeks to become apparent, “we will see more cases likely through October,” FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told the Associated Press.


To prevent listeria infection,  people should not try to wash any suspect cantaloupe because the bacteria can also spread to the inside of the fruit. The CDC rather recommends that consumers throw away the cantaloupes. If they are sure the cantaloupes are not from Jensen farms, they are supposedly OK to eat.


The affected cantaloupes — recalled by Jensen Farms on Sept. 14 — were shipped between July 29 and Sept. 10. The cantaloupes were shipped to 25 different states, but listeria cases have appeared elsewhere in many more states.


But just what are the symptoms of listeria, and how dangerous is it?

Listeria infection is dangerous to pregnant women and people with impaired immune systems (such as elderly people, people with AIDS, people undergoing chemotherapy or organ-rejection medications, or people with diabetes or kidney disease). For people with weakened immune systems, listeria infection can even lead to pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis. If the infection reaches your nervous system, additional symptoms can include headache, convulsions, confusion and loss of balance. Babies can also become infected with listeria from the mother, which could lead to miscarriage or stillbirth, premature birth or a fatal infection after the baby is born, according to the Mayo Clinic. For babies, signs of listeria infection include fever, vomiting, low interest in being fed and irritability.


The food-borne illness is most common in deli meats and other foods that have been improperly processed, milk products that were not pasteurized and produce that was grown with contaminated soil or manure. However, it can be killed by cooking the food or pasteurizing it.

The problem with listeria is that the bacteria isn’t killed by freezing or refrigeration. For many healthy people, symptoms are flu-like — fever, muscle aches, diarrhea and nausea — and can appear a few days after you’ve eaten the listeria-contaminated food, to a couple months after you’ve eaten it.

In the past listeria outbreaks have occurred in sprouts and in celery.
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Have not been able to find a decent video on the sham listeria media campaign. The controlled media control is so monolithic, so able to broadcast propaganda, it is a bit scary. If any reader finds or has a decent counter-stream video on this subject, please email us at healingtalks.


Every few months, especially when some major food regulation is pending, the corporate elite in America who control the media start a food scare. The agenda is to create a problem and offer a solution that shuts down organic competition and helps create processed food monopolies. It is the best of organic foods that are usually under attack.

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