Roundup glyphosate campaign: Home Depot consumer activism


 Roundup Glyphosate Campaign –
Consumer Activism

By Nathan Batalion, PhD, Naturopath, Triathlete

(HealingTalks) Why am I fighting Monsanto’s Roundup glyphosate super-toxic herbicide? Being mostly a “global mind changer” – changing our world from within,  –  I am not so much a consumer activist except when things are so highly offensive and are  right in my face! Such is indeed the case with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide facing me on the shelves of Home Depot.

Contacting Home Depot about seling Roundup

This prompted me to call and email them information on the Roundup court decision from France that pointed out this herbicide is acutely dangerous to the environment. They wrote back that they are offering an alternative for next year, but they are not pulling this product off the shelf because it is one of their biggest sellers. Thereafter I persisted and they sent me a letter from The Scotts Company, LLC Consumer Director trying to convince me its ok. I am following up with about 50 pages for a fax that outline the dangers of Roundup, and derivatively genetic modified foods. I hope OCA (Organic Consumers Association and others will join me in this effort.

More on this as this progresses.

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